‘Click to Enlarge’ boxer shorts

Brandish is of the opinion that men’s underwear should be simple and functional. Amusing slogan pants are usually just that… pants. However, we’ll happily make exception for these ‘Click to Enlarge’ boxers, which put a genuine smile on our face. NB. If you dare to wear them, make sure you have the goods to back up the boast, or that …

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ShinyMedia‘Click to Enlarge’ boxer shorts

Please Mess with Texas t-shirt

This green tee gently pokes fun at the famous ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’ environmental campaign, which began in the mid-1980s as a protest against high levels of pollution and litter dumping in the state. It’s printed on a standard American Apparel cotton t-shirt and comes in any colour you like, so long as it’s green. Available from Elsewares, for $20. …

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ShinyMediaPlease Mess with Texas t-shirt

Hussein Chalayan Jacket

Twice ‘British Designer of the Year’, Hussein Chalayan, has created this simple, but very handsome jacket for the discerning gent this spring.  This smart blazer is a lovely cloth effort with three pockets and one internal pocket (for pulling out a lighter in a really smooth manner) with two simple buttons and a centred rear vent. Of course, with it …

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mofgimmersHussein Chalayan Jacket

Topman shirts

Topshop often stray into the Burton-style no-man’s-land of ‘retro’ ‘distressed’ fashion (spit, spit!) but one thing they do get right is their shirts. The slim fit style means that the puffy-shirted tight-jeaned townie look of yesteryear is but a painful memory. I especially like the subtle sage-striped white shirt, very fresh and would look great with some beige or grey …

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IsabelleTopman shirts

howies, Tonic and People Tree at Fashion Made Fair

Last night I went and investigated the ‘Fashion Made Fair’ at Fabrica Gallery in Brighton. There were stalls by howies, and People Tree; I ended up buying a couple of howies tees for my boyfriend. Ade from howies on the left, kindly remaining civil despite my fumbling efforts with the camera! Other brands at the sale include ethical t-shirt label …

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Isabellehowies, Tonic and People Tree at Fashion Made Fair

Pink Paul Smith Formal Jacket

Apparently, all men should own at least one item of pink clothing. For most of you, that will mean the odd T-Shirt. For the more adventurous soul, you could pay tribute to the recently deceased John Inman (Mr "I’m Free" Humphries from Are You Being Served?) by measuring yourself up in this pink Paul Smith jacket. It’s part of Smith’s …

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mofgimmersPink Paul Smith Formal Jacket

Double Breasted Topman Designer Mac

If you have the balls, you should be looking at getting a mac. Mixing the style of a badass seventies cop with the chic of a Parisian beatnik, a mac will set you apart from all the other blokes scuttling down the street in their bombers and tracksuit tops. Topman have made this long double breasted nylon twill mac with …

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mofgimmersDouble Breasted Topman Designer Mac

Captain America Belt Buckle

You may not know it, but someone has killed Captain America. Yep. A mystery sniper has gunned the super one down. After being introduced to tackle the evils of Nazi Germany, Captain America has generally run around being a super nice chap and saving various days with his mighty shield. So what better way to say thank you for his …

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mofgimmersCaptain America Belt Buckle

T-Shirt Thursday: The Brian Glover T Shirt

Many Tees feature the faces of those not worthy. I’ve seen T-Shirts with Morrissey on for example. Well, buck the trend of dour indie bands emblazoned across your chest by getting the marvelous Brian Glover T-Shirt. For those of you foolish enough to have let Mr Glover pass you by, Brian is a man of the highest excellence. He’s a …

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mofgimmersT-Shirt Thursday: The Brian Glover T Shirt

T-shirt Thursday: Answer ‘Reggae Labels’ t-shirt

This bright-yet-dark tee features a spiffing montage of many of the classic reggae labels to come out of Jamaica in the past 50 years. It’s printed in the UK by Answer, a very cool British label, and is available from The Glade for €50, which equates to roughly £26. BUY IT PS You can also order t-shirts directly from Answer, …

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ShinyMediaT-shirt Thursday: Answer ‘Reggae Labels’ t-shirt

T-shirt Thursday: Howies ‘Spam Killed My Computer’ t-shirt

We like spam on toast – well, we used to when we were kids – but not in our inbox. If you too have had enough of ‘enlarge your penis!’ emails, or long begging letters from fake Nigerian businessmen, then what better way to register your disgust than with this t-shirt? As with all of Howies’ t-shirts, it’s made from …

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ShinyMediaT-shirt Thursday: Howies ‘Spam Killed My Computer’ t-shirt

T-shirt Thursday: Meat and Cheese ‘I Love Your Mom’ t-shirt

With Mothering Sunday just around the corner (18 March, if it’s not in your diary already), why not buy yourself this tongue-in-cheek t-shirt – your friends are sure to appreciate the warm-hearted sentiment. Or, buy it for a friend and then you can appreciate the sentiment. It’s made by Meat and Cheese, and it’s available in white from Route One …

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ShinyMediaT-shirt Thursday: Meat and Cheese ‘I Love Your Mom’ t-shirt

Joe Browns: good for a laugh but not much else

It’s not very often that I will give sartorial orders, but this is one of those times. Go and get yourself a Joe Browns catalogue and take a look at the hilarious write-ups, but on no account should you buy anything from it. Their sub-brand Indystar "have cornered the market in free thinking, free living clothing" which basically means they …

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IsabelleJoe Browns: good for a laugh but not much else

Burton AK 2L Gore-Tex Half-Life jacket

This Gore-Tex ski/snowboard jacket has fully taped seams, an elasticated waist gaiter, removable hood, and is lined with a moisture-wicking mesh; no matter how wet it is on the outside, you’ll stay nice and dry on the inside. It also features a gadget pocket with headphone-cable port, ideal for iPods and other MP3 players. The bonkers colour scheme won’t be …

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ShinyMediaBurton AK 2L Gore-Tex Half-Life jacket

Paul Frank Guitar Pedals Tee

Want to show the world that you’re a fan of all things fuzz and wah-wah but couldn’t play a guitar if your life depended on it? Well, you’ve got two options. One is to buy an old tennis racket and mouth all the noises yourself, or alternatively, you could buy this rather nice T Shirt which features a fine array …

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mofgimmersPaul Frank Guitar Pedals Tee

Howies sample sale

Howies, the lovely clothing manufacturers from the West Coast are having a sample sale in my hometown of Brighton. It’s at Fabrica art gallery, and runs from Thursday to Sunday. You can pick up end of line items, slightly damaged goods and precious one-off samples. Howies’ clothing is the opposite of Primark’s semi-disposable clothing saying: "the best thing we can …

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IsabelleHowies sample sale

American Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Henley

This natty retro-styled short-sleeved shirt, made from 100% fine jersey cotton, is a versatile garment. Wear it in bed, under a shirt, layered up, or simply on its own. Or you could cut it into strips and use as a duster. The decision is yours. Available from American Apparel, in grey (pictured), red, white, brown and black, for £17. BUY …

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ShinyMediaAmerican Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Henley

Things I would buy my boyfriend if I could afford them pt1

He would love this Lyle and Scott jumper, not only is it stripy (which seems to be bloke shorthand at the moment for "I’m interested in fashion but not prepared to dress like a twat") but it’s green and grey, and v-neck, therefore attaining status of uber jumper. Lyle and Scott are everywhere, I saw the one from Kaiser Chiefs …

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IsabelleThings I would buy my boyfriend if I could afford them pt1

T-post t-shirt subscription service

 T-post have got the perfect solution if you want to make an effort with your clothes but don’t fancy donning an Elizabethan ruff, or gold leggings. Simply subscribe to their t-shirt news service and every six weeks you’ll receive a t-shirt with a design based on a current news story; you’ll also have the news story behind the design printed …

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IsabelleT-post t-shirt subscription service

Rockett 2007 Limited Edition Hoodie

No-one has ever really dared to make a well designed hoodie. They’re always sports related and not all of us are especially sporty. Apart from the brilliant Domu-Kon Monster hoodie, we’ve not been able to get very excited about the humble hooded top… until now. This limited run of Rockett Hoodies come in a brilliant pattern that is both current, …

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mofgimmersRockett 2007 Limited Edition Hoodie