The Tie Project

My initial reaction on seeing Francis Heaney’s tie project was ‘yuck’ But the more I looked the more I liked. How many men do you know who skirt the edges of fashion in the pursuit of sartorial excellence? My guess would be not many. I salute Mr. Heaney for his surprising but well thought out tie and shirt combos; I …

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IsabelleThe Tie Project

American Apparel Loop Terry Resort Robe

You be looking like a motherf**king gangster in this cheeky, terry-towelling dressing gown. Wearing it will make you feel like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas; bourbon shots and cocaine paranoia are optional accessories. Just don’t wear it with sensible slippers, or you’ll ruin the look. Flip-flops, maybe. Available in a wide range of colours from American Apparel’s online store, for £24. …

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ShinyMediaAmerican Apparel Loop Terry Resort Robe

Spiewak military jacket

Listen up gentlemen. You may not realise it, but the weather is getting a little warmer out there, and you’re going to have to start thinking about what you’re going to wear. Instead of sweating it out in your duffel, try this smart military-style Spiewak jacket. Cut in a great green with a tab collar and 4 button pockets at …

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mofgimmersSpiewak military jacket

Carine Roitfeld to head Vogue Homme International

Fashion fanatics, do not fear – your fashion saviour is here. As well as editing Vogue France Carine Roitfeld is now head of the biannual men’s magazine ‘Vogue Homme International’. She told the Observer on Sunday: "I think it’s difficult to do fashion for men, because either you become very over-homosexual fashion or very boring fashion. You don’t want a …

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IsabelleCarine Roitfeld to head Vogue Homme International

New Paul Smith range

So, what’s new for 2007? Well, according to Paul Smith, it’s classic two button suits all the way. Pick of the new range is this ace sand coloured two button cotton drill jacket. Now, the folks at Paul Smith have coupled it up with a taupe shirt and navy seersucker trousers for a cool, almost English take on the preppy …

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mofgimmersNew Paul Smith range

Howies ‘Adrenaline is cheaper then cocaine’ t-shirt

Made from soft, 100% organic cotton, this t-shirt is part of Howies‘ shiny new range for this spring/summer. I have to agree with its slogan, too – cocaine is an overpriced drug for wankers; and if you’re not a wanker, it’ll turn you into a wanker before you can say ‘Where did that 50-pound note go?’ Adrenaline, on the other …

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ShinyMediaHowies ‘Adrenaline is cheaper then cocaine’ t-shirt

Fuzz Dandy: Online groovy threads

A lot of people are flummoxed when trying to hunt down cool retro threads. It’s often hard to find sixties and seventies originals that are reasonably priced and/or in a good condition. It’s easy to find the stuff you like, but not necessarily in your size. Well thankfully, Fuzz Dandy are on hand to help. Reproducing vintage cuts and styles, …

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mofgimmersFuzz Dandy: Online groovy threads

The Saville Row Company Check Shirt

Want Saville Row tailoring on a budget? Well, of course, you won’t get a made-to-measure shirt for cheap, but for something that stinks of quality, you could do worse than a shirt from the Saville Row Company who have been making shirts since 1938… so it’s safe to assume that this lot know what they’re doing. Priced from £30, you …

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mofgimmersThe Saville Row Company Check Shirt

Nike Modified Block t-shirt

This grey t-shirt, by Nike, features an attractive block-graphic print, two arm holes, a neck hole etc etc. What more can we say? It’s a frickin’ t-shirt already. It’s not going to change the world, but it will make you look good and feel good. What more do you want? Available from Urban Outfitters’ online store, for £25. They also …

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ShinyMediaNike Modified Block t-shirt

Hackett McGregor jacket

Tucked away on Sloane Street in SW1, Hackett has been producing fine clothes for those who like a touch of the sea-farer in their gear. Apparently, our American cousins over the pond go mental for Hackett threads. For your money, you get classic English style at decent prices. Of course, Hacketts are famed for their bespoke suits, but there’s a …

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mofgimmersHackett McGregor jacket

Martin Margiela Zip cotton bomber jacket

Martin Margiela is a Belgian fashion designer who studied under fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier, before showing his first collection under his own label in 1988. Well, Margiela keeps on bringing out great lines and stylish gear to suit your needs, exemplified in this simple, but effective cotton bomber jacket. This bomber has a large fur collar (not for veggies …

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mofgimmersMartin Margiela Zip cotton bomber jacket

A.P.C ‘Texas’ tee

Ah to be a boy. Even if you’re a bit of a fashion dandy, as long as you are male your clothing choices are a lot simpler than us womenfolk. Take this A.P.C. t-shirt for instance, it lists all of Texas’ greatest natives, carefully omitting one particular moronic Texan. The people deemed worthy of being on the t-shirt include Janis …

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IsabelleA.P.C ‘Texas’ tee

Office Lehndorff scarf

This scarf is officially the tits. With every piece of semi-alright menswear being confined to stripes of some kind this is a scarf with a difference. Show people your proud geekery and keen sartorial taste with the robot Office Lehndorff scarf. There are lots more pixel knits on the website, so if the blue/coral combo is a bit eye-popping there …

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IsabelleOffice Lehndorff scarf

Obey Summer of Love T-Shirt

A lot of retro designs don’t quite cut it do they? They often go for a pastiche as opposed to a design that genuinely reflects the clothing of the time. This is when you end up with silly loons and tie-dye things with tacky peace signs on. Worse still, you could end up with a big ganja leaf.  Well, for …

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mofgimmersObey Summer of Love T-Shirt

Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend Tee

Many of us know that there are a lot of very nice looking Japanese girls out there. Well, for those of you who would like a Japanese girlfriend, maybe this is your best bet. This T-shirt from ThinkGeek features clear, clean text and a message that is perhaps best translated as "Now accepting applications for Japanese girlfriends." It features a …

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mofgimmersLooking for a Japanese Girlfriend Tee

This Shirt Belongs To… You!

This is one of the most unique and brilliant sweatshirts this scribe has ever seen. It features a great little retro logo that says ‘This Shirt Belongs To…’ which, if so desired, can see you adding your own name like you did on those stickers you had as a bairn. In the soft gray sweatshirt by fred flare you’ll look …

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mofgimmersThis Shirt Belongs To… You!

Leroy Jenkins custom floral hoody

Blimey, perhaps if all those nasty hooded chavs were forced to wear a smart floral top like this, rather than the usual sports brands, then they’d be less inclined to beat each other up, film it on their mobiles, and post it on YouTube for kicks. £130 from Flatspot’s online store: BUY IT PS. Leroy Jenkins is a relatively new …

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ShinyMediaLeroy Jenkins custom floral hoody

Levi’s DNA Jacket

Levi’s have been cutting denim since 1870. That’s a long time. In that time, they become one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and as a result, have come up with some incredible designs. In their range at the moment is this super suave slim fit denim jacket with a retro spread collar. The colour is ‘Naturally Green’, …

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mofgimmersLevi’s DNA Jacket

Stock Military Cardigan Sweater

Listen up gentlemen. Cardigans are well in. They’re great for layering up, and can be used as a coat should the weather cheer up a bit. One great cardigan on the market is this great Stock Military Cardigan which has a smart V-neck with 2 buttoned front pockets. It’s finished with twill trim at the neck, button placket and pockets …

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mofgimmersStock Military Cardigan Sweater

Kenneth Cole unveils ‘NYC Condom’

Kenneth Cole braved the blizzard and snow in New York yesterday to unveil an NYC Condom with each letter in a colored circle in the style of the subway line logos. The designer has been promoting AIDS and HIV awareness for over ten years, and on Valentine’s Day yesterday in association with the New York City health department over 150,000 …

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IsabelleKenneth Cole unveils ‘NYC Condom’