Bravado Guns N’ Roses rock t-shirt

I’ve had it up to here with people wearing rock t-shirts in an ironic fashion – you’ve 19 years old and you’ve never heard a single track by The Ramones, you muppet – but in the case of Guns N’ Roses, there’s no irony at all. Because, let’s face it, everyone loves a bit of ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ or …

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ShinyMediaBravado Guns N’ Roses rock t-shirt

Topman Striped Grandad Top

On the high-street, it can be difficult for blokes to find good gear, often having to swerve the stores to dive into the quirkier styles of the boutiques. However, Topman have designed a great grandad top that is cool enough to wear on its own, or coupled up with something a bit smarter. From a distance, it looks like it’s …

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mofgimmersTopman Striped Grandad Top

Linen herringbone three-button blazer

The weather, believe it or not, is warming up slightly. So, with the sun finally managing to peak his head out, it’s time to start planning on what to wear when it’s too cold for your duffel coat. A good place to start is a casual blazer. This linen herringbone three-button blazer will keep it cool and look great. It’s …

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mofgimmersLinen herringbone three-button blazer

Paul Smith birds shirt

Something to impress the ladies this evening. I know it’s a bit OTT, but I love this Paul Smith shirt. Dress it down with charcoal grey trousers and minimalist trainers to show the beaded, knotted and embroidered shirt off to its best. Wearing something a bit different shows you’re not afraid to experiment with fashion, and as long as you’re …

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IsabellePaul Smith birds shirt

Ben the Illustrator button badges

I’ve never fully understood the special appeal of button badges, but I know plenty of people who like ‘em, so this post is going out to you. This set of artistic button badges, limited to a series of 100, is by Ben the Illustrator. Available from Urban Retro’s online shop, for just £3.45. Hurry before they’re sold out… BUY THEM …

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ShinyMediaBen the Illustrator button badges

Adidas Firebird1 tracksuit top

The Firebird trackie top has been worn by pop stars, movie stars and any other type of star you’d care to mention. It’s a stone-cold classic and comes with three stripes and the old-school adidas trefoil logo on the chest. It looks rather swish in green and yellow, don’t you think? Available from Natterjacks’ online store, for £54.99. BUY IT …

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ShinyMediaAdidas Firebird1 tracksuit top

Paul Smith Jumper

This Paul Smith jumper is simple but great.  It’s an effective red on cream striped knitted crew neck jumper with long sleeves and made from 100% cotton. It’s going for £95, which is a little pricey, but you’re getting something from one of the masters of clothing design, so you can’t really grumble. American readers will be sad to hear …

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mofgimmersPaul Smith Jumper

Kellogg’s Frosties old-school t-shirt. It’s greeeeeaaaat!

In the real world, tigers probably don’t eat sugar-frosted flakes, but we can forgive Kellogg’s for not knowing that, because Tony the Tiger (Anthony to his mum) is one of our all-time favourite cereal-related characters. He’s positive, he doesn’t eat people alive and he has a really greeeeaaat catchphrase. By wearing this splendid t-shirt, you can pledge your allegiance to …

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ShinyMediaKellogg’s Frosties old-school t-shirt. It’s greeeeeaaaat!

Grandmaster Flash T Shirt

Get prepared to ‘flex’ your way around the streets and start saying ‘dope’, ‘wack’ and using bad when you mean good. You can now spread the message (fnarr fnarr) with this killer cotton tee with an old-school Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five graphic embalzoned across the front. Brrrraaaap! It’s machine washable and regular fit so should suit all types. It’s …

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mofgimmersGrandmaster Flash T Shirt

Haynes Manual bag

Ah the Haynes Manual, brings back memories of when my dad was a mechanic. He would come in from the garage at night, wash his oily hands in Swarfega and then show us all the terrible injuries he’d sustained during the day over a Fosters or Supermalt (for him) and Turkish Delights (for me and my sister). Fond memories aside, …

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IsabelleHaynes Manual bag

Yardie Cardigan

The Yardie Cardigan is a luxurious number that is made from a luxurious cashmere-wool mix. It was based on the original Duffer Yardie Cardie and is available in two colours (blue and the featured ‘chocolate chip’). Reminscent of the classic teddy knits from the late fifties and early sixties, the Yardie has three vertical stripes that run down either side …

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mofgimmersYardie Cardigan

Tuxedo T Shirt

You don’t have to dress up to don formal wear with this cracking T-Shirt. Made from 100% cotton, the tuxedo tee features the rouched shirt and red bow tie, topping off a dapper look. I’ve not seen anyone sporting one of these for years as they were fashionable in the seventies and favoured by various members of the Tiswas gang. …

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mofgimmersTuxedo T Shirt

Fink Herringbone Field Blazer

It’s no longer a no-no to wear a smart jacket with a pair of jeans. Once, only ponytailed balding directors would be seen in that garb, but with a little taste, you can look great with a smart blazer and your fave denim. One fine example is the Fink Herringbone Field Blazer which is cut slim and long. It has …

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mofgimmersFink Herringbone Field Blazer

Shakespeare ‘Exit Pursued by a Bear’ t-shirt

Good to see the Great Bard, aka Shakey, aka MC Bill, getting some t-shirt slogan love at last. ‘Exit, pursued by a bear…’ is a stage direction from ‘The Winter’s Tale’. As stage directions go, they don’t get more explicit than that. This, and a range of other Shakespeare-inspired tees, is available from Price = £16.90 to you sunshine. …

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ShinyMediaShakespeare ‘Exit Pursued by a Bear’ t-shirt

Beaver Hat

Let’s face it. It’s cold and miserable outside. In Britain, it’s mostly cold and miserable. If global warming experts are to be believed, then the UK is just going to get colder and colder. One good thing about the chill is that you get to wear more stylish gear, and what better way to make an impression than sporting this …

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mofgimmersBeaver Hat

Paul Smith double breasted check jacket

Sir Paul Smith is an English fashion icon. After taking up fashion design after having been injured in a cycling accident, he set up his first shop in Nottingham in 1970 and gradually expanded his retail business into one of the leading design outlets in the world. In his PS Collection, we find this cracking double breasted check coat which …

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mofgimmersPaul Smith double breasted check jacket

California Surf Co. Rainbow Wave t-shirt

‘California’, ‘surf’… two words that conjure up images of fit, tanned bodies and sunshine and golden beaches and hot-panted girls on roller skates. For those readers unfortunate enough to live in Hull (where, I’m reliably informed, the surf is crap) rather than Cali, take comfort in this lovely t-shirt, with its cool retro graphic on the chest. Available from Ark’s …

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ShinyMediaCalifornia Surf Co. Rainbow Wave t-shirt

Design classic: Helly Hansen striped crew top

I own no less than three Helly Hansen long-sleeved crewneck tops, and, who knows, I may not stop there. They’re so damn versatile – wear them as a base layer or an outer layer for jogging or mountain biking or snowboarding or just lounging around the house. The wicking fabric means they dry in a matter of minutes, leaving you …

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ShinyMediaDesign classic: Helly Hansen striped crew top

T-Qualizer Shirt

A T-Shirt is just a T-Shirt right? It’s either got a good design or it’s functional. Anything to waver from that leaves with Global Hypercolor… and all that did was alert everyone to your sweaty armpits. Well, not anymore. ThinkGeek has unearthed this marvelous space age Tee that comes complete with a fully functioning graphic equalizer emblazoned across the chest …

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mofgimmersT-Qualizer Shirt

Would you buy Asda’s £19 suit?

Asda has just launched what it claims is Britain’s cheapest suit. Customers can now pick up the suit for just £19 as part of Asda’s George clothing range. Normally the jacket would retail at £19 and the trousers at £6 – still bloody cheap. I’m not sure I could face wearing a suit that costs less than a couple of …

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ShinyMediaWould you buy Asda’s £19 suit?