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Daniel Radcliffe’s leather waistcoat shocker

By admin on July 10th, 2007


What is Daniel Radcliffe trying to prove? Who is he trying to prove it to? Older women? Hell’s Angels? The latest YMCA tribute act? Whoever it is, it’s just not working.

Ignoring the "edgy" makeup and cat-lick bumfluff, that waistcoat is obscene. It looks like he’s ripped it off Britney Spears and modified it a bit. All he needs is a leather cap to complete the look. Gaah! What were you thinking Radcliffe?

Keep reading after the jump for some waistcoats that don’t make you look like you’re auditioning for a homo-erotic early ’90s boyband video.

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Head hoods printed hoodies: wear Elvis, Audrey or a skeleton on your head

By Isabelle on July 10th, 2007


Headhoods are the slightly unnerving brainchild of some young Brooklynites who came up with the idea over a cup of coffee. You can choose from Audrey Hepburn, a scary clown, or a gorilla to name but a few of the faces screenprinted onto the side of the American Apparel sweatshirts. Prices start at $35 for a sleeveless hoodies and go up to a reasonable $50 for a zip-up sweatshirt.


Chuck Anderson No Pattern Tee

By admin on July 9th, 2007


"Ooh! Ooh!" I said to myself when I saw this tee, "ain’t that nice? I’ll ‘ave to get me self one of those. Lovely. Now time for a nice cuppa."

See, that’s what insanely awesome t-shirts do to me – turn me into an old, cockney woman. And that’s what this new release from the ironically monikered No Pattern briefly did. Now back to my old self, I can tell you that Chuck Anderson, creator of No pattern, has launched his new range of tees, including the one shown, for $24 a piece. This is my favourite though, looking like a car crash of creativity involving the minds of a Mad Magazine artist and Robert Crumb.

[Via Kinja]


Transformers Tees

By admin on July 9th, 2007

I just can’t get enough of Transformers. It’s not even something that can be explained. It’s just the sum of a concept that sees giant robots that can turn into cars, helicopters, warplanes and even huge death rays, then battling it out in an epic battle of good versus evil… Oh my… I think I just excited myself a bit too much. Dethroner puts it much better than I can.

Ahem, anyway, a couple of weeks back I featured these tees from FCUK. Yeah, they’re pretty sweet as "reimaginations" go, but there’s nothing cooler than the original Transformers. Check out this design ($22) from, featuring Starscream, Thundercracker, Megatron and Soundwave from the evil Decepticons as God intended them to be. Nerdyshirts also has three other Transformer shirts, but all are limited edition, so get buying!



Topman sale picks

By Isabelle on July 6th, 2007


Topman are having a sale at the moment, and thanks to the erratic weather we’ve been having of late all the shiny new summer items are still waiting to be snapped up instore. Pretty soon the shops will be filled with autumn and winter clothing so it’s probably your last chance to pick up something for your hols. Bright colours are a bit hit this year, and every man should own at least one item of pink clothing, it’s flattering for the skin tone dontcha know? We’re a bit obsessed with Tyvek jackets on Brandish at the moment and definitely give a thumbs up for espadrilles as the alternative footwear choice of the summer. Just please try to steer clear of the Wham look! See after the jump for product links.

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ASOS pointelle summer cardigan

By Isabelle on July 5th, 2007


Pointelle is usually quite girly, but this ASOS cardigan (£25) employs lacy knitting to its best advantage. The multitude of holes provide much needed ventilation, and a subtle pattern. Perfect for the deranged weather at the moment the fine knit means it wont take up a lot of room in your bag if it suddenly becomes sunny. It also comes in black, but I like the pale grey it looks great when teamed with a plain white tee.


Ethical clothing sale picks from Tonic, People Tree and Adili

By Isabelle on July 5th, 2007


Hippyshopper have been keeping an eye on the sales and have found some great ethical sale picks for us. We may be battling torrential rain and hailstones the size of golf
balls, but that need not stop us surprise.enjoying the best in summer fashion, and with the summer failing to arrive quite a few of them are slashing
their prices, too.
They include a fresh and funky range of t-shirts from ethical tee store Tonic,
where you’ll receive some great discounts if you sign up to the mailing
list: you can get 15% off when you buy any item of full-price clothing
or a whopping 25% off when you buy 2 or more items. To claim your
discount simply choose your items on the site then enter the code sunshine in the discount voucher code box on the shopping cart page. People Tree
also has a fantastic knock-down sale going on at the moment, with tees from £12.50. Who said it was only
sweatshop-made garments that came that cheap? Seriously folks, there
are sales everywhere just now, but this one will surprise.
If that’s not enough for your sartorial needs, Adili is offering a third off all men’s and women’s t-shirts for one more week only, so get over there now for some fantastic ethical bargains.

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Harry Potter premiere – Rupert Grint’s t-shirt

By admin on July 5th, 2007


Okay, so he’s not exactly a fashion icon with his ginger mane and puggy nose, but Rupert Grint was sporting a rather spiffing t-shirt under his dad’s old suit at Tuesday’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix premier.

Martin Margiela’s Boxing Glove tee features a pair of pugilist’s mitts hanging around the neck like, you know, a real boxer would do after a fight. It’s a great tee, but the price knocked me back a bit – £105! Although you can purchase it here for a paltry £75…

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Pete Doherty wears stylish but smelly jumper

By mofgimmers on July 4th, 2007


Bulbous headed smack bag Pete Doherty has been pinching the pennies by wearing a blagged freebie jumper all last week.

The merino wool jumper was given to him by Canterbury of New Zealand in a goody bag when he appeared on the Jonathan Ross show on Thursday.

Now, Doherty, usually dressed as well as a tramps armpit, decided to scrub up and sport the trendy black jumper on the show. Of course,
the following days, Peter (the bard of brown) was seen wearing the very same top at the Glastonbury festival. Not content with stinking of fags, beer, crack and dogs, there was time for another appearance for Pete’s new favourite outfit as he took Kate out to dinner the following night.

The scabby front man recently filmed a new advert for Roberto Cavalli alongside his now ex-fiance, Kate Moss.

Cavalli had originally booked Moss for the Ibiza shoot but asked Pete to take part too. The designer explains, "It happened quite casually. Pete was with Kate
when she came to Ibiza for the shoot. I was immediately struck by the
intensity and freedom of their relationship." Naturally, he noticed the love once he’d stopped heaving and his eyes had stopped watering. Pete Doherty? About as fashionable as crucifixion. [via]

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Wimbledon 2007: Tennis styling

By admin on July 4th, 2007


With Wimbledon being a complete washout this year, I thought I’d turn the attention away from the actual sport itself and on to something equally, if not more, important: The on-court fashion.

I’ve rounded up a few images that chart the changes in fashion over the years, from the sober, cover-all suits of the ’40s, through the big hair, gaudy colours of the 1980s and into the computer designed, high-tech, game-enhancing gear of today. What I want to know, however, is which look you think is best.

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Kris Van Assche’s A/W menswear show, and his first collection for Dior

By ShinyMedia on July 3rd, 2007


Kris Van Assche must have been extremely busy of late; as well as showing his own collection on Friday Assche took on the great responsibility of succeeding Hedi Slimane at Dior Homme. Slimane’s ultra-slim silhouette and Rock’n'Roll associations with Pete Doherty pushed menswear to the forefront of fashion. Van Assche’s show was a largely monochrome collection of pleated, baggy trousers, waistcoats and jackets. Taking August Sander’s sombre photographs as inspiration Van Assche nevertheless hinted at humour with tiny bow ties.
His collection for Dior (above) was also a mixed bag, tailoring reigned supreme but gone was the slim silhouette (which was already starting to look a bit dated) to be replaced by pleated tuxedo shirts, Thom Browne style short pants and heavily pleated ’80s style trousers. This first collection was never going to cause as many ripples as Slimane’s later shows but Van Assche has shown quiet potential for the future. see after the jump for images of Van Assche’s show.

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Paul Smith sale

By admin on July 3rd, 2007


I love Paul Smith stuff. I love Paul Smith stuff even more when it’s cheap(er). So I was ecstatic when I checked the website this morning and found out there was a sale on. Read after the jump for some top sale picks.

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Red Torpedo underwear

By admin on July 3rd, 2007

It’s unusual enough that Red Torpedo underwear comes balled up inside an aluminium can, but when said underwear also comes with a CD of unsigned bands, it starts to seem even more bizarre. Add to that the oddly placed opening for "access" purposes and you’ve got some strange pants. Despite, or inspite of these factors, I think they’re quite cool.

Their range of smart briefs and jockeys put your moth eaten, old y-fronts to shame and, at £11-12, are quite reasonable considering you get the CD thrown into the mix. So there’s really no excuse for not giving your little man some dignity and buying a couple of pairs.

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The brandish guide to top hats and cravats a la Pete Doherty

By admin on July 2nd, 2007

I expect that what he did for trilbys and skinny ties, Peter Doherty (or Pick-Pocket Pete as he will henceforth be known) will also do for top hats and cravats, in light of his recent dalliance with the derelict-dandy style. There is however, a rumour circulating that PPP isn’t such the trend revivalist that he is made out to be and that his latest feat of accessorising is actually down to a group of lads sporting the same look at Glastonbury.

Whatever the truth, I can expect that quite a few of you fancy getting the look yourself. I don’t blame you, because I think Triple P looks rather natty as a 21st century street urchin.

Top hats are actually quite expensive, and to get the full effect of PPP’s you’ll need to "distress" it a bit by crushing down the back. So don’t go spending £500 on an antique titfer, only to go and ruin it in the name of fashion. This one, which is similar to his brushed silk hat, is currently at a reasonable price on eBay.

Cravats were popular for a time during the ’60s and ’70s, so your pa may have a few knocking about between his platforms and paisley shirts, but otherwise it’s an eBay jobby once again. If you want a brand new one, and they’re fairly inexpensive, check out Tom Sawyer Waistcoats for some proper English country-gent style neck wear.


Nudie checked shirt

By admin on July 2nd, 2007

I immediately fell in love with this checked shirt from Nudie (£55). At first glance it could be any other checked shirt, but the closely tailored cut and shorter-than-short sleeves give it a much more flattering look than your generic Next or Burton’s shirts. The opposing direction of the pattern on the pocket and fly front also help it to stand out from the crowd.

As with most checked shirts, I’d be tempted to wear this open with a plain, dark tee underneath, but this is such an awesome shirt that it could be considered a travesty to take any attention away from it.

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