Paul Smith leather bomber jacket

Thanks to global warming – thanks, global warming – it’s almost time to ditch your winter jacket and replace it with something better suited to springtime, like this navy blue leather bomber jacket, by Paul Smith. Available through Triads’ online store, in navy blue (pictured) or brown.The price? If you have to ask… BUY IT More jaunty jackets and other …

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ShinyMediaPaul Smith leather bomber jacket

Stussy Blondie Western Snap hooded sweat

A cosy-yet-cool hooded sweater from one of the hippest clothing labels on the planet. Available from online shop Flatspot for £99 (no-one said Stussy was cheap), with the financial consolation of free shipping to any location in the UK. BUY IT More clothing on Brandish

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ShinyMediaStussy Blondie Western Snap hooded sweat

2K Experimental Jetset John & Paul & Ringo & George Beatles t-shirt

We’re rather taken with this Beatles t-shirt. It’s available in a range of colour schemes via Flatspot’s online store, priced £30. They also do a sweet Rolling Stones version, which reads ‘Keith & Mick & Bill & Charlie & Brian’. BUY IT (click on 2K t-shirts link in sidebar) More cool clothing on Brandish

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ShinyMedia2K Experimental Jetset John & Paul & Ringo & George Beatles t-shirt

How to dress like… a motherf**king pimp

To dress like a 21st century pimp, you will need the following… 1 Pimplicious hat Starting at the top, we recommend this Kangol X Stereo Palmer Trilby. That’s how we do. BUY IT

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ShinyMediaHow to dress like… a motherf**king pimp

Fenchurch ‘Ian’s lighter is now mine!’ t-shirt

Most of us will have had Clipper lighters ‘taxed’ by mates. It happens, and when it does, we just have to get over it and move on with the rest of our lives. If you have ever had your lighter pinched, then this amusing t-shirt, from skatewear company Fenchurch, will ring very true, especially if you have a light-fingered mate …

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ShinyMediaFenchurch ‘Ian’s lighter is now mine!’ t-shirt

Urban Retro t-shirt sale

We recommend you check out Urban Retro’s January sale. They have a whole load of t-shirts and cool toys on offer at slashed prices, including this Joystick Junkies Defender tee, in charcoal. It’s currently going for £17.95 (reduced from £24.95, so you get 22% off). More tees from Joystick Junkies (they have their own winter sale on at the moment) …

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ShinyMediaUrban Retro t-shirt sale

Retro Playboy t-shirts

Playboy has launched a limited-edition range of T-shirts featuring some if its most famous magazine cover stars, such as generously proportioned Baywatch star Erika Eleniak (pictured). The shirts are available now at Harvey Nichols, priced £35. So if you want to distract attention from your post-Xmas binge man boobs, one of these ultra-hip tees makes the ideal disguise. More cool …

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ShinyMediaRetro Playboy t-shirts

Paul Smith 505 dark 5-pocket denim jeans

Classic five-pocket dark denim jeans from a classic British designer. if you’re bored with Levis or obscure Japanese denim, you can’t go far wrong with these. Available online from Triad for £86.99. BUY THEM More cool clothing on Brandish

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ShinyMediaPaul Smith 505 dark 5-pocket denim jeans

The Big Lebowski T-shirt

In my opinion, you’re not worth knowing if you don’t like The Big Lebowski. Keen eyed readers will have already clocked this shirt as the one worn by The Dude when he first hears of the abduction. The shirt is an exact copy (minus a few stains I imagine) of the classic Japanese baseball shirt worn in the film. For …

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mofgimmersThe Big Lebowski T-shirt

Escape To Victory replica shirt

£32.99 buys you a football shirt of one of the greatest teams to ever grace a football pitch. The Escape To Victory team fielded Pele, Bobby Moore, Ossie Ardiles… and Russell Osman. Of course, we’re forgetting the mercurial captain of the side, John Colby (aka Michael Caine). The shirt is made by Toffs and once you put it on, you’ll …

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mofgimmersEscape To Victory replica shirt

Retro Brown Doyle cufflinks

Now that it’s the party season, you may well find yourself needing to get your Sunday best out. If that’s the case, you could do with some new cufflinks, and what better to go for than this pair of retro beauties? Available from the Sonia Spencer site, who has a few interesting pairs up for grabs, these Brown Doyle cufflinks …

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mofgimmersRetro Brown Doyle cufflinks

The Xmas List, No.20: Fenchurch Newport jumper

This lovely striped jumper (80% lambswool, 20% nylon) is brought to you by every skaters’ favourite label, Fenchurch. It’s available exclusively through Ark’s excellent online shop (you can’t buy it in any Ark shops), for just £59.95. Order before 4pm and they’ll send it out to you on the same day. BUY IT More cool clothing on Brandish.

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ShinyMediaThe Xmas List, No.20: Fenchurch Newport jumper

Howies Barley striped jumper

Brighten up your winter with this colourful stripey jumper, brought to you by the eco-friendly peeps at Howies. It’s 100% lambswool, it’s available in a couple of different colour schemes, and it costs a very reasonable £55. It’s the antidote to rubbish Xmas jumpers. BUY IT More clothing on Brandish.

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ShinyMediaHowies Barley striped jumper

Bennie and Olive left/right mittens For the first time this year, I stepped outside and my teeth began to chatter. Yep, the cold is beginning to bite and I need something to keep me warm.

Well, I’ve already got myself a nice Gloverall Duffel coat, so now I need something to keep my hands warm… and these Bennie and Olive…

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mofgimmersBennie and Olive left/right mittens

Alan Fluff Freeman t-shirt Since Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman sadly passed away recently, people have been falling over themselves to pay tribute to the great man.
With his familiar welcome of “Greetings, pop pickers” and triumphant, brassy theme tune, Alan “Fluff” Freeman was an institution in British radio. He spent more than 40 years in broadcasting, but his enthusiasm never waned…

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mofgimmersAlan Fluff Freeman t-shirt

The Xmas List, No.16: Adidas Carlos Gruber cardigan

Cardigans for men are very much de rigeur this season, but if you think they’re too fuddy-duddy for your taste, then this sporty little Adidas number may be more to your liking. It’s a wool-knit cardie from Adidas’s 1970s Carlo Gruber range. We like it a lot. £70 from the Adidas Originals store. BUY IT For more clothing at Brandish, …

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ShinyMediaThe Xmas List, No.16: Adidas Carlos Gruber cardigan

Nintendo Family Tree t-shirt

To cash in on Nintendo Wii fever, Nerdy Shirts have just released this awesomely desirable ‘Nintendo Family Tree’ t-shirt. Yes, we know it’s slightly geeky to be this excited about this particular t-shirt, but then us and Nintendo go back a long way, right back to the days of the NES and Game Boy, then on to the SNES, straight …

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ShinyMediaNintendo Family Tree t-shirt

The Xmas List, No.14: Griffin tweed flight jacket

Griffin is one of our favourite British design studios. They do great, slightly eccentric twists on British clothing classics, like this tweed flight jacket, which is actually made in Italy – try to ignore the Shoreditch cap/sunglasses combo, which is a bit twattish, and concentrate instead on the jacket. The jacket is not 100% tweed – it’s made from a …

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ShinyMediaThe Xmas List, No.14: Griffin tweed flight jacket

Five wooly hats for winter

1 STUSSY 89 RUGBY STRIPE BEANIE A striped acrylic knit with Stussy World Tour screenprint. Available in three different colour schemes. BUY IT

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ShinyMediaFive wooly hats for winter

Monster hoodie

Most garb you see is rather dour and serious, which is what makes this particular hoodie so great! Fans of the famous Japanese monster character Domo-kun will have already spotted its face adorning the chest, which makes for a killer design. It’s a good quality 100% cotton and features the outrageous face of Japan’s most lovable monster which was designed …

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mofgimmersMonster hoodie