Space Invaders gear

This Christmas, you can go Space Invader mad. First of all, you can wrap yourself up in this super cool Space Invaders Scarf from b2d4 which is made from 100% Merino Wool, making the scarf warm, comfy and most importantly, stylish. It comes in a range of three different colors, with the pick of the bunch being the ace blue/red/orange …

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mofgimmersSpace Invaders gear

Seinfeld KKKramer T-Shirt

T-Shirt Hell’s KKKramer t-shirt is probably the hottest t-shirt on the planet right now. It pokes politically incorrect fun at disgraced Seinfeld actor Michael Richards (aka lovable buffoon Kramer – although he’s not so lovable right now). If you’ve just got back from your annual holiday to the moon (nice this time of year, we hear), then you may not …

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ShinyMediaSeinfeld KKKramer T-Shirt

American Apparel deluxe gift bag

What better to get the man in your life (especially if that man is you) than a gift bag that actually contains stuff that you might use? This pack contains three classic t-shirts (one grey and two black), a pair of retro, calf-high sports socks, a wallet and a black/grey nylon sports bag. You get all that for just £42. …

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ShinyMediaAmerican Apparel deluxe gift bag

Five cool caps

It’s difficult to get away with wearing a cap these days. They’ve been claimed by American frat boys and British chav kids. Fear not, for it is possible to wear one and not fall into either of those camps, as these five beauties show:1 ADIDAS CITIES RIO CAP Stylish canvas military cap from the Adidas Originals range, featuring a cool …

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ShinyMediaFive cool caps

Ebay movie props: Johnny Depp’s jumper or Al Pacino’s vest

The choice is yours. Brandish’s brother blog Bayraider has turned up a nifty pair of movie costumes today, catering for two distinct types of men: sensitive rogues, or spiffed-up mafiosi. Surely you must fit into one of those categories. Anyway, one item is the grey jumper worn by Johnny Depp in Chocolat (pictured). It’s a bit holey – for the …

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adminEbay movie props: Johnny Depp’s jumper or Al Pacino’s vest

Kim Jones Umbro pinstripe bomber jacket

If you’ve never encountered Umbro by Kim Jones, it’s a more designer/high-fashion end of the Umbro empire, designed by Mr Jones, a leading fashion designer (yes, it’s a "he") for companies like Mulberry and Hugo Boss. And this is just one example of his work – a pinstripe bomber jacket. It’s in navy and white, with an assymetric cut with …

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ShinyMediaKim Jones Umbro pinstripe bomber jacket

Debenhams sliver-and-mesh cufflinks

Everyone needs a good pair of cufflinks – and these silver and mesh cufflinks from St George by Duffer are the best around right now. Based on the "clasp" cufflinks that were widely worn from the 50s to the 70s, they’re made of silver (unlike the more widely seen gold vintage cufflinks), with the clasp made of steel. The design …

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ShinyMediaDebenhams sliver-and-mesh cufflinks

Duffer of St George quilted shirt

Is it a shirt or is it a jacket? No idea, but if you’re looking for something to slip on for a cold day, this Duffer of St George Quilted Shirt could be just the thing. Brown cord, it has some extra padding for insulation, a plaid lining, button cuffs, two front pockets and matching buttons. Nice item – and …

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ShinyMediaDuffer of St George quilted shirt

Five wonderful winter scarves

It’s gone cold – so time for the scarves and gloves. I’ll save the gloves for another time, but right now, here’s the fives of the best scarves on the market. 1. John Smedley Stripes scarf No-one does knitwear like John Smedley, right down to scarves. A good example is this Stripes scarf, made of an extra fine lightweight Merino …

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ShinyMediaFive wonderful winter scarves

Hackett Aston Martin Harrington jacket

If you can’t afford the car, buy the merchandise. And as Hackett do a fairly extensive range of Aston Martin clothing, there’s plenty to choose from if you want the world to think you’re a bit flash. One such item is this Hackett/Aston Martin Harrington jacket. Two button pockets, button cuffs and an eleasticated waist. Slightly different colour the the …

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ShinyMediaHackett Aston Martin Harrington jacket

James Bond evening shirt and bow tie

Casino Royale is looking and the merchandise market is booming – but the classiest cash-in of the lot is undoubtedly this James Bond evening shirt and bow tie from Jermyn Street shirtmaker, Turnbull & Asser. The Limited Collection shirt is made from a super fine, two fold, white-on-white cotton and with a design used in the movie. The bow tie …

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ShinyMediaJames Bond evening shirt and bow tie

Superdry retro vintage hoody

God damn, that’s one cosy-looking hooded top, perfect for keeping you warm now that it’s properly chilly. It’s made from 100% cotton in a sunbleached vintage stylee. And you can put all sorts of stuff in the large front pocket. It’s available in a range of colours and can be purchased from all branches of Cult and via their online …

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ShinyMediaSuperdry retro vintage hoody

Oliver Spencer belted coat

Oliver Spencer was something of a prodigy, a self-taught tailor with his own bespoke label at 22, then the Oliver Spencer label, selling equally stylish clobber to the off-the-peg market. This rather smart Belted DB Coat should give you an idea of what the man is about. A wool double breasted overcoat with belt, aling with two large bellows buttton …

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ShinyMediaOliver Spencer belted coat

Brooks Brothers JFK suit

The big problem with picking up an old suit is that smell of mothballs (not to mention the worry of someone having died in it). So how about a new suit that has the cut and features of a classic – like the Brooks Brothers JFK suit. It’s full title is the Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald Solid Two-Button 1818 suit, but …

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ShinyMediaBrooks Brothers JFK suit

Rapha cyclewear

Think cycling gear and you probably think revealing shirts, bright top and peak cap. And you’ll not be far wrong – unless you’re aware of Rapha. Yes, they do some of the obvious kit, but with a bit more style than the competition. And they also do a very smart vintage range, based on the clothing of the 1950s, like …

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ShinyMediaRapha cyclewear

Lyle & Scott Vintage Range polo shirt

What do you do when the majority of your buyers are middle-aged golfers and your public face is Ronnie Corbett? In the case of Lyle & Scott, you go back to that point in time when you were fashionable and trot out the old designs under the Vintage Range banner. Paying homage to the label’s 80s heyday, the range includes …

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ShinyMediaLyle & Scott Vintage Range polo shirt

Carhartt Graduate knitted jacket

Carhartt’s ‘Graduate’ jacket is available in five different colours – tobacco (pictured), grey, navy blue, olive and, of course, black. It’s reassuringly old-school, in a cardigan-stylee, but still looks modern enough that you don’t need to smoke a pipe to get away with wearing it. And because it’s made from 100% wool, it’s warmer than several rounds of hot buttered …

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ShinyMediaCarhartt Graduate knitted jacket

Five quirky cufflinks

It’s a small step between slightly quirky and being the office clown. These five sets of cufflinks should get you some attention – but without being labelled the local joker. 1. Lego cufflinks Show you’re in touch with your inner child with these Lego cufflinks. Actually, they’re called Forever Young cufflinks and are designed by Jacqueline Sanchez. Handmade, they have …

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ShinyMediaFive quirky cufflinks

Designer dogwear

We’re all going to Hell in a handcart. Not content with breeding dogs that can sit in an A-lister’s handbag, humanity has now gone even further. Meet the Pucci Hoodies. That’s right, hoodies for the kind of small yappy dogs that even David Cameron would shy away from hugging. They’re fleece-lined tops, which come with a drawstring hood (presumably for …

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adminDesigner dogwear