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Collection of Style store

By Isabelle on April 3rd, 2007


Over at Catwalk Queen we’re quite excited by the opening of COS, H&M’s new offshoot. It is only one store in London for now but hopefully we’ll see a nationwide expansion as their classic range is perfect for the stylish but not too kooky male. Susie Bubble has been raving about the collection and it does look a lot better than most high street menswear available at the moment.


Sleazy velour sweatshirt

By Isabelle on April 3rd, 2007

Sometimes it’s good to look a little sleazy, kind of like having a little pot belly: in small doses, cute; massive beer gut, not cute. American Apparel have got just the thing to inject a little cheese and sleaze into your wardrobe, a strokable furry velour sweatshirt, £26. So don this trashy jumper and make like Gerrold from Ghost World with the cheesy chat up lines: "Hey, nice green dress you got there. What are you, Irish?" Contrasting silk scarf and moustache optional.


8-Bit Tie

By mofgimmers on April 3rd, 2007

8bit_tie8-Bit graphics are looked upon with a great fondness by anyone with even a vague interest in gaming. A spate of Nintendo T-Shirts are doing the rounds and Atari has ALWAYS been cool. Well, one trick that has been missed is actually making clothes that look like old blocky graphics.

ThinkGeek have come up with the perfect solution. An 8-Bit Tie. If all your clothes looked 8-Bit, you’d probably feel a bit foolish, but a cheeky little accessory will blatantly make you look cool and retro. Available from ThinkGeek for a measly $20.


G Star Officer Shirt

By mofgimmers on April 3rd, 2007

Gstar_officer_shirtThe sun is coming slowly back from his holidays and we need to start sorting our wardrobe out. Lighter jackets are a must as we don’t want to be sweating it out everywhere we go do we?

One item that is worth looking at is this G Star Officer Shirt. Now, on closer inspection, it’s more of a jacket than a shirt, so it would be perfect coupled up with a nice shirt or tee. It’s retailing for £49.00 in a cheeky little sale at Urban Outfitters and around £70 everywhere else. A wise purchase now that the climate is a bit more temperate.

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What’s Hot: Zara travel bag

By Isabelle on April 3rd, 2007

The handbag mania that has swept womenswear is obviously being felt in menswear as shabby bags and rucksacks are no longer de rigeur. Chic men across the country have been sporting totes, manbags and duffle bags. Zara have got a very smart version for just £29, made out of rugged nylon with ‘pleather’ handles. It’s just the right size to chuck all your essentials in if you’re going away this Easter weekend.

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Dalek Cufflinks

By mofgimmers on April 2nd, 2007

Dalek_cufflinksWith Doctor Who making waves on our TVS again, it may be worth thinking about getting in on the act. Apart from getting a big ol’ striped scarf a la Tom Baker, you could always go for something a bit more subtle and cheeky. These Dalek cufflinks spring to mind.

Retailing at £15, these exterminators with neatly show your love of the show without making you look like a geek. Click here if you want a pair. Also available are Tardis cufflinks, should you want to side with the good guys.


Get The Look: Frenchman

By Isabelle on March 30th, 2007


You can always spot a Frenchman from miles away. They’re usually wearing dreaded deck shoes in brown, navy trousers and v-neck and a pink gingham shirt. Me and my fellow half-French friends would always spot them walking around saying ‘bof’ and run away saying "Agh! Frenchies!". These days I’m ever so slightly more tolerant and applaud French males for their sartorial elegance; but not for the deck shoes, they must die. For the Frenchie look team a stripy Ralph Lauren shirt, £80 from Sarah Coggles, and a lambswool v-neck, £29.50 from Marks & Spencer.


J Fold Wallet

By mofgimmers on March 30th, 2007

J_fold_walletIt’s all very well being a well dressed young pup about town, but if you’re trying to impress someone, and you pull out a knackered old tray wallet that you’ve had since school, you’ll be sending off the wrong signals.

To make a decent impression whilst simultaneously flashing your cash and hurting your overdraft, why not buy one of these brilliant J Fold Wallets? Available in two colours (the featured black and orange, as well as a swish blue and brown number) and streamlined to an ultra-flat profile, this top-grain leather wallet is edge-trimmed in leather and perforated to reveal leather dots. Obviously, it’s rather good at holding your money too. Click here to get your mitts on one.


Topman polka dot shirt

By Isabelle on March 30th, 2007

Topman Design is an offshoot of Topman featuring stylish basics like this grey polka dot shirt (£40). The subtle dots add interest to basic jeans and trainers, but the shirt is smart enough to be worn with trousers and a jacket for a more formal look. If you’ve got olive skin grey is a surprisingly flattering colour, it really livens up your skin tone. If you’re an English Rose try before you buy as the colour could make you look washed out.

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Original Penguin Jacquard Polo

By mofgimmers on March 30th, 2007

Jacquard_poloNot since 1993, when The Beastie Boys were charging around in old man caps and golf wear has anyone really had the balls to don the clobber of the green. Of course, you could sport some dapper plus-fours, but we wouldn’t advise it.

Rather, you should look toward old gent style polos, like this cracking Original Penguin Jacquard Polo which is the right side of shouting fore.  Coupled up with your fave cords or jeans, you’ll look dope in this, no matter what age or size you are. Urban Outfitters are selling these for £55, so click the link and get your card ready.


Pleat-front trousers

By Isabelle on March 29th, 2007


Slouchy pleated trousers are back, wa-ay back in the 3rd issue of Fantastic Man magazine last year they had a whole spread of slouchy trousers with pleats you haven’t seen since the ’80s. If you live in London you might have seen Afghani immigrants wearing baggy sand-coloured pleat-front trousers, that the look you’re going for. The pleats add volume, and if carefully done won’t make you look like a moron US banker. The guys in the two images above have perfected the look by keeping it casual, the last thing you want when you’re trying out a new trend is for it to scream "Look! I’m trying something new!" See after the jump for some slouchy trousers and product links.

Photos courtesy of The Sartorialist

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What’s Hot: Ray Ban Wayfarers

By Isabelle on March 29th, 2007


Summers-a-coming so I’m going to be picking out key pieces for this season for you. Some may be slightly OTT but there’s nothing scary about Ray Ban Wayfarers. Anything that’s worn by Roy Orbison must be brilliant, apparently the legendary songwriter while on tour with the Beatles forgot his thick prescription specs and so put the prescription Wayfarers at the last minute where they remained for the rest of his career. Wayfarers are the trendiest sunnies around at the moment, and  will add a bit of retro chic to any simple summer outfit.


Bespoke suits on the web from A Suit That Fits

By Isabelle on March 28th, 2007


It’s the future! So if you need a bespoke suit now you can buy it on the internet. A Suit That Fits offer a bespoke service online and will deliver the finished product within 6-8 weeks. I would advise spending the extra £20 it costs to go and have a fitting, as that’s what really makes it a bespoke suit and will make all the difference to the finished product. You can buy a suit from around £250 upwards, and even if you don’t have to wear suits at work it is a good idea to try to get a well cut suit for important occasions. After about two years of searching my tall rake of a boyfriend found a gem of a suit for £13 in a charity shop. So if you’ve got bags of time go for the charity shop option, but if you’ve three months give A Suit That Fits a go.


Lyle & Scott Dennis the Menace jumper

By mofgimmers on March 28th, 2007

1436300Jumpers are ace. They keep you warm in winter in amongst your many layers and they make a fine replacement for a coat when the weather cheers up a bit. To make a fine impression, why not go all out and get this dapper Dennis The Menace jumper from Lyle & Scott?

Lyle and Scott crew neck sweater comes complete with those famous  red and black stripes, and is made from 100% cotton. It’s got ribbed cuffs and hem should you fancy being a real menace and conceal your pea-shooter and catapult down your top. Lyle and Scott eagle on chest and yours for £64.99.



Fly 53 Love Thy Fly grey marl T-shirt

By ShinyMedia on March 28th, 2007

This t-shirt won’t change your life, but I wanted to post it because I’m a big fan of Fly 53′s stuff – they make very cool clothes (especially shirts) that you can still wear in your thirties without looking like a desperate skateboy wannabe. This violence-themed design features a cosh, knuckle duster and cutthroat razor. Like I said, it won’t change your life, but it is rather nice. Available from Urban Retro for £14.95.

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