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Donatella Versace dedicates SS09 line to Barack Obama

By admin on June 24th, 2008


The Barack Obama bandwagon grows by the second, with Donatella Versace dedicating her SS09 collection to him. Versace stated that Obama’s style is for “a relaxed man who doesn’t need to flex muscles to show he has power.”

Obama will probably just thank Versace and move on, because he’s already been slated for being a ‘GQ candidate’. The thinking behind that slur is ridiculous, as it insinuates that spending time on your appearance has to be to the detriment of other characteristics. This also shows just how famous Obama is right now, with a world renowned designer using his name to garner some press attention.

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Exclusive Topman MAN tees available at Colette

By admin on June 23rd, 2008

mancolette.jpgWith ASOS’s recent London College of Fashion collaboration the store has joined Topman in the commendable position of being a popular fashion retailer providing young talent with somewhere to showcase their work.

Topman’s ‘MAN’ menswear show, a linkup with Fashion East, has already established itself as being synonymous with the skilled up-and-coming designers, with collections from Kim Jones and Cassette Playa having previously featured.

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Rykiel Homme grey jeans

By admin on June 20th, 2008

rykieljeans.jpgSeeing as Rykiel Homme is closing down, their clothes will make the transition from good piece to collector’s item. Before that transition is made, a lot of it goes on sale. This brings us to these Rykiel Homme jeans.

These jeans look like a toned down version of those radioactive Dior Homme jeans that Kanye West put up on his blog a while back. The muted colouring is still sharp enough to stand out from other jeans and they’re also about £200 cheaper than the Dior version. You can get these from the corner for £84.

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Boxfresh and Raleigh collaborate on BMX bike

By admin on June 19th, 2008

boxmx.jpgI only post this because it caught my eye over on Highsnobiety as being steeped in nostalgia. Boxfresh and Raleigh are two brands that were massively prevalent in my younger days. They’ve come together to create a BMX bike that has been released in a ultra-limited edition run… of 2 (come on now – even that Stussy/Honda collaboration scooter a couple of years ago had 10 units produced).

Anyway, it’s all made me want to break out the old BMX and try to bunny hop over a kerb without breaking my back. Pics of the detailing after the jump…

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Topman’s Black Trouser Project

By admin on June 19th, 2008

[Click on image for full size picture]

Love it or hate it, the opening of another Topman in the UK would be met with nothing more than a shrug. In fact, given their ubiquity, it would be met with a half shrug at best. However, news that a Topman will open in New York has created so much attention that Topman started the black trouser project to showcase some up and coming designers.

Featuring designers Patrick Ervell, Tim Hamilton, Aitor Throup, Ann-Sofie Back and Todd Lynn, this is the next logical step from their white shirt project. If you had to compare the two projects, I’d say that this is slightly more daring as there’s less you can do with trousers without making them totally unwearable. They’ll be available from October from $120 in the NY flagship store. I assume they’ll be available from the Oxford Circus branch and online as well from around the same time.

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Justice x Surface to Air collection online

By admin on June 19th, 2008

s2ajustix.jpgRemember the linkup Justice annouced with Surface to Air a couple of months ago? Well the fruits of their labour have just gone up on the S2A online store.

It looks like the leather jackets have had a few modifications since the teaser pics we saw in April, with Xavier de Rosnay’s effort getting a full makeover. The grey leather with black and orange highlights has been ditched in favour of standard black with navy blue cuffs and zips and a deep red pocket lining.

On first look they’re pretty impressive pieces – enough to placate those who argue these sort of collaborations often breed more hype than quality. It’ll be interesting to see if anything more comes out of the ‘Justice For All’ line. Jackets £620 each, jeans £117. Thanks to We Are The Market for the heads up. Pics after the jump.

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Kitsune Spring/Summer ’08

By admin on June 18th, 2008

kitsuness08.jpgFrench brand Kitsune (Japanese for ‘fox’) is most commonly known for its record label, which has released great stuff from artists like Klaxons, Fox N Wolf, Crystal Castles and Bloc Party. But its fashion label offshoot is gaining popularity in its own right.

The latest S/S collection is unique in the range of materials used. Cardigans are constructed from Scottish sea island cotton, with piqué French cotton used in polo shirts and hoodies. A collaboration shoe with Pierre Hardy is built with Portuguese leather and there’s even a shirt cut from premium Japanese denim.

More pictures of the collection after the jump.

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The Sartorialist’s ‘Done Right’ on Men.Style

By admin on June 18th, 2008

paleblueblazer.jpg‘Done right’ is one of the most interesting features on right after the monthly 10 rules and Glenn O’Brien’s blog. The Sartorialist’s style insights are always a good read, even if they’re aimed towards the slightly older gentleman.

This feature’s main style tips are pale blue blazers, vintage shoes, shorter (not short!) shorts, spring scarves and white shoes. White shoes are a difficult one as they either make you look like a Mediterranean style icon or an English pimp, depending on how they’re worn. Pale blue blazers are a great look and I think more people would wear this if menswear stores started taking a few more risks with colour.

Seeing as we’ve been bleating on about the merits of short/mid length shorts for months now, what’s taking it so long to hit the high streets? I don’t know if my eyes can take anymore combat Cargo shorts.

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House of Viktor & Rolf at the Barbican

By admin on June 17th, 2008

vnrstoref.jpgAfter exploding onto British highstreets two years ago with their H&M capsule collection, Dutch duo Viktor & Rolf are once again gracing us with their conceptualised work at their first UK exhibition, starting tomorrow at the Barbican.

‘The House of Viktor & Rolf’ showcases a complete collection of all their work since 1992. In classic V&R style there’s an odd twist, with each piece having been reproduced in miniature for dolls in a ‘theatrical installation’. Coming from a team with an upside-down flagship store and a history of unconventional runway practice, there are likely to be a few more unexpected surprises.

The exhibition runs until the 21st September, tickets cost £8.

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Marc Jacobs interview with Charlie Rose

By admin on June 17th, 2008

If you were in love with the June/July issue of Interview, then this Charlie Rose interview should be of great interest to you. The interview features Marc Jacobs, Interview fashion editor Stephanie Seymour, Interview editor Glenn O’Brien (who looks like a Swedish Bond villain) and Chairman Peter Brant. They talk about how the edition came together, Warhol’s influence and how he was like.

I have no idea who Charlie Rose is, but judging from this video, he seems to be a more relaxed US version of Jeremy Paxman – albeit one who does tend to interrupt his interviewees a bit more. See the video for yourself after the jump.


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WISHLIST: Prada Lifestyle Sets

By Will Reid on June 16th, 2008

prada.jpgWhile most men opt for the safe bet of ties, socks and other traditional Father’s Day gifts, I have always wanted to get something better. I spend weeks and months searching for something perfect in its masculine luxury, but when your dad works for Tesco’s your options are sadly limited. As a result, I often end up presentless and apologetic by the Third Sunday of June (like today, for instance.)

I was a fan of Isabelle’s ‘Caviar’ ties but only this afternoon (how horrendously cruel is that?) found these Prada Lifestlye sets.

Cards, Shoe Shining, Airline Comfort Kits- check out all these great belated gift options at

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Sonia Rykiel Homme closes down

By admin on June 13th, 2008

rykiel1.jpgFans of Sonia Rykiel Homme will be sad to hear that after it’s SS 09 collection, it will be no more. The reason for this is, despite running for two decades, they’ve never actually made money on their collection.

Nathalie Rykiel, daughter of Sonia Rykiel and President of the Rykiel fashion house stated that “We are a family run business and we wish to remain so…thus the decision to focus on our core business which is women”.

In tribute, I leave you with this catwalk report and a picture of the most wearable men’s leopard print jacket ever.


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Loewe to unveil menswear collection from Stuart Vevers

By Kimberley Foster on June 11th, 2008

stuartvevers_menswearshowannouncement.jpgFrom our womenswear blog, Catwalk Queen

Yesterday we posted the new Loewe autumn/winter ’08 campaign starring Linda Evangelista, and today we bring you news that Stuart Vevers will debut his first menswear collection for the Spanish fashion house later this month.

The talented designer, who left Mulberry to take on the top job in January, has earned praise for his womenswear collection which was showcased at Paris Fashion Week in March. Now, he will take on a new challenge when he presents his first men’s collection at the men’s shows in Paris on June 27.

[Source / Image]

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Tom Ford spoofs ‘in treatment’

By admin on June 5th, 2008


At this year’s CFDA awards, Thom Browne, Michael Bastian and Tom Ford all starred in a spoof of HBO series In Treatment. As someone who’d never heard of that show until I just googled it, the spoof kind of went over my head. Ford’s a believable actor in this though, if the whole fashion thing wasn’t going so well, he probably could consider acting as a career. See for yourself after the jump.


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Roberto Cavalli unlikely to do another diffusion line

By admin on June 2nd, 2008


Roberto Cavalli’s H&M diffusion line was a major success sales wise but he’s unlikely to do another range, if a recent Telegraph interview was anything to go by. In the interview, Cavalli also stated that he “detest(s) men – dressed or naked” – which goes a long way to explaining why his menswear range for H&M was so awful.

His main gripe was with celebrity diffusion lines, on which he says “I’m very much against all these celebrities doing diffusion lines…Kate Moss’s collection was badly made, stupid and bland; you see things like that everywhere. You can’t just buy things for the label – it’s ridiculous.”

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