Gilded Age

As you might expect from their name, Gilded Age clothes are made with a healthy dose of nostalgia for times passed. The brand uses traditional processes of production to create garments lavished with so much care and attention you can see it in every stitch and fibre. Gilded Age have sought out factories which use some of the oldest machinery …

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adminGilded Age

Ozwald Boateng’s launches new Savile Row store

Ozwald Boateng is opening a flagship store on Savile Row in a couple of weeks with a launch event planned for February. Architect David Adjaye has designed the store with the Ghana-born designer and it will feature a gallery space which will showcase artist collaborations. The store sounds like a haven for stylish men, with a purple jewel box-style dedicated …

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ShinyMediaOzwald Boateng’s launches new Savile Row store

Carri Mundane is a thief!

Whilst we usually bring vital fashion tips to the modern male, we also bring news exclusives. Today we bring you the news of where Cassette Playa steal their ideas from. If you’ve clicked that link, you’re probably in a state of shock right now. I know I am. I fully expect Carri Mundane to issue a snivelling apology to Dishy …

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adminCarri Mundane is a thief!

Bottega Veneta

Since Tomas Maier took over the reigns in 2001 at Bottega Veneta, the label has carved out a distinct niche for itself based on careful craftsmanship and quality fabrics. In keeping with its lack of logo, the label eschews overt branding in favour of quiet accomplishment. Maier is a prodigious talent, who like McQueen, has a great understanding of men’s …

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adminBottega Veneta

Patrick Ervell

Fashion editor turned designer Patrick Ervell launched his own collection a couple of years ago. Alongside ubiquitous military styling, Ervell also incorporates splashes of colour, although even the bright colours are relatively muted versions of red, cream and navy blue. I feel like I should like this collection a lot more than I actually do. The tailoring is a bit …

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adminPatrick Ervell

Gucci 10% sale

If you use Gucci’s US website, November 20th is your lucky day. For reasons unknown, they’re holding a 10% sale on everything. While 10% is nothing on most sites, on Gucci the savings will probably buy you a couple of small third-world countries. So if you’ve wanted a Gucci item, Nov 20th is the time to get it for slightly …

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adminGucci 10% sale

Because of us, Jay-Z acquires Artful Dodger

Jay-Z reads Brandish! I have no actual proof of this, but it can’t be a coincidence that we featured British streetwear brand Artful Dodger and a few days later he decides to snap them up, can it? Well it probably was, to be honest. Either way, this is good news for the label, who can expect to see their profile …

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adminBecause of us, Jay-Z acquires Artful Dodger

David Beckham’s latest signing is for Armani Underwear

While Victoria Beckham stars in a Tesco’s advert her husband David Beckham is going to appear ion something altogether upmarket. The football star has just signed on to be the newest err… face of Giorgio Armani’s underwear collection, which is set to launch in the U.S. Beckham was busy shooting the ad campaign last week in L.A. with Mert Alas …

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ShinyMediaDavid Beckham’s latest signing is for Armani Underwear

Lad Musician

  The rockstar look has been popular ever since the Strokes came out and gave people someone to copy. Now you can walk into Topshop and leave a fully-fledged rockstar, although you’ll have to get a terrible haircut somewhere else. In Japan however, Lad Musician are near enough the only brand to deliver to the fairly small niche market. Gathering …

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adminLad Musician

Alastair McKimm for Fred Perry

Fred Perry seem to be a label low on ideas lately. They seem to have been hawking the same items for years, without making even the tiniest of changes. Most of their creative items stem from working with outside designers, such as this current collection with Alastair McKimm. i-D stylist Alastair McKimm – noted for his love of British youth …

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adminAlastair McKimm for Fred Perry

Lucas Ossendrijver for Lanvin

Chubby old Alber Elbaz from Lanvin joked that the only thing he could wear in his most recent collection were the ties and the shoes. Well Alber, you’d best get on the Slim Fasts, cos this collection is hot.  Despite Elbaz’s insinuation that it’s his hand behind all of Lanvin’s output,  it’s no secret that Lucas Ossendrijver is now in …

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adminLucas Ossendrijver for Lanvin

A material boy in a material world

  Material Boy is the brainchild of Australian designer Mic Eaton. Calling on us to ‘celebrate our inner gay’, Material boy specialize in oversized tees, hoodies & tight tracksuit bottoms, making it a perfect label for the American Apparel aficionado who’s grown slightly bored of their designs. You can view their collection at mintshop and purest cut.

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adminA material boy in a material world

Full Circle’s Autumn Winter collection

    Full circle’s Autumn/winter collection has been gathering a lot of press lately and it’s not hard to see why. Whilst the military influence has been a given in everyone’s read-to-wear range this season, Full Circle have added their own design quirks. They’ve added a sportswear look into the usual staple looks of this season, which gives the collection …

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adminFull Circle’s Autumn Winter collection

Roberto Cavalli at H&M

  Whilst Topshop have H&M trumped when it comes to celebrity ranges, H&M have had good quality ranges by Viktor & Rolf and now they have a new range by Roberto Cavalli. As Cavalli is usually known for his garish exotic prints, I can’t say I was particularly looking forward to this range, but I’m pleasantly surprised by his understated …

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adminRoberto Cavalli at H&M

Designer Spotlight: Nerve Clothing

It’s nice to be ahead of the curve sometimes, like when you hear a great band before anyone else. But as you can’t wear knowledge of a band, you just have to harp on at everyone about how you found them first, which can make you look like a twat. Thankfully you can wear Nerve clothing, a brand so ahead …

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adminDesigner Spotlight: Nerve Clothing

Designer Spotlight: Clerk and Teller

Ex-bank clerk and teller-turned-designers Clerk and Teller have been operating a buzz based campaign lately, getting their collection into independent boutiques whilst advertising in nationwide fashion magazines. Although this technique would seem bizarre to most people (including me), they also run an online store from which – in contrast to other company stores – their entire range can be bought. …

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adminDesigner Spotlight: Clerk and Teller


Greek-Cypriot, Paris-based designer Eritokritos launched his eponymous collection for women in 1994, which quickly established itself in the hearts of women with a penchant for quirky design and colourful prints. About 5 years ago, he translated this design ethos to menswear and opened a store in the Marais in Paris to showcase this work. Next time you’re in Paris, its …

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Acca Kappa’s grooming products for the more refined gentleman

Not a name that you would have heard of before, Acca Kappa is a cosmetics brand designed for the true gentleman. Trading since 1869, Acca Kappa has been providing grooming goods for European royalty for over 100 years and, just by looking at their products, you can see why. It’s really is a brand for the sort of man who …

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adminAcca Kappa’s grooming products for the more refined gentleman

Steal this Marc Jacob look

This may be an odd look for winter as it doesn’t come with a jacket. But you might want to try layering every once in a while, just so you don’t have to wear the same jacket 7 days in a row.  Cardigan: Seeing as you won’t have a jacket on, the cardigan you get will have to be a …

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adminSteal this Marc Jacob look

Catwalk Queen interviews Deryck Walker

Laura met menswear designer Deryck Walker last week and he talked her through his first womenswear collection. The lovely Scot trained in Scotland and has worked at Robert Cary-Williams, Boudicca and Versace.

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IsabelleCatwalk Queen interviews Deryck Walker