Patrik Ervell, the king of chic sportswear

I’m a little obsessed with the sportswear trend at the moment, last seen way back in the ’90s. But it’s not about wearing your tatty old tracksuit; as if fashion is ever that simple! It’s much more formal and minimal than that: imagine a very smart old gent, wearing suit trousers, shirt, tie and an anorak. On the (admittedly London …

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IsabellePatrik Ervell, the king of chic sportswear

Calvin Klein at Milan’s men’s fashion week

Calvin Klein’s utilisation of sunset-pastel hues stood out on the runway at Milan’s men’s fashion week, where much of the offering from other designers were simple blacks and grey shades. That’s not to say that Klein didn’t exhibit icy-white ensembles and crisp, black shirts, but his strongest display came in puces, powder blues and pale khaki. This warm palette offsets …

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adminCalvin Klein at Milan’s men’s fashion week

Jefferson Hack speaks to Christopher Bailey in his new column for the Telegraph

It’s a great time for menswear at the moment, we are seeing more adventurous designs -on the catwalks at least- and the masculine influence in womenswear is testament to people’s interest in all things menswear. Hilary Alexander recently commissioned Jefferson Hack to write a fortnightly column for the Telegraph about menswear and it’s quality. In his latest column he spoke …

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ShinyMediaJefferson Hack speaks to Christopher Bailey in his new column for the Telegraph

Fila Zizzore Top

It seems like you can’t buy an item of clothing these days without it being an "original", "distressed" or "vintage", such is our obsession with fashion of the past. Not that I’m too bothered. Most "modern" clothing is crap. Just look at the Nu-Rave look. Twats. In truth, I do have a bit of an axe to grind about "distressed" …

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adminFila Zizzore Top

EIO tee

After complaining yesterday about wanting something a little different printed on my tees, my prayers have been suddenly answered by EIO clothing, makers of some seriously original men and womens clothes. They have some great looking prints, with big, brash colours that are great for Summer on one hand, like this Beach Babe tee (£25) or something a bit more …

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adminEIO tee

Keiichi Tanaami at Paul Smith

Keiichi Tanaami, a Japanese artist and toy designer has released these typically crazy Japanese prints and vinyl toys through Paul Smith’s website and London stores. Prices start at a very reasonable £10 for a surreal and slightly scary vinyl "Wonder Girl" ornament, all the way up to £950 for a limited edition, framed print, inspired by Japanese family crests. I …

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adminKeiichi Tanaami at Paul Smith

Fake iphone

It seems that unscrupulous counterfeiters – are there any other kind – are already exploiting the good natured greed of technophiles everywhere by producing fake iphones or, as this video shows, the "tphone". There are even reports of these ersatz devices appearing on eBay. I can’t blame them for trying though, as we all know that the iphone is going …

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adminFake iphone

Katharine Hamnett at Tesco

"Let’s all go to Tesco, where your mum buys your best clothes, a-la la la, a-la la la la." If you were one of those kids who had fleas and smelled of stale biscuits, you most probably remember the above line, sung in shrill unison by all your class mates, with all too agonising clarity. And it was  probably true, …

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adminKatharine Hamnett at Tesco

Jellio art

Ever wanted a giant version of an unmade Airfix model bolted to your wall? Of course you did. Now you have the chance. Jellio is the ultimate in retro-kitsch-art, selling anything from glass encased Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots ($800) to Rubix Cube coffee tables ($600). They also sell this Airfix style wall decoration ($2,500). Unfortunately it’s not actually a …

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adminJellio art

Vilebrequin or just vile?

Vilebrequin created boxer-short style beach wear back in 1970, giving rise to pretty much what every guy wears down on the promenade today. Prior to Monsieur Vilebrequin’s vision, inspired by a tablecloth no-less, men wore short shorts. Very short shorts. Or Speedos.  Neither were a good look. Since then, Vilebrequin has continued to churn out the long shorts with various …

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adminVilebrequin or just vile?

Next cargo shorts

I generally loathe Next. Their collection is the epitome of the blandness that pervades men’s high street fashion these days and their casual wear is made to such general specifications that they end up fitting everyone and no-one. Seems a little strong, doesn’t it? Well, there are some things that Next do well. Like cheap but decent formal shirts, work …

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adminNext cargo shorts

Maharishi sale

Look fashionable on the battlefield without giving away your position to the enemy or hurting your wallet – Maharishi is having a sale, with up to 50% off of their catalogue. I’ve picked out a couple of choice items that I really like, but the sale is pretty extensive – there seems to be an (army) surplus of it. Lame …

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adminMaharishi sale

Rapha Racing / Paul Smith collaboration

Rapha, the respected "road racing" (that’s cycling in normal terms) clothes maker and Paul Smith (who needs no introduction) have teamed up to produce a small, but perfectly formed, range of cycling apparel. The first release from this range is this rather smart racing jersey (£175) which commemorates Le Grand Départ of the Tour de France. It’s made from 100% …

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adminRapha Racing / Paul Smith collaboration

Umbro by Kim Jones Hoodie

Since debuting at the Paris Men’s Fashion Week in 2004, designer and photographer Kim Jones has collaborated with and produced clothing ranges with designers such as Marios Schwab, Mulberry and Isetan. One of the more recent collaborations has been with sportswear retailer Umbro. Jones’s collaboration has seen a sports range that’s rather more refined than your average McKenzie tat and …

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adminUmbro by Kim Jones Hoodie

Bonér clothing

Okay, let me stop you now. Yes, the company is called Bonér, and yes, it does have allusions to what I wake up with every morning (and I’m not talking morning breath). But, according to the website, it means a lot more than that. Either way, Bonér is a great new clothing company originally conceived in Rome. They have ranges …

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adminBonér clothing

HOM underwear

Men can be divided into roughly three groups. Boxers, briefs and jockeys. No, they’re not allusions towards different professions, but the type of underwear we sport ‘neath our trousers. You do have your "fringe" groups though – the type that wear giant, holey y-fronts or tiny cartoon character pants, but we won’t discuss them now… Personally, I’m a boxers man …

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adminHOM underwear

The Future of Men’s Fashion?

As reported in our sister blog, Graduate Fashion Week has come to a close and, like last year, it was male fashion that really made a lasting impression. However, unlike last year, there were TWO winners taking a joint first prize in the River Island Gold Award – The jubilant designers being Nicholas Thomas and Jasper Chadprajong, each taking …

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adminThe Future of Men’s Fashion?

Paul Smith exhibits Berkoff

This June, Paul Smith is delighted to be hosting an exhibition of the work of Hollywood actor Steven Berkoff. Best known for his productions of ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Macbeth’ and for villainous roles in films such as ‘Octopussy’ and ‘War & Remembrance’, Berkoff adds another string to his bow with a show of photographic prints at Paul Smith. Titled ‘Berkoff’s East …

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mofgimmersPaul Smith exhibits Berkoff