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Steal the Nom de Guerre look

By admin on September 26th, 2007

Fashion look books are a good source of
inspiration if you’re looking to experiment. Nom De Guerre has loads of subtle
looks for this season, but they’re somewhat out of the sane person’s price
range. That’s where this article comes in.

Jacket: This Penguin jacket (£119)
is a versatile one, making you look smarter when you have jeans on whilst simultaneously
giving you a casual look when you have trousers on.

Shirt: A staple for any man’s wardrobe, a
good white dress shirt will always look smart. Topman’s shirts are tapered well
and cost just £20.

Tie: American Apparel are always good
for essentials and this poplin tie is no
different. They’re only £11 and they pretty much have every colour you’ve ever
thought of.

Trousers: For a staple piece, plain black
trousers are actually quite difficult to find. River Island have a good pair,
costing £30.

Shoes: A kind of cross between shoes and
boots, these Ted Baker shoes cost £90.
They’re called Pacino, although I’m not sure why.

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London Fashion Week: The MAN show

By Isabelle on September 24th, 2007


MAN is the menswear show resulting from the partnership between Fashion East and Topman. The designers making it onto the catwalk this season were British Menswear Designer of the Year Kim Jones launching his KJ by Kim Jones range, Cassette Playa and Topman Design with Aitor Throup showing his collection through the means of an installation.

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Hussein Chalayan’s collection combines Tranformers technology, high fashion and nudity

By admin on September 20th, 2007

Designers of haut couture have been responsible for some pretty weird, wonderful and creative designs in the past. However, none have been so "innovative" and forward thinking as the outfits being created by left-field designer Hussein Chalayan.

Combining Transformers style technology and high fashion, Hussein has managed to come up with some pretty far out designs. And yes, I know there’s no menswear range, but hopefully Hussein will come up with something for us blokes in the future. Like a jacket that turns into a fully-operational Apache gunship.

By the way, if your work place frowns upon nudity, you might want to skip the last 20 seconds.

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London Fashion Week Peter Jensen’s a/w 07 collection

By admin on September 18th, 2007


One of the few designers to feature a menswear collection at this season’s London Fashion Week, Danish designer Peter Jensen has been able to make all the stronger impression for showcasing some great men’s outfits at a female orientated event.

I’ve always admired Jensen’s refreshing and seemingly cynical attitude towards the fashion world in general, and this outlook is evidently reflected in his clothing. While most male designers are still leaning toward severely tapered waists and overly sharp cuts, Jensen opts for wider silhouettes and softer materials, shown particularly in the left hand picture, doing so without compromising on the integrity of the outfit and maintaining a masculine cut.

Much of this is due to the muted metallic and granite colouration of the collection, the slightly dulled sheen of the above outfits giving a clean, but not certainly not clinical, finish to each one. This is in contrast with the the more "comfortable", almost organic design, but together they work to present wearable and refined clothing.

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Chronicles Of Never: Gareth Moody’s fascinating and fantastical clothing line

By admin on September 18th, 2007


Gareth Moody is an Australian designer of unisex fashion, who established the Chronicles of Never line back in 2006. It’s a label that is "loosely based upon space in space, heavily influenced by architecture and geometrics, big manga dreams and a love for industrial materials", according to Moody’s own words.

While I can certainly see what Moody is referring to in certain elements of his work, its the industrial influences that are most appreciated. Each item, particularly the jewelry, has a worked look to it, as if the materials were literally taken from an ironworks or mining facility.

But conversely, there are organic attributes to some of his pieces, especially with some of the layered ensembles that are reminiscent of something fantastical – which is especially befitting when considering the range’s name. Some of the outfits really look like they could be worn by Peter Pan’s Lost Boys.

However, that’s not to say that Moody’s collection is outmoded. He certainly grasps modernity, with some stylish prints, sharply cut waistcoats and clean-lined tops. Above is a selection of what I think are his strongest works, but check out the rest of his collection on Moody’s website.

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Hector Serrano’s Superpattata light is super at almost everything

By admin on September 18th, 2007


Hector Serrano is a Spanish conceptual designer based in London, who has recently come to light for his series of innovative, practical but aesthetically pleasing homeware. Hector manages to create gorgeous looking household goods that economise on space but maximise function, usually by combining the elements of two items into one object.

Take the Bin Step, which, as the name suggests, is both a trash can and pair of steps for reaching that last tin of Spaggetios at the back of the cupboard. I smacked myself in the head when I saw them – The design is so obvious that I, in my infinite genius, should have come up with it.

My favourite piece from Hector is the Superpattata (pictured) and it’s not just because of the name. These light-emitting forms act as nightlights, pillows and bed warmers and are designed to be stacked upon each other to create a tower of lights. I think they’re just perfect for chucking around the living room and creating a warming ambiance. Check out Hector’s website for the full story on his goods.

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London Fashion Week: Unconditional S/S 08

By Isabelle on September 17th, 2007


The Unconditional show was on the face of it a pretty edgy affair with bubble wrap hats and models toting cabbages and pitchforks but scratch beneath the cabbage-y surface and they had a lot more to offer. The show started with a palette of greys and browns, progressing to bright greens, blues and pinks and finally onto white. The all-pink outfit is one of my faves, pink is definitely an underrated colour for men. See after the jump for more images.

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Balenciaga mink hi-top trainers

By Isabelle on September 10th, 2007

Buying Balenciaga trainers might seem a little extravagant but ’80s hi-tops are the new Converse and when they’re in the über trendy shade of mink (thats browny grey for the non-arty types!)  £265 starts to sound a little more reasonable. You can get them from Browns and I’d team them with ash-grey straight leg jeans with a small turn up to show off your precious sneaks even more.

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Martin Margiela ‘Speed Racer’ style quilted jacket

By Isabelle on September 6th, 2007

Jackets are big news, they’re right on the money for utilitarian chic. Martin Margiela’s padded and quilted jacket is definitely utilitarian but also has a ‘Speed Racer’ type vibe. Wear the jacket with military shades for an ‘enforcement’ vibe or for a more ’80s feel team it with brightly coloured accessories. Either way it’s pretty dear at  £340 but the style is so versatile it should last for years.

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Crocs get all shirty with new material designed for clothing

By admin on August 29th, 2007


Crocs, the company notorious for making those rubber shoes that vegetarians and middle-class yummy mummies seem to be fond of, have turned their attentions to making shirts. Thankfully its not the sort of shirt that you’d necessarily wear to torture garden, being made out of a completely different material to the footwear. I bet you filthy lot are disappointed now, eh?

The Croslite RT shirt is manufactured in a light-weight fabric that is, like the chunky shoes that preceded it, sweat-resistant and thus repels nasty odours, making it perfect for outdoor activities. Or, now I come to think about it,  dancing to bangin’ techo in a fetish club. Looks like I was wrong after all…

[Via Gizmodo]

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Material Boy’s fun, funky and downright silly designs

By admin on August 28th, 2007


Michael Eaton, AKA Material Boy, started his fashion career as a surfer who took all the clothes that surf companies sent him as part of sponsorship deals and customised them into dark, goth-like amalgamations. Since then, Material Boy has been through several reinventions, the latest of which seems to have picked up on the tail-end of the nu-rave scene. The resulting creations are sometimes ridiculous to say the least, and although they’re fun to look at, the campaign screams "pretension". Psychedelic body stockings (middle picture) just don’t work, unless you’re the lead singer from CSS.

But despite this, there are some absolute gems in the collection, such as the t-shirt and zig-zag cardigan combo, shown on the left. And again, it’s the more subdued garments in Eaton’s range that are the strongest, as displayed in the black and white ensemble in the right-hand picture.

Material Boy clothing is based in Australia, but a selection of the range can be found in the UK at Kokon To Zai, London.

[Via Hintmag]


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Vans x Marc Jacobs Authentics trainers

By admin on August 23rd, 2007


Marc Jacobs is the last designer I’d expect to collaborate with Vans and vice versa. High end fashion meets skater chic – weird, no? However, it’s the result that’s important, and the end product here is very nice indeed.

Jacobs has taken the classic shape of the Slip On and Authentics, and rendered them in pastel shades, adding a rubber toe-cap, something which is unprecedented in Vans. I think the cap is a nice little touch, simply because a plain pair of Slips Ons can be, well, a little too plain.

As well the rubber-cap, Marc Jacobs has also instigated a series of smart, fun designs on unadulterated Slip Ons which can be seen here on Sneaker Freaker.

All designs are available at selected Marc Jacobs stores for about £50.

[Via Hypebeast]

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Maharishi a/w collection

By admin on August 17th, 2007

Maharishi’s autumn/winter collection is finally here and it looks great. With a military look typical of Maharishi, they’ve also introduced skull and skeleton motifs to this season’s clothing, including this Mimic Skeleton embroidered shirt, which has a hand-stitched silver skeletel system throughout the design. I’m not sure if this justifies the £500 price tag though. If you are likely to shell out that much for a shirt, why not go the whole hog and team it up with the matching trousers at only £415.

More affordable is this sailor-style double breasted pea-coat (£320, pictured) which is perfect for the coming winter months. I love the embroidered "MAHA" insignia on the breast, which sets the jacket off brilliantly. I’d feel I had to salute and shout "Aye, aye cap’n" at anyone I saw wearing this. Continuing the nautical theme, Maharishi have also introduced this awesome Ships In The Night tee (£65) and the Navy Tour (£325) jacket featuring a giant, embroidered eagle and anchor motif.

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Guerilla Pimp Well Made clothing

By admin on August 16th, 2007

GPWM are the new kids on the block, having only just launched their cheeky brand of clothing for both boys and girls. Word obviously travels quickly these days, however, as a number of celebs have already been seen sporting their logos and designs, despite the brand still being in their infancy.

There are some great tees and hoodies on the site, including the Rock Scissors tee (£20) and this sweet Faisal hooded top, which is great value at £40. My favourite though is the A Is For Ox shirt (£20, pictured), which seems contrary at first, but in fact has a logical explanation, found on their website, which you can use to smite all those who dare question the tee.

And, as a bonus, all clothing is sweat-shop free, so you don’t have to feel guilty about five year olds losing fingers and going blind in dodgy working conditions. Huzzah!

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Lennard Schuurmans x Levi collaboration tees

By admin on August 15th, 2007


Following on from Klaus Haapaniemi’s successful collaboration with Levi’s, where his art nouveau style tee sold out in weeks, Levi’s have recruited the talents of Lennard Schuurmans and commissioned these fantastic t-shirts (above).

Lennard Schuurmans’ designs have routes in many art forms, but these t-shirts are particularly reminiscent of the bold lines attributed to tattoo art. I absolutely love the busily surreal illustrations, particularly that of the tee on the left.

All tees are available now through Levi’s stores from £30, but I’d hurry if you really want one. I predict that these will sell pretty quickly, and become as sought after as the Haapaniemi collaboration tees.

If you want to see a few closeups of the designs, keep reading after the jump.

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