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Ten Bills tees reissue first series

By admin on August 14th, 2007

Ten Bills, home of the $10 t-shirt, have re-released their awesome first series of t-shirts, based on the theme of flight. First Flight was TBT’s first foray into fashion and, due to popular demand, have issued a full reprint on all six tees. Back when series one was first released, my favourite tee was, and still is, the First Flight tee, which looks as though it has Samus on steroids printed on the front. However, the other five are pretty nifty too.

Coinciding with the series one reissue, Ten Bills have also unleashed their third series which has a much darker theme of Our World, Today, which obviously means lots of political overtones. My pick from series three is Ashes to Ashes, cos it’s got skulls smoking fags, initt.

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Tim Hamilton, an American Dream

By Isabelle on August 9th, 2007


I hadn’t ever heard of Tim Hamilton, he’s an award-winning new kid on the block, a midwestern native bringing preppy back. His refreshing take on Americana is a world away from the overstuffed stylings of Ralph Lauren. Taking inspiration from rugged workwear and giving it polish and versatility seems like a simple enough concept but Tim Hamilton does it with flair and panache.

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Paul Smith / Alexander Girard wooden figurines

By admin on August 8th, 2007

Not only does Paul Smith bring us some great clothes, they also manage to track down and showcase some of the funkiest artwork. Last month Paul Smith displayed the wonderfully eccentric vinyl toys of Keiichi Tanaami, which were a refreshing departure from some of the more mainstream collectibles on the market.

This time around, the fashion house is featuring the work of Alexander Girard who is considered one of the most influential designers of post-war American design. In my boundless ignorance, I had no idea who he was until now, but still found myself drawn to his bold and abstract wooden figurines that Paul Smith are now selling through their website. I can appreciate them artistically but, admittedly, it’s the unique expressions on each of the pieces – some of them are priceless! My favourite one is Wooden Doll 3 (£58), shown above, but there are nine others that are just as cool.

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All Saints A/W 07 collection

By admin on August 8th, 2007


All Saints have this week launched their autumn/winter 07 range and already I know that they’re going to be one of my most visited shops this coming season. The collection is quite diverse, incorporating heavy textures, such as ruffles, checks and stripes and unusually, for this time of year, a number of pink garments. All Saints designers have also set a running theme in their accessories – a ram-skull motif that finds itself fused with belt buckles, pin badges and pendents.

Keep reading after the jumps for five new items that I’ve picked off of their relaunched website.

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Pringle AW07 collection preview

By admin on August 7th, 2007


Pringle have recently released pictures of their AW07 collection and I have to admit, I have never really been a Pringle fan. Until now that is. Their new sleek and edgy range is a marked departure from last year’s AW06 collection that had a softer, scholarly look to it, featuring rustic, warm colours that are in direct contrast to the AW07′s slick blacks and subdued metallics.

Half-length overcoats feature prominently in next season’s campaign, and subsequently this is where the collection stands out. Out of the whole range, the double-faced wool pea coat, strict and militaristic, is the one that impressed me most, but I was also struck by the stark sophistication of their leather flying jacket. Both are pictured above, and will be available through their UK stores later this year.

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Stussy-Baracuta collaboration jacket

By admin on August 7th, 2007

Better known overseas than in their native UK, Baracuta have nonetheless dressed some of the world’s most famous people over the past 50 years. Elvis, Steve McQueen, The Clash and block-headed-Bond Daniel Craig have all been seen sporting various garments from the Manchester based designers which, because I’m a celeb-whore, is just part of the appeal of their clothing.

The other reason why I’m attracted to their designs (honestly) is because they look great. I spotted this Stussy collaboration on their website and immediately fell in love with its baseball-jacket style that also has a modish air about it. The G9 collaboration is only available through Stussy stores, details of which can be found on their website.

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Medicom – Levis Collaboration

By admin on August 1st, 2007


Medicom, the designer toy company that makes the ever-so-cute Bearbricks, and Levis (the jeans company, dummy) have joined up in an unlikely alliance, the result of which is a totally unique collection involving luminous, road-safety style material and a tiny toy bear dressed like a YMCA cowboy.

The jeans feature the motorist-alerting material around the back pockets and hem, while Bearbrick branding can be found in various spots, such as on the inside of a pocket for some reason.

As well as a crisp Levis t-shirt emblazoned with a cute Bearbrick logo, Medicom have released the aforementioned Camp Cowboy ‘brick, complete with a cravat detail. No details as to pricing or specific release dates have been finalised, so keep checking back for more news.

[Via Hypebeast]

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Bland Clothing

By admin on August 1st, 2007

No, this isn’t a commentary on the state of male high-street fashion. Bland is actually a fairly new clothing company based in the UK, the founders of which decided to start their own label after finding that they didn’t like what other designers had to offer, especially as so many relied on heavy branding. This was something that disinterested the company entirely, hence the literally Bland name.

What has resulted from those decisions is a series of impactive, simple and utilitarian designs that are anything but Bland. My pick of the bunch is the bLand of Hope and Glory tee (£28) which features the Royal Crest. There are several other ace shirts on the site, but I love the one shown simply because the steel grey tee with the orange insignia reminds me of a prison-issue garb… not that I’ve served any time. Yet.

If you’re going to buy one, make sure you enter the code blandnew on the order page, which entitles you to a lovely 25% off your first order.

Sorry, must dash. I think I hear sirens.

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Topman top five new items

By admin on July 30th, 2007


After their summer collection’s explosion of embarrassingly garish colours courtesy of the nu-rave scene, Topman’s latest releases for autumn and winter have been, thankfully, toned down a bit. I suppose even their designers realise that a pink-Paisley and green-denim patchwork raincoat would be a hard look to rock. But I may have just possibly given rise to a fashion-monster of epic proportions if any Topman reps are reading this. Please: don’t!

Keep reading after the job for five Topman picks of the week… and there’s not a spot of fluorescent day-glow yellow in sight.

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Puma Urban Mobility

By admin on July 30th, 2007


"Urban mobility" obviously means a different thing to each individual – when I hear the phrase I can’t help think of sweaty buses and traipsing through London avoiding unaware pedestrians and couriers who think they’re "all terrain" i.e. they can ride the roads and pavements.

But to Puma, the term means something wholly more satisfying and ultimately more stylish. Their Urban Mobility range takes your standard tote, suitcase or sports bag and elevates it to a new level by integrating it with thin wood panels that wouldn’t seem to offer anything except making everything look good. Stand out products for me are definitely the belt and wallet which are just so sleek it hurts. All products are available through the Glasgow and London flagship stores.

[Via NotCot]

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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah design charity t-shirt for Yellow Bird Project

By admin on July 26th, 2007

US indie band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have recently designed this awesome t-shirt for the Yellow Bird Project, a non-profit organisation that donates the proceeds from its artist-designed t-shirt sales to charity. Which particular charity depends on the one that the artist that designed the shirt has chosen. It’s both a novel and noble concept but, most importantly of course, also allows you to support some of your favourite bands by wearing their awesome clothing.

As well as CYHSY who have played the Benicassim, Latitude and T in the Park festivals this year, Pagan-rockers Wolf Mother and acoustic guitarist King Creosote have also designed some great tees that are available on the site. All are $25 and, remember, it’s for a good cause, which is always a good excuse to splash out on a new garment.

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Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week S/S 08

By admin on July 24th, 2007


The first Mercedes Benz sponsored Berlin Fashion Week came to a close last week, and industry insiders have indicated that it was just the first of many successful shows. Berlin is not usually a big deal on the fashion radar, but that is set to change with if the show can continue with the same calibre of the great designs that were strutting their stuff down the runway this time around.

Most of the offerings came from a female perspective, but what there was in male designs was very impressive. Keep reading after the jump for a Brandish view of the show.

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Aitor Throup designs

By admin on July 20th, 2007

Fresh out of the Royal College of Arts, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’s heard of the improbably named Aitor Throup, a young fashion designer from Burnley. And despite winning a series of awards over the past two years and having been offered a string of high profile placements, Aitor says he’s "not desperate for a job", preferring to work on his designs and progress within the industry in his own time.

It would seem that his work is all the better for it. His September 2006 collection (his most recent) is a display of originality, combining elements of military costume and "hooligan wear" – the latter a product of his upbringing in the Northern town. There are even themes of Hinduism included in his work, again an influence of growing up in Burnley, where racial tensions between whites and Asians often reaches levels of physical conflict.

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Justin Timberlake sports cool RVCA t-shirt

By admin on July 17th, 2007

Justin Timberblake was recently spotted wearing an awesome shirt bearing the RVCA logo (pronounced ROO-KA) shortly after picking up a cheque for £35 million pounds from his managers as payment for his 101-show tour of the world. And even if the Michael Jackson-mimicking lothario drops out of the tour, he still pockets the lot. Wish I could get a contract like that here…

Now with all that money in mind, you’d think Timberlake’s shirts would be hand-stitched by the finest, most skilled tailors in all the world, made from the rarest, unethical materials (like baby skin) and delivered to him by a horse and carriage made entirely from gold and diamonds. Then after he’d worn it only once, he’d burn it in front of a group of orphans about to have their care-home torn down because Justin just bought the deeds to turn it into a strip-joint. That’s what I’d do anyway.

But young JT isn’t that evil or stupid with money, because he probably paid about £25 for his shirt. RVCA have a great range of t-shirts from £20, with the Ben Horton design, shown above, (£27) being my favourite. Check out their other tees here.

Hmmm… wonder if they do one in gorilla fur…

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Djimon Hounsou fronts Calvin Klein underwear range

By admin on July 16th, 2007

Despite his acting ability and the fact that he’s appeared in some cracking films over the past few years, Djimon Hounsou has yet to become a household name. The talented actor has appeared alongside Russell Crowe in Gladiator and, more recently, co-starred with the big-faced-small-headed man-child Leonardo DiCaprio in the acclaimed Blood Diamond, being Oscar nominated for his role in that film.

Although he’s not as well known as he should be, Calvin Klein is hoping that what Freddie Ljunberg did for his underwear a few years back, Djimon will be able to do for his latest campaign – Klein Steel, which sounds like one of Ben Stiller’s "looks" in Zoolander.

And I’m guessing that it won’t be Djimon’s acting ability that will be under scrutiny when the print and billboard ads launch in the Autumn, as this new role needs filling in a completely different way…

[Via FasionWeekDaily]

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