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Football: betting tips on who the favourites are for this season’s Premiership

By shinychris on December 31st, 2013


This is really proving to be an unusual season of Premiership football, but that is not so unexpected, given the major changes that have occurred at many of the biggest clubs. The loss of Sir Alex Ferguson was expected to be earth shattering for Manchester United (16/1), and they have definitely found the transition to the David Moyes era difficult. Chelsea (9/2) are currently going through a period that has seen them labelled a ‘crisis club’, but the real crisis may be for those wanting to make bets on who will win the league – because it is almost impossible to establish which side is the best bet.

Manchester City (23/20) probably have the strongest overall squad, as well as the best balance of quality within it, with Chelsea short up front and United in the centre of midfield and defence. However with new manager Manuel Pellegrini, new players and a new style of play, City are in transition as well, and are proving just as vulnerable this season – especially away from the Etihad Stadium. This leaves Arsenal (9/2) as the most consistent, but lacking sufficient numbers to deal with injuries, and all this is why the period over December and January is so important from a football betting perspective. This encompasses the heavy festive fixture list and the transfer window, after which things should be clearer, which is where an online casino favourite like Soccer Safari can be ideal at

This slot based upon football represents the ideal way to bet on football until then, although you may find the ‘animals playing World Cup’ football theme is so much fun you don’t bother with the title gamble. Even if you are able to tear yourself away from the languid lions and bludgeoning buffalo trying to beat the leaping leopards in goal, the $8000 jackpot is way more than most people can hope to win by betting on the winner of the Premiership title. Of course there is always the option of mixing the two, especially as mobile casino apps let you play on a phone – so you can even play Soccer Safari when you are at the match.

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Arsenal update: if not Morata then who? Remy? Benteke? Berbatov?

By Stefano on December 4th, 2013

Well the Alvaro Morata to Arsenal story didn’t last that long did it? Several sources are saying that Arsene Wenger has no interest in the player who was apparently heading for a few months on loan to provide back up for Olivier Giroud.

There are still plenty of names being linked with Arsenal. Pato – though that seems very unlikely – and this morning Paul-Georges Ntep. However it does feel as if there is a lot more journalistic guesswork going on than hard actual facts.

There is still a school of thought that suggests that Arsenal don’t need a striker and that Wenger wouldn’t buy one anyhow. With Walcott back, Podolski in light training and Sanogo back soon (Wenger namechecked him again this week) maybe the team have that forward berth covered.

Surely though if the Gunners go into the second half of January either leading the Premiership or in striking distance of the top two clubs it would be madness for Wenger not to invest in his squad.

So who would fit the bill? Here are a few suggestions

Christian Benteke – The perennial suggestion. Pros are that he could play in the Champions League and has a good record of scoring in the Premiership. On the downside his form hasn’t been quite as scintillating this season as the last. There’s a bit more buzz about him moving to Arsenal today.

Loic Remy - I thought that the Frenchman would have been a perfect back up for Giroud, and could have been bought relatively cheaply. It seems though that Wenger who has expressed an interest in the striker, may have been put off by his personal situation. That seems to have resolved itself, while Remy has been banging them in for fun at loan club Newcastle. Quite how it would work if Arsenal bought him in the window is anyone’s guess because of the loan deal, but I am sure that the three clubs could sort it out if there was a will on all sides.

Paul-Georges Ntep – The Auxerre striker has also been making noises about a prem move but suggest that he doesn’t want to come to sit on the bench. He has been a bit of a revelation this season and it would provide excellent cover for his fellow Frenchman, but I wonder if he is more one for the future than for this window. This year’s Wilfried Bony? Maybe?

Edin Dzeko – Still a long shot as Pellegrini has stated several times he wants to keep the Bosnian and only stupid clubs let their strikers go to Premiership rivals (!), but I do wonder if Wenger could pull off a loan deal for the player who has been a long term target.

Dimitar Berbatov – Not as daft as it sounds, as he could do a job and not upset Giroud too much. He might not be as mobile as he once was (mind you was he mobile ever?) but he is a great finisher and think of the service he’ll get. Cheap loan deal, can play in Champs League etc Long shot but you never know.

Anyhow – who do you think Wenger should add to the mix?


Should Arsenal cash in Podolski (and maybe get Lewandowski) ?

By Stefano on November 14th, 2013

Arsenal are in the market for a direct striker in the transfer window and top of that list really has to be Dortmund’s sensational Pole, Robert Lewandowski. Trouble is half of Europe is monitoring the player and Bayern Munich still seems like a very likely destination. Though he said that he does fancy a crack at the Premiership too.

So how do you secure a striker who in many ways would ensure that the club, providing they play well in December, have a realistic chance of winning the Premiership?

Well how about cashing in Lukas Podolski?

Has Podolski worked out at Arsenal? It really depends who you ask. There’s no denying that the player has a fearsome strike and has scored some very useful goals. His critics have also suggested that he tends to drift in and out of games and that he provides little protection for the left back. Did he score enough goals last season – 11? Well that’s either a great return for a player who rarely spend ninety minutes on the pitch in each game, or slim pickings.

The truth is it seems that no one seems totally sure about Podolski, not even Arsene Wenger. Arsenal do seem to have a large number of players who can wide on both channels – and the emergence of Gnabry has added another name to the list. Also has Podolski worked as an out and out striker? Not really.

Have Arsenal missed him this season? Well…

So should Arsenal be prepared to cash him in now and offer him as a direct swap (or maybe even with some cash) to secure Lewandowski? Might that be the offer that tips the balance in favour of The Gunners.

What do you think?

There are of course plenty of other strikers Arsenal could chase – Benzema, Benteke, Dzeko to name but three. But Gunners fans who would you opt for out of the four?


Who will be Arsenal’s second striker for the Sunderland game? Akpom?

By Stefano on September 12th, 2013
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So who do you think will end up playing where against Sunderland this weekend?

Well the back five pretty much picks itself, and as for the main striker there really is only one option – our avuncular Frenchman.

The midfield could be intriguing though. If Walcott is fit he should start on the right with Cazorla on the left. My gut feeling is that Arsene will rest Jack Wilshere and start with Aaron Ramsey and Matty Flamini sitting right behind some fella called Mesut Ozil.

The really interesting part could be who is on the sub’s bench? I am assuming that there will be one striker at least, but who is that going to be? Sanogo is injured which means it is a toss up between our old friend Nick The Dane and seventeen year old Chuba Akpom. Is Bendtner match fit? If not then Akpom, who has impressed in pre-season, might get a place on the bench. It will be interesting to see if he starts tonight in the Academy game against Stoke.

If he doesn’t feature then I think it is very likely he will be heading north with the first team.


Beckham signs for Arsenal!

By Stefano on September 12th, 2013

Nope not that one.It is actually his son Romeo who has been accepted into the club’s youth academy.

According to ITV the ten year-old, who is a big Arsenal fan, has reportedly joined the youth academy on a development contract.

If he has a tenth of the talent of his father then this is surely going to be good news. Until the Mancs come in and poach him…


Mesut Ozil speaks about his move to Arsenal

By Stefano on September 2nd, 2013

On his Facebook page Ozil had this message to fans of both his old and new clubs.

“Dear fans of Real Madrid. Thank you very much for three wonderful years with all of you.

“My time at Real Madrid was unique and special for me.

“Sometimes things develop differently, than I would have expected them to a few days ago. Although I’m leaving Real Madrid, I wish you and the team the very best for the future.

“Now, I’m looking forward to my new club: THE GUNNERS!”

Sky Sports also tweeted this


Arsenal confirm Mesut Ozil signing – the tweet we have all been waiting for

By Stefano on September 2nd, 2013

Here’s the news all Gunners fans have been waiting for here.

More details here.

Wenger said

“We are extremely pleased to have signed Mesut Ozil. He is a great player, with proven quality at both club and international level. We have watched and admired him for some time as he has all the attributes I look for in an Arsenal player. He [Ozil] is a great player, with proven quality at both club and international level. We have watched and admired him for some time as he has all the attributes I look for in an Arsenal player
Arsène Wenger

“I have said throughout the summer that we have been working hard to bring in top quality players to this football club. This has involved many many people across the Club and I have always had the full support of the Club in making decisions on the football side.

“Mesut is a top quality footballer who will be a fantastic addition to our talented squad. We are all looking forward to him joining up with us after his international matches with Germany and working with us as an Arsenal player.”

This is fun too.



BBC saying that Juan Mata wants to join PSG – but Chelsea playing hard ball

By Stefano on September 2nd, 2013

The BBC’s Five Live station has just announced that Juan Mata is very keen on a PSG move and is angling for a deal. Seemingly pushed out by the arrival Willian the Spaniard wants to go to Paris. Apparently the two clubs haven’t agreed a fee, but the BBC seems to believe that there is a good choice that the deal will go through in the next 45 minutes.

French newspaper L’equipe are also apparently running the story.

Surely PSG have left it too late though.


Now Daily Mail confirm Ozil signing, but Arsenal might leave it until 11PM to announce it

By Stefano on September 2nd, 2013

Arsenal fans are probably biting their nails as it seems that the Ozil to Arsenal deal is taking an age to confirm. There have been reassuring words from David Ornstein and others, but still there must be a few doubts starting to emerge.

Not so says The Daily Mail which has confirmed the transfer here. Interestingly the Mail says that PSG made a larger offer earlier in the day but Ozil favoured a move to Arsenal.

So why hasn’t Arsenal announced it? Just a thought but at the end of the winter break Arsenal lined up Nacho Monreal, but didn’t announce his transfer until one minute before the deadline where it appeared on the club’s website. So maybe check out at 10:59.


So Arsenal’s second choice striker is… Nicklas Bendtner – Palace move off

By Stefano on September 2nd, 2013

So Arsenal fans, that big summer striker signing has not materialised, but no worries, Nick The Dane is coming to the rescue.

The BBC have just posted that Nicklas Bendtner’s proposed move to Palace has been called off after the deal to sign Demba Ba fell through.

David Ornstein posted on the BBC website…

“Unless there is any last-minute turn of events, Bendtner will remain at Emirates Stadium and provide back-up to Arsenal’s first-choice striker Olivier Giroud.”

So Arsenal fans – are you happy to welcome the Dane back? Or does his non-departure underline Arsene Wenger’s very poor performance in the transfer window?


BBC’s David Ornstein says Chelsea’s Ba not going to Arsenal

By Stefano on September 2nd, 2013

The BBC’s football correspondent has just confirmed that Ba will not be joining Arsenal on loan. Chelsea’s manager Jose Mourinho has stopped the deal as he didn’t want to do business with a rival club.

Is it not a bit late to decide this! Has Mourinho just pulled a masterstroke and left Arsenal without a striker?

So Arsene Wenger’s search for a striker continues

Surely it is too late now to find another one.

More here.

UPDATE – The BBC now saying deal fell apart as Arsenal wouldn’t pay the money Chelsea wanted for Ba.


BBC confirm Mesut Ozil’s arrival at Arsenal

By Stefano on September 2nd, 2013

BBC Radio Five Live has just said that the club will announce the arrival very soon.

That’s pretty much as good as it gets until the club tweets it


Mesut Ozil signs for Arsenal – done deal says Goal

By Stefano on September 2nd, 2013

There’s no official word from Arsenal but has broken ranks and confirmed that Mesut Ozil is now an Arsenal player. The German creative midfielder has signed a five-year contract and have cot the Londoners around £40 million.

* BREAKING – Fox Sports News has also said this has been confirmed too. Sky Sports has tweeted deal will be confirmed at 6PM GMT.

The player went through his medical in Munich on Monday afternoon and has now put pen to paper and signed his new contract.

He is expected to be confirmed as an Arsenal player at around 6PM.

So Wenger’s insistence that Arsenal would sign a marquee player turned have turned out to have substance. Although some commentators and Arsenal fans suggest that they don’t necessarily need the player – Owen Hargreaves tweeted that he was unlikely buy as the club didn’t need him, Ozil’s record in creating and scoring chances will give the Gunners a real edge in the coming months.

His transfer could also be good news for Jack Wilshere, as the injury troubled Arsenal youngster might get a degree of breathing space as he seeks to find the fitness and the form that made him one of England’s most promising players.

Goal has also suggested that the news has been greeted with some surprise from Germany where the press don’t quite see Arsenal as being in the same league as Chelsea and Man United. It is worth remembering though that the Gunners made it further in the Champions League last season than two of the four English sides and only succumbed to the eventual winner Bayern Munich.

It will be interesting to see now who else the Gunners have on their shopping list and whether they will try for one last push for Angel Di Maria or Luis Suarez.

Incidentally the news hasn’t gone down well in Madrid. On the BBC site Spain football writer Andy West said: “For Madrid fans, Mesut Ozil’s departure makes this a bittersweet day. Although Gareth Bale’s arrival has prompted great excitement, Ozil was a fans’ favourite and there’s already a lot of debate over whether or not today’s moves will actually improve the team.”


Suarez update: Late bids from Arsenal and Real Madrid incoming?

By Stefano on September 2nd, 2013

One of the key parts of the jigsaw on transfer day is the fate of one Luis Suarez. Should he leave Liverpool, then that might spark off a last minute dash from the Reds to replace him, while at the same time nudging another Real player, possibly Di Maria, out the door towards Arsenal.

As of 2.30 on Monday the gossip seems to be that Liverpool are determined to hang on to him, but that Real Madrid are lining up last minute bid for the player.

The Indie says

However, Real Madrid could still throw a spanner in the works according to Spanish newspaper AS. If they are to tempt the Reds to sell at this late stage though, they will have to make an offer far in excess of the bid from Arsenal.

So a £50 million offer, or maybe a cash plus player deal. If it is the former, will Real then finally push Di Maria out the door to join Ozil at Arsenal.

There are also rumours that Arsenal are going to try and tempt the Reds with one last bid.

It looks like being a nervous few hours for Liverpool fans, but for the moment he looks like he will be staying.


Arsenal and Liverpool target Burak Yilmaz’s move to Lazio breaks down

By Stefano on September 2nd, 2013

Here’s one to keep an eye on.

A couple of sources are reporting that Burak Yilmaz’s move from Galatasaray to Lazio may have broken down with the Italains reluctant to meet the Turkish club’s valuation of the prolific striker.

The BBC’s Andy Brassell suggests that the reported offer of €15m (£12.75m) has been judged insufficient.

“Granted, Burak only cost €5m (£4.25m) from Trabzonspor, but Lig TV reports that his old club would be due a third of the profit and that the striker himself would be entitled to a cut of any transfer fee.”

If Arsenal ending looking for another striker – if for example the Ba deal doesn’t happen – or if Real tempt Liverpool into parting with Suarez, Yilmaz would be an obvious target and the fact that his club seem keen on selling him – albeit for the right price – could make this a deal that happens.

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