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Retro gadgets: ten vintage style record players

By Stefano on February 18th, 2013


I don’t think it is just me but these days I find that I am increasing playing more vinyl than CDs. Spotify is my main source of music, but every now and then I fancy something that isn’t on the online music service and go and get a record out.

There is something wonderful about spinning vinyl again. It demands your attention for a start. You can’t go skipping tracks (well you can but it isn’t great for your needle) and then there’s the sound which just seems warmer and more lively than colder digital sounds.

The big question for those who are thinking about getting the vinyl out of the loft and back into the living room is what are you going to play it on? Systems like Sonos and iPhone hi-fis have replaced the seperates based music systems of yore, and if that’s you spending money on a Technics deck, or aging Dual turntable when you don’t have the amp to team it up with, is a waste of time.

Which is why old vintage style record players are making a comeback. They are the consumer electronics items that bring the generations together with some being snapped up by young hipsters types who have just bought vinyl copies of the latest releases and others the preserve of aging hipsters revisiting classic vinyl from their youth.

Another reason for their popularity is that they just look great. Team them up with a suitably cool retro table and you have a really striking bit of furniture.

If you fancy one you really ought to be thinking about an original Dansette from the 50/60s. You can get them reconditioned from dealers and also from ebay - get lucky and it’ll look and sound great.

However one reason you might want a record player is to make MP3 copies of vinyl. If that’s you then there’s a new breed or vintage style record players to consider. Up until recently most of them looked pretty horrible. However US make Crosley has changed all that and its highly desirable Collegiate player was a huge hit last Christmas and sold out in that hipster paradise Urban Outfitters. You can still buy them in the UK but you might have to wait for them come in on export.

Here then is a round up of what is available in the UK now.

Crosley Collegiate £160

Picture 1 of 10
Picture 1 of 10

Fair play to Crosley for being the first brand to produce a high quality design-led reproduction of a classic Dansette. This, the Collegiate, is a small-ish record player that has an aluminium grill speaker a leather handle and USB connectivity. It plays singles, albums and 10inch discs. It is available in several colours. It was available the UK from Urban Outfitters, but they seem to have sold out. So the only place that has it for now is this lot who can get you one on import if you are prepared to wait. Karmaloop


Vyconic’s Vintage Radiogram Coffee Table

By Stefano on January 3rd, 2013

We have featured Vyconic before on our best retro gadgets round up, but here’s another gem they have rustled up.

Vyconic, basically designer Andrew Fitzgerald, specialises in breathing new life into old tech such as making clocks out of of a vintage record player or an old school PlayStation. His most ambitious project to date is this radiogram which has morphed from being a record player into coffee table that’s also kitted out with speakers for hooking up to your smartphone/MP3 player.

It is very striking but at £2,000 doesn’t come cheap. If you like the idea it sounds like Andrew is up for commissions. You can find him here.

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Rick Owens ‘Pillow Talk’ Interview For Nowness.

By ThomasHewetson on May 20th, 2010

rickowens.jpegDesigner Rick Owens talks to Nowness about his latest exhibition at Salon 94 in 12 East 94th Street New York. Speaking about parallels between design of his clothing collections and his furniture collections its an interesting interview. You can read it here.


Pharrell Williams x Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin at Colette.

By ThomasHewetson on March 26th, 2010

Pharrell Williams has collaborated with the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin to design the ‘Tank Chair’. In four different colours, using Plexiglas and foal or calf, these chairs are limited to 8 in each style. They are available at Colette until March 28th, then they will then be moved to the gallery and will be available to view from 30th March to April 24th by appointment.



Gallery: Funky sofas from Wawa

By shinychris on January 14th, 2010

If you’ve got the winter blues then why not cheer yourself with a bright sofa for the living room. WAWA have got a 20 per cent sale on everything ordered by January 31st (apart from their Ottoman folding bed range) and they’ve got a wide range of great looking sofas and armchairs. Well worth checking out. They’re still not cheap but I think they make a real statement.


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