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Simon Amstell goes for the curly flat-top

By admin on October 6th, 2008

simon amstell haircut curly flat top never mind the buzzcocks.jpg
Simon Amstell has traded in his signature curly moptop for something altogether more defined and current. On last week’s episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks he looked sharper with his new do and a subtly patterned shirt, but where were last season’s cardigan and tie combos?
The sides have been shaved giving the top height and shape, kind of like a curly flat-top, the haircut we wrote about a few months ago. This look has been big on the street for a good while now, but hopefully Simon’s face being beamed into millions of homes across the UK will inspire others to go for the chop…

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Rafael Nadal the Face Of Lanvin’s New Men’s Fragrance!

By Will Reid on October 3rd, 2008

rex_796866h.jpgFashionista, the site that is always in-the-know, has reported upon a WWD article that reveals tennis-supremo Rafael Nadal as the chosen face of French fashion-house Lanvin’s new fragrance for men, L’Homme Sport.

Nadal is the first tennis face to front the campaign of a French fashion house and the news of his appointment is causing quite the stir. Nadal recently became the Number 1 Tennis Player in the World, taking over from Roger Federer who is, himself, a bit of a fashion darling beloved by editors and designers from Anna Wintour to Oscar De La Renta.

(Source, Image Source: Rex Features)

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Josh Hartnett Emporio Armani Diamonds- Just in Case You Missed It!

By Will Reid on September 30th, 2008

Josh Hartnett was revealed as the male face of the Emporio Armani ‘Diamonds’ fragrance earlier this year and now, the advert has been released! We’re yet to get you a review but when we do, I hope it’s better than this advert. I was expecting something a bit more dramatic- the ladies got full-on glitter sing-song from Beyonce Knowles!

E-mail your thoughts to!


Product Review: Lab Series Ab Gel – cheat your way to a six pack, kinda.

By admin on September 26th, 2008

abs menn.jpg

From our esteemed beauty site, Kiss and Makeup:

Not so long ago we told you about Ab Series for men, the male equivalent of cellulite cream. Well our Metrosexual Male decided to have a go, and here are his thought on the product. [Note to readers: He came up with above picture all on his own!]

‘Lab Series, just like every other men’s skincare producer, provides a comprehensive selection of men’s grooming products. However, being at the upper end of the price spectrum you would expect something a little bit different and a touch special. This Ab Rescue Body Sculpting Gel satisfies both these requirements and then some. [note - sea view not essential for effective for crunches].

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Do You Dare: YSL Touche Eclat for Men!

By Will Reid on September 8th, 2008

toucheeclat2.jpgHungover, Sleep-deprived, Over-worked, Unfit, Uncared for, Blemish-ridden; not exactly the ingredients for a healthy and handsome male are they? Well now, who cares? After you’ve smudged the Guyliner and poked yourself in the eye with Manscara, you might feel yourself in need of a bit of YSL’s new Touche Eclat concealer for men.

Yes, the weapon of choice for fashion editors and socialites the world over has been produced (fragrance free) for men, allowing the male species to live a life of clear skin and hidden ugliness.

The only question is, after previous (and let’s face it, unsuccessful attempts) at man make-up, will this gold pen/magic wand be bought up by us men?

YSL Touche Eclat for Men, £22.50, Selfridges

(Image Source: Daily Mail)

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Tropic Thunder facial hair special: because style doesn’t begin and end with your clothes

By Jonathan Smith on August 12th, 2008


Clothes wise it was slim pickings at the premier of Tropic Thunder, the new Ben Stiller vehicle in which Robert Downey Jr. blacks up. What? Yeah I know, you thought you had seen the last of that when the Black and White Minstrels was cancelled for being incredibly racist but then BAM! RDJ blind sides you and its 40 years ago all over again. But seriously the only really mention worthy outfit was Justin Theroux who came dressed as a Blues Brother, so instead I’m going to take you through the facial hair highs and lows of the event, because style doesn’t just begin and end with your clothes.

Jump through to see some fine male plumage.

[Images: Rex Features]

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Where did all the Men go?

By Jonathan Smith on August 8th, 2008


First it was Guyliner and men’s tights, now it’s a squaddie getting plastic surgery. Chris Mitchell, after leaving the Army and returning to civvy street, began to gain weight losing his ‘hunk’ status. Finding it tough to lose the chunk through conventional means he forked out for plastic surgery having liposuction and a (man) breast reduction. Chris tells the full story of his time at the plastic surgeons over at Rex Features.

Though Chris is obviously happier now after the surgery I’m really unconvinced about plastic surgery unless backed up by a medical condition, it seems to me like men’s make up and tights, a step too far. Be proud of your beer belly, imagine how much money you spent creating it. It’s your right to smell a little off from time to time. Grow your body hair loud and proud because shaving it makes you look like a child.

Please don’t leave it up to the likes of me to uphold the principles of being a man, because it’s going to be a dark, dark day when I am considered manly.Tell us what you guys think of plastic surgery and how do you girls like your men; a little rough around the edges or polished like a dainty ornament.

Check out more pictures of Chris and the top 5 cosmetic surgery procedures for men after the jump.

[Images: Jeremy Durkin / Rex Features]

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Brandish Review: Korres Men’s Range Products

By Will Reid on August 5th, 2008

korres.jpg“Oh golly gosh- that looks like it may be over 100ml. Oops for you!” *Grab* “Now, do you know how to reschedule a flight?” I’d like to say that the dragon-lady at Gatwick had spoiled my day by treating me like a dumb blonde (brunette guy by the way!) but it was truly ruined when she took my new Korres products.

The Ginseng Facial Fluid and Ruscus and Chestnut Eye Cream are two amazing products combining natural ingredients with that all improtant dermatological testing for an intense cosmetic experience.

Read on for the full review including product details and ingredients.

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Guyliner, mancake, call it what you will: the male make-up revolution

By admin on July 30th, 2008

From our beauty site Kiss & Make Up:

Zac efronn.jpg

Male make-up is taking the entertainment industries (that’s cosmetics/ fashion/ music and film) by storm. No longer is a touch of bronzer and a dab of lipstick meant only for dressing-room gents; ‘guyliner,’ ‘mancake’ and ‘mank-up’ are all terms being more frequently used amongst the youth of today.

Everyone is searching for an adopter of this trend (because, let’s face it- after Beck’s ‘sarong’ drama no-one wants to be the first man standing.) Zac Efron seems to have been hoisted up as the sail of this cosmetics boat but I, as an image-conscious male, don’t exactly see Efron as one to mimic.

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Jude Law’s Photoshop Job for Dior Homme Sport!

By Will Reid on July 23rd, 2008


Click Image To Enlarge

Perez Hilton has got his hands on an image from the heavily anticipated Jude Law for Dior Homme Sport campaign. Hilton complains of the blatant photoshop-job surrounding Jude’s sudden wealth of hair, hence the equally blatant ‘FAKE’ scrawled across the image in trademark Perez style!

JustJared reports that Jude was shot by Australian photographer Daniel Askill in May, on location in the Bahamas. Askill says of the fragrance campaign; “it was hard for me to decide whether to take it on because I had directed an ad for Dior before with Hedi [Slimane], it was one of the last major projects before he left, so it was a very tumultuous time.”

Keep reading for more details and backstage (behind the camera?) gossip!

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Lab Series Ab Rescue promises to tone your stomach

By admin on July 21st, 2008

lab series ab.jpg
From Kiss & Make Up, our beauty site:

Men are getting more and more body conscious nowadays, but it still surprised me to see slimming cream for them on the market. Of course, they call it Ab Rescue, and have it in sleek MACHO packaging, but essentially it’s a slimming cream.

It contains soya protein with Caffeine (sound familiar) as well as Creatine, and is meant to tighten and tone the abdominal area.

They stress you should use it when you want that ‘just been working out’ feeling, which is equivalent to a girl wanting to fit into her LBD. Aww, bless ‘em, they’re as paranoid as us! It’s £27 from Lab Series, and I’m sure the hot model on the display will have them buying it in bucketloads.


Manly Man Soap

By admin on July 10th, 2008

manly man soap seattle sundires.jpgI don’t dispute the limited powers of soap, but I get the feeling that a wash with this bar could have you smoking a pipe whilst stroking your moustache within seconds.

Seattle Sundries’ Manly Man soap contains vetiver and clary sage essential oils. Vetiver is a bitter woody smell that only a real man can appreciate, and clary sage is a great pick-me-up. It’s handmade and contains a mixture of olive oil, palm oil and lye to keep your skin soft and squeaky clean. Snap up the soap from Etsy for a mere $4.50.


Body Shop For Men Face Scrub: the best a man can get?

By admin on June 20th, 2008

Body_Shop_Face-Scrub.jpgWhen it comes to the whole grooming palaver, I still have a resolutely male approach. I don’t mind using facial scrub, or moisturiser – I just want to find one that I like, that works for me, and I’ll stick with it. I’m not too interested in trying every facial scrub on the planet, though I was half-expecting to in order to find one that I liked enough to use every day.

Then I received a gift pack of Body Shop for men stuff, and that was it – their Face Scrub was the one for me, and has been ever since.

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Stuart tries Jean Paul Gaultier Monsieur ‘guyliner’

By admin on April 24th, 2008

Part two of the Stuart Waterman makeover, and I have to confess that after applying the eyeliner I laughed like I have never laughed before in my life, emitting some sort of inhuman cackle!

Anyway, the verdict? The eyeliner may have been a step too far for Stuart but he did take away the sheer gel bronzer so I declare a victory for male make up. The Jean Paul Gaultier range is priced between £29 and £9 and is available nationwide.

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Trying out make up for men

By admin on April 23rd, 2008

stuart waterman make up brandish kiss and make up jean paul gaultier.jpg

Mad props goes to My Chemical Toilet’s Stuart Waterman for letting use him as our private Girl’s World doll in our latest video. We tried out a gel tan base, concealer and brow gel for a natural look and you can’t really tell he’s wearing anything. Stay tuned when we add eyeliner and bronzing powder into the mix tomorrow!

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