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Brandish Competitions: Dia by Amouage

By ShinyMedia on September 26th, 2007

Two bottles of Diesel Fuel for Life are on their way to our lucky winners, and if you missed out we’ve got another fragrance for this week’s comp. Amouage make luxury fragrances and their ‘Dia’ scent is a heady mix of cardamom, frankincense, ylang ylang and vetiver, but to name a few.
To be in with a chance of winning the fragrance simply answer the following question:
Which legendary perfumier created the first Amouage fragrance?
Send your name, address and answer to including ‘Competition’ in the subject.

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Wilkinson Swords’ Fight For Kisses video promotes smooth skin and fighting toddlers

By admin on September 25th, 2007

I’m not sure what disturbs me more about this video, the implication that baby-son and father must resort to blows in an Oedipal struggle for the mother’s affections, or simply that the kid reminds me of that freaky dancing-baby hallucination from Ally McBeal.

Otherwise, the video, promoting Wilkinson Swords new Quattro blades, is neatly done, and slightly amusing. There’s also a tie-in flash game on the Fight For Kisses website. Beating children has apparently never been so much fun.


Protect your looks from the cold with Brandish’s winter grooming guide

By admin on September 20th, 2007

Last night was the first time in over six months that the household flicked that magic switch and turned the heating on. With the idea of climate change constantly niggling at my conscience, I’d rather have put a jumper on, but I was outvoted by the three girls I live with who consider anything below 20 degrees as "freezing".

But I do have to face the facts, winter is coming, eventually. Aside from rain, biting winds, slipping on ice and the general depression that the season causes, I don’t mind winter too much. But it does play havoc with your skin and exterior wellbeing in general – a combination of both the cold outside, and sudden changes in temperature when you step into a roasting house.

But you can fight back and retain that healthy glow you exhibited throughout summer. Keep reading after the jump for a winter grooming survival kit that’ll keep you looking cool (not cold).

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Armai’s Attitude fragrance maintains balance of making you smell like a real man without stinging people’s eyes

By admin on September 20th, 2007

If it hadn’t been for the Zippo lighter-styled bottle itself, I would have never bothered to pick up the new Armani Attitude eu de toilette (£24.99/30mls) and have a whiff. I’ve never been a fan of Armani scents – they’ve always smelled like something my dad would splash on before a night out. Whisky, fags and cheap cologne is never an appealing pong.

Armani’s new fragrance is an understated gem, however. An initial spike of spice gives way to a subtle, smokiness of wood and herbs, with a touch of citrus zest that lingers afterward. It’s quite masculine without being overbearing, and is a refreshing change from men’s fragrances that are either too potent or smell like something my sister could wear too.


Brandish Competitions: Win Diesel Fuel For Life

By Isabelle on September 14th, 2007

If you didn’t enter the last competition then you missed out on BULLDOG Post Shave Balm, this time round we’ve got not one but TWO bottles of Diesel Fuel For Life fragrance as reviewed by Ben last week. All you have to do to get your hands on this is answer the following question:
Diesel fuel is named after the inventor of the diesel engine, what is his first name?
Send your name, address and answer to including ‘Competition’ in the subject.


Diesel Fuel For Life homme spray

By admin on September 12th, 2007

I’m not one for dousing myself in vats of aftershaves or colognes – I’m sweet enough already. Although my girlfriend may argue that point, the truth is, I just don’t like many of the bottled scents out there today, a lot of them just smell a bit, well, horrible.

But there are a few out there that quite take my fancy, and Diesel Fuel For Life (£24) is one of them. Its fresh and clean citrus scent combines well with a warming burst of aniseed that results in a masculine, yet not overwhelming, smell.

I also think the bottle design looks great, reminding me of a cowboy’s canteen or the sort of recepticle a hobo would take a shot of moonshine from. I’m just glad that’s not what the contents of the bottle smell like…

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UK triumphs in World Beard and Moustache Championships

By admin on September 3rd, 2007


Hirsute men from around the world gathered for the bi-annual World Beard and Moustache Championships on Saturday, held for the first time in Britain since its inception in 1990, with the UK taking top honours in three events. Our bearded boys managed first place in the Natural Moustache, Chinese and Musketeer events, while registering second and third places in seven other categories.

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Bring out your inner child with Crayon cologne

By admin on September 3rd, 2007


Catching a whiff of Crayon, that waxy, subtly spicy odour, never fails to transport me back to infants school circa 1987. Figuratively of course (duh). To me, it smells like evil – I absolutely hated school and any memories I have of it I prefer to keep compressed into my subconscious where they can remain until I have a nervous breakdown.

So I won’t be trying to impress the ladies with this Crayon Cologne (£10). The fragrance was created by Demeter, who have managed to catch the pure essence of Crayon by extracting it from the saliva from Crayon-chewin’ infants. Probably. If you find the idea of a grown man who goes out of his way to smell like children’s writing equipment a bit weird, Demeter do several other funky pongs, including Humidor, whiskey and, for that experimental teenager in you, cannabis.

[Via Gizmodo]


Win Bulldog’s Post Shave Balm

By Isabelle on August 28th, 2007

Thanks to all who entered last week’s competition, a men-u travel kit is heading to the lucky winner. This week’s prize is Bulldog’s Post Shave Balm, a moisturising lotion with all sorts of good things like green tea extract, rosehip oil and vitamin E. It’s also free from sodium laureth sulfate which can irritate your skin and contains no parabens, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances. There is a whole range of Bulldog products and the range will soon be making into Sainsbury’s.
Our question is: When was the term ‘bulldog’ coined?
To enter the competition simply email with your name, answer and address. Good luck!


Rude Man soap for hair, body, not piece of mind

By admin on August 24th, 2007

Rude Man hair soap (£7) will insult you, then cleanse every conceivable surface of your body. "Your hair sucks" says the packaging, "And we know you stink". Right on, because, as everyone knows, men smell. If you don’t then either a) You’re female b) Pre-pubescent.

Other than the offensive packaging, I love the fact that the soap is designed for hair and body, so you don’t have to fuss about with several different products in the shower. The soap comes in a solid bar of blackness, so I can only imagine that it lathers up like frothy tar. Truly the Devil’s own personal hygiene product. If he washes, that it.


Win men-u travel shaving kit!

By Isabelle on August 21st, 2007

MenuYou might have caught Cameraman Ray on his first You Tube début reviewing the men-u range of grooming products. As you can see if you watch the vid I stroked Ray’s face that day and my was it ever soft! If you like the idea of random people coming up to you and stroking you on the face then enter our competition to win the men-u travel kit which contains their highly concentrated shave crème, facial wash and moisturiser.
All you have to do is answer this question: Who patented the electric razor in 1928?

To enter send an email with your answer to


Male Organics green grooming products

By Isabelle on July 23rd, 2007

Over at Hippyshopper they’re raving about Male Organics, a website dedicated to providing you with organic and natural grooming products. If you know your methylparabens from your marjoram essential oil this site is perfect, and even the most grooming-phobic will be impressed by their recycled plastic toothbrushes (£2.99) made from yoghurt pots. Other picks include Spezia’s organic nourishing cream, the rich consistency is great for freshening up dry, grey, hangover skin and Green People’s wonder shampoo full of stuff to prevent itchy scalps.


M(o)ustache update – World Beard & Moustache Championships 2007; Brits granted entry to Best Sports M(o)ustache of All Time

By ShinyMedia on July 19th, 2007

Boy, those moustached fellas don’t miss a trick. Following yesterday’s post focusing on the American Mustache Institute, a nice man representing the World Beard & Moustache Championships 2007 got in touch to alert us Britishers to their event. It’s held on September 1st in Brighton, which is frankly rather more convenient than Missouri. Like the AMI, the Championships aim to raise money for charity (The Rockinghorse Appeal).

As you’d expect from a body of folk used to keeping things neat and tidy, the event looks extremely well-organised. Check out the event schedule for proof. I for one would definitely take part in the "Parade", which runs from 11am. Later on the competition proper takes place (partial and full beards are catered to), before a buffet supper (runny eggs excluded, one hopes).

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The American Mustache Institute – fighting m(o)ustache discrimination

By ShinyMedia on July 18th, 2007

SelleckIf I could grow a moustache, I would. And I imagine I’d become obsessed with it. I would nurture it like I would a pet. I would search for avenues that would indulge my fixation with my new hairy accessory. I would seek out websites which would feed my desire to look into any number of moustache-related matters. In short, I would be checking the website of the American Mustache Institute every. Damn. Day.

British readers, you’re just going to have to get used to the fact that "moustache" is spelled differently "over there". American readers, I’m only spelling it your way because that’s how the AMI spells it, so don’t go getting all cocky or nuthin’. Anyway, trifling spelling-related matters aside, the AMI provides a portal for all things pertaining to hairy face-sluggery. For instance, you get a section for "Mustaches In The News", which currently has bits about living moustached legends such as Tom Selleck and Billy Dee Williams.

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Lost’s Matthew Fox is the tear-free face of L’Oreal Men Expert

By ShinyMedia on July 16th, 2007

This may be old news, but over the weekend I saw two adverts starring guys from Lost. Cool Water are using Josh Holloway – aka Sawyer – as their swimming hunk in their latest ad, while, as you’ll see after the jump, Matthew Fox is fronting the new L’Oreal Men Expert ad.

Now, when I started watching Lost, my first thought on seeing Mr. Fox was "Hey! That’s the guy from Party Of Five who, like his brother Bailey, cried in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE." If you never saw Party Of Five you may think I’m exaggerating a touch. I’m not. Ask anyone. And then whaddya know, he joins Lost and before you know it the "crying while trying not to cry" face is back on our screens every week. And providing plenty of opportunities for humour.

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