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Grooming Guide: Skin care

By admin on June 28th, 2007

Basic skin care is something we can all aspire to as "blokes". We don’t have to be a "metrosexual" and we don’t have to spend hours in the bathroom to get a presentable mug. Having a blemish-free face makes all the difference in our everyday lives – it makes us feel more confident, looks more professional at work and can give you the edge with the ladies in your life.

So if you’ve got skin like a hob-nob biscuit with leprosy, read on.

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Good grooming: Shaving

By admin on June 20th, 2007

"Shaving? I don’t need no shaving lesson! My dad taught me how with the blunt side of a Bic and a load of imperial lather when I was eight years old!

It shows. Go and look in the mirror. You probably haven’t shaved in at least a couple of days. If you have shaved within the last 24 hours, I guarantee that you’re still experiencing razor burn as a result of your crappy disposable blade and cheap shaving foam.

"But it’s not my fault I tell ya, it’s not my fault!"

There, there. I know, I know. Poor teaching and a market cynically aimed at the "no time" generation means that the first products you’ll go for are Gillette’s vibro razor (why does a razor need batteries?) and Sainbury’s own brand shave foam. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Keep Reading after the jump for all the right, right, rights of shaving like a real man.

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Elemis post-shave recovery mask

By admin on June 4th, 2007

Elemis_2 As a guy, you know that there’s nothing like a wet-shave to keep you looking fresh and well groomed – electric shavers generally just leave you looking like Homer Simpson.

But as a guy, you also know of the dreaded razor burn. It’s an evil affliction, and to me extremely unfair. I mean, as men we have to shave at least some of the time. So unless you’re homeless, a beardy weirdo or Father Christmas, there’s no avoiding it.

Enter the Elemis post-shave mask (£25 for 75ml). Slap on after shaving to reduce razor burn, help heal razor cuts and replenish vitamins your skin loses during shaving. Oh, and it smells great too, being loaded with soothing Lavender, Macadamia, Rosemary and Thyme.

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Brandish Video: MD Formulations shaving creme

By ShinyMedia on May 16th, 2007

Here it is, our first grooming video for Brandish where I talk to Shiny’s graphic designer, Sheldon about MD Formulations shaving cream which you can buy for £21.95.

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Top Five: Problem skin products

By ShinyMedia on May 4th, 2007

SkincareoneMost people I know have got nightmare stories from their teen years about Clearasil or Oxy products bleaching their towels or pillowcases. The last thing problem skin needs is harsh chemicals, so I’ve picked a few gentler skin treatments for spot-prone skin. Harsh soaps will encourage the skin to produce more oil, so it’s important to use kinder products. A peel might sound scary but chemicals that dissolve dead skin cells
are often less abrasive than mechanical scrubbers, aka your everyday
exfoliators. Garnier’s Pure Skin Purifying Peel Kit (left) refines while you

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Maouflage at Sephora

By Isabelle on April 12th, 2007


It seems men’s make-up or manouflage is becoming more and more popular; I remember squealing  ‘Are you wearing blusher?!’ at my unusually radiant friend forcing him to sheepishly admit to a light dusting of MAC blush. H+M were doing mascara for men earlier this year after customer requests. Coming under the euphemistic sub-heading of ‘Complexion Enhancers’ Sephora are stocking a whole range of cosmetics for men. You can choose from Benefit’s You Rebel tinted moisturiser, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Tout Beau kohl pen and concealer, or Dr Hauschka’s Transluscent Bronze Concentrate to prettify your face.


Men and tweezers

By Isabelle on March 19th, 2007

Over at See Jack Shop he is discussing eyebrow grooming, but I’m not so sure that UK men are that up for some magnifying mirror and tweezer action. I’ve seen Japanese men with shaved eyebrows but apart from a few averted monobrow massacres and uber-gay men who also wear foundation you don’t see many groomed eyebrows. I can understand some careful snipping if you’ve got Healy-tastic eyebrows (see left), do you pluck your eyebrows?


David Beckham to be face of L’Oreal haircare?

By Isabelle on March 19th, 2007

David Beckham has been reportedly offered a £10 million contract to be the face L’Oreal. Selling hair products will no doubt enhance his status in LA where he’s playing in Los Angeles Galaxy. It won’t be the first time David Beckham has lent his famous name to advertising, he has also been associated with Gillette and Brylcreem, and has appeared in the US for a ‘Got Milk’ campaign, left.

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Yellow Submarine Bath Radio

By mofgimmers on January 17th, 2007


For those of you cool enough to have a bath as opposed to a shower, then you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to whack the stereo up as loud as it will go to listen to tunes while you soak. The submarine bathtime radio (available in black and a nice yellow one for you Beatles’ fans) should liven up your bath time… even more than a Star Wars rubber duck!

Essentially the submarine is a musical toy that floats around in your bath with an FM radio and waterproof speakers built in so you can listen whilst you wash. The radio features auto-scan to find your favourite stations easily, along with a power switch, volume control and a hidden antenna. And runs off 2x AA batteries and is available now for a measly £14.95. MORE


The Xmas List, No.17: Philips QC5170 hair clippers

By ShinyMedia on December 13th, 2006

This is the first-ever set of clippers designed specifically for self-haircuts, thanks to the unique 180° pivoting head. As someone who has cut his own hair for many years (I’m sad to say I’m slowly going bald, so no point shelling out £15 for a grade-four all over), this sounds too good to be true. But, having used these clippers, I can say that Philips might be on to something. The swivelling blade certainly makes cutting the back and sides of your hair much easier – especially the tricky bit around your ears. It’s rechargeable and cordless too.

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4VOO’S make-up range for men

By ShinyMedia on November 28th, 2006

Sister site Kiss and Makeup brings us ill tidings of a new range of makeup for men. American cosmetics company 4VOO (‘for vous’ – ‘for you’, geddit!) does a nice, metrosexual line in men’s makeup. Why not try 4VOO’s ‘Confidence Corrector’, which, thrillingly, promises to ‘banish dark circles in an instant’. Or be the envy of all your mates by using their ‘Luminous Lips’ stick, which will make your lips ‘radiate with sensual appeal’.

Our favourite, though, is ‘Indelible Eyes’, their mascara (or manscara, as we’d like to name it). It comes in two colours: ‘Raven’ and ‘Brownie’. Enough said. We don’t have a problem with moisturiser and aftershave balm but manscara is a step too far. If you’ve lost all your marbles, or you’re a gay newsreader who likes to do his own slap, and would like to buy any of 4VOO’s products, click HERE.


Five manly aftershaves, so you won’t smell like a big girl

By ShinyMedia on November 23rd, 2006



Hugo Boss make some of the most tasteful men’s scents. Boss’s In Motion is aimed at sporty, adrenaline-addicted types. Its top notes are Bergamot Oil, Basil Flower and Violet Leaves, meaning it smells fresh and energetic. Or something like that. BUY IT

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Mullet shampoo and body wash

By admin on October 20th, 2006

I’ve heard about two-in-one, but this is ridiculous. BoysStuff is selling some Mullet Shampoo and Body Wash, that’s designed to be used for your hair AND your car. It promises to keep your mullet (or rat-tails) clean and bushy, while at the same time ensuring your motor stays sparkly-fresh.

I can’t help thinking they’re missing the point though. What’s the point of having a mullet if it’s NOT lank and greasy, and accompanied by a car that’s NOT dustier than Jimmy Saville’s underpants? Anyway, the pack costs £16.95, and is presumably doing a roaring trade in Hoxton. BUY IT


James Dyson’s 400mph hand dryer

By admin on October 3rd, 2006

There isn’t enough loo-related technology in this country, as opposed to Japan, where every public convenience is staffed by robots. Probably. But James Dyson isn’t settling for that. The Brit inventor has announced a new hand dryer that "pumps room-temperature air through a tiny slot at 400mph".

He claims it’ll dry both your hands in ten seconds, freeing you from those embarrassingly damp post-pee handshakes when you return to your pub table and somebody new has arrived. Come on, that’s not just me. It’s called the Airblade – nice name – and apparently uses 83% less energy than most hand dryers. It goes on sale next month for £549 plus VAT.

(via The Sun Online)

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