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Style – Cricket Chic – how to look good when watching The Ashes

By Stefano on June 19th, 2013

We are now just a month away from the first game in The Ashes series as the under achieving Aussies face the mighty England team at Trent Bridge in Nottingham. If all goes to plan it will be business as usual with the England team notching up their third Ashes series win in a row. But then again when has it ever gone to plan?

Oddly enough there’s a bit of trend in cricketing garb at the moment. Maybe it is just our penchant for white canvas style shoes or possibly the revival of Great Gatsby era flannels, but there is plenty of cricket influenced fashion in both indie stores and on the high street as well as specialist cricket emporiums.

Here then is what to wear this fabulous cricketing summer. Howzat!

Fred Perry Kingston Leather White Plimsoll £55

Picture 2 of 11
Picture 2 of 11

Cricket shoes these days looks more like trainers, which is a shame as the older versions had more in common with this leather lace up plimsoll from Fred Perry. It comes with coloured tipping on the sole walls and waxed cotton laces and features Fred Perry branding on the back of the heel. Office

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Style – Summer Hats round up – Zara, Fred Perry, Ted Baker and more

By Stefano on June 5th, 2013

Grey tape striped flat cap £22

Picture 1 of 10
Picture 1 of 10

With navy tape style trim and contrasting centre stripes. Metal logo detail to the side. Debenhams

In case you hadn’t noticed the sun has suddenly decide to grace us with its presence which is great news for everyone, except for those of us who are folically challenged.

It is now the time of year when hat wearing shifts from begin a quirky affectation to a necessity.

Fortunately there’s a pretty good selection in the stores at the moment ranging from classic flat caps to straw boaters and Fedoras for those lounging by the river pretending to be an extra in Brideshead type moments – oh that’s just me then…

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Brandish Christmas list #15 Albam Breton Stripe hat £49.99

By Stefano on December 20th, 2012

Christmas is almost upon us so this is the last post in this series, but it is a good one. This year we have become big fans of the range of menswear from Albam. The company has its roots in Nottingham but also has a four stores in London now.

If you are quick you might finds this rather lovely Breton stripey hat. It is available in four colours including a very striking (and on trend) black and white. Ideally I’d like mine in red and white (think of the potential footy fans you might you might tempt guys, and it would match this too) but this, which is made in Scotland from high quality Merino wool, would make some one a very lovely present.

Check out the rest of their range, including some superb coats and blazers, here.


New Era Japan WM-01 Waterproof Collection

By Laura on September 12th, 2011

I have really noticed a change in the weather in the last few days, and as a cyclist have had more rainy commutes than dry.

While a waterproof jacket is essential, I have found myself also looking for a waterproof cap to help make the commute just a bit nicer. However, you try finding a waterproof hat that doesn’t look like you have stuck a condom on your head….its not an easy task.

Enter New Era Japan. They recently created a waterproof series of caps, with the latest in this great military style.The exterior is made of a waterproof nylon material, with a contrasting color New Era logo visible on the left side of the cap. While the interior is made of a breathable mesh fabric. This durable cap is available in a variety of colourways – perfect for the Fall and Winter seasons. The only catch… its only available through New Era Japan. Good luck navigating the site

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Winter Head Warmers: Five Hats To Keep You Warm

By Laura on November 29th, 2010

Here at Brandish we don’t want any of our readers going cold this winter, so we are sticking with theme of how to keep warm today.

We lose more heat through the top of our head, than any other part of our body so it is critical to keep it covered in order to stay warm. In fact if you prioritize keeping your head warm, you will have won half the battle in keeping your body warm. This winter essential comes in all kinds of different styles, colours and materials. So with that in mind we have picked 5 of our favourite hats to help inspire you this season.

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