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Throw a tasty indoor BBQ this winter with the Philips Avance Grill

By Gerald Lynch on October 22nd, 2012

Philips Avance Grill 01.JPGFancy throwing a rain-free indoor barbecue this winter? That’s exactly what the Avance Grill from Philips lets you do. A 2000W grill designed for use inside the house, but without scrimping on the juicy flavours that characterise a great outdoor barbecue, it’s great for cooking red meats, poultry and fish, as well as grilling veg too.Philips Avance Grill 02.JPGThough we at Brandish have their fingers on the fashion pulse, we weren’t in the queue when they started handing out Michelin Stars. But the Philips Avance Grill makes it simple for even amateur cooks to throw together a tasty meal. For starters, there’s just one control, a heat dial that lets you choose how hot you want the grill to get, with a handy indicator light that blinks off once the grill has warmed enough to cook on. Philips also throw in a simple cook book too, showing dozens of recipes that can be made simply by throwing all the ingredients in at once. It’s basically fool proof.

The Avance Grill’s secret weapon is its “Taste Infuser”, a small circular metal depository where you can pop in smoker chips. A packet of hickory chips come in the box, which when heated up in the compartment on the grill (and the glass lid has been shut in order to keep the smoke circulating around the meat) adds a sophisticated smoked taste to your dishes. A small well at the back of the grill can also be filled with water if you’re looking to steam meats, keeping steaks moist and fish from going too crisp.Philips Avance Grill 04.JPGCleaning the grill is easy too. The glass covering panel slides out, as does the cooking grill itself, exposing the heating conductors below. The Taste Infuser pops out of the grill, and there’s a run off tray underneath that collects excess oil (keeping meals pretty healthy too). All these can then be soaked in warm soapy water, with the cooking grill and glass panel washable in a dishwasher.

Even with our lack of cooking experience, we were able to knock up a load of tasty dishes for a gang of pals in just 30 minutes or so, including preparation and beer-sipping time. As well as a great BBQ alternative on a rainy day, we’d also say the Avance Grill is a great going away present for students who aren’t too comfortable in a kitchen, as it’s so easy to use.Philips Avance Grill 10.JPGThe Philips Avance Grill costs £120 and can be picked up from Argos and Homebase. Extra taste-infusing Smoker Chip packs in a handful of different flavours can be picked up for £7 from

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Taking Care of Your Clothes: Steaming

By admin on December 9th, 2010


I hate ironing… so much so that I have been known to try and fix collars with my hair straighter, despite the fact we have 2 perfectly good irons in our flat. I am sure having a crisp white shirt is more of a concern to men, but for some reason its one of those little things I always over look.
I always make an effort to take my clothes out of the dryer right away so that they don’t become wrinkled, but its just not the same. The worst part is I fully acknowledge that ironing can make your clothes look 100x better yet I just don’t do it.

In the last few months I have noticed a growing trend towards Steamers. Its seems the days of giant, clunky, industrial looking steamer are long gone. As they have undergone a make-over making them more portable and better for home use.

Steamers work on any fabric, so you no longer need to try and navigate through the hundreds of settings or worrying about putting the heat up high. It also reduces the need for dry cleaning, so can save you a few pounds too. But beyond all the practical and aesthetic advantages of using a steamer, the key distinction – it takes less than half the time.

So could this trend be the end of the iron and ironing board? I hope so!

Check out the Fridja Steamer available here for £99


Pendleton Navajo Printed Towels and Blankets at Urban Outfitters.

By ThomasHewetson on April 11th, 2010

pendleton.jpegNot available in Britain yet these towels and blankets have arrived at Urban Outfitters. They are so cheap compared to what you would usually pay for some Pendleton home ware with towels for $48 and najavo print wallets for $28. Just because the prices are relatively inexpensive, it doesn’t mean they are going to be skimping on quality. The whole production process is overseen by Pendleton so you know they are going to be beautifully made.

Via Refinery 29


Convex/Fish-Eye Mirrors For The Home.

By ThomasHewetson on April 6th, 2010

fisheye.jpgThese are genuinely my new favorite thing. This convex mirror is available from Rose & Grey for £45. There doesn’t seem to be much of a mass market for these as this one is the only one I could find for under £800, but I definitely am going to keep checking auction sites. Described as ‘a mirror you can’t stop looking in,’ it makes vanity that little bit more fun.


Gallery: Retro clocks to celebrate start of British Summer Time

By ThomasHewetson on March 26th, 2010

Clock available at Turbo Squid.

To coincide with the clocks changing this weekend, what better than to put together a collection of some of the best. With a retro theme, all of these clocks seem far more timeless (I genuinely didn’t mean to do that) than the contemporary models flooding the market nowadays. The flip clock is an iconic style that seems as far away from digital clocks as possible. Habitat have a great style which is available in black and in white and you can win one here. The other styles come courtesy of Urban Outfitters which has the most fantastic home section and specialises in only one style which you can find out detail of how to buy in the gallery.


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