Victoria Beckham’s denim line unwanted by retailers


If you couldn’t wait to get your hands on a pair of men’s dVb jeans, you’ll have to wait a good while longer as retailers have refused to stock it. It’s not yet known whether she’ll retreat to the drawing board (she might even include some of those skinny jeans she hates) or whether they’ll just lower the price point. Either way, the line has been pushed back to at least next year.

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adminVictoria Beckham’s denim line unwanted by retailers

A.P.C. Butler Worn Out series


At the peak of the raw denim obession, everyone and their grandmother were turning their back on distressed jeans in favour of a DIY approach. Get a fresh pair, work in them, sleep in them, bathe in them: all in preparation for the unique fade that’d appear after the first few washes.

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adminA.P.C. Butler Worn Out series

Sale pick: J. Lindeberg jeans


Now that the sales are in full swing, it’s time to start picking out the true bargains. House of Fraser is usually too chav-tastic for me, but these J. Lindeberg jeans are a steal at £50. The simple design and dark wash make this a wardrobe staple instead of a regretful sales purchase, so you won’t have to worry about whether you’ll still like it in six months.

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adminSale pick: J. Lindeberg jeans

Brandish’s Fashion Word of The Day…Crarem


For those of you wondering where I have disappeared off to recently- the answer is a strange place called Abernethy in Northern Scotland where innocent people are made to compete in equally strange outdoor activities. And not the X-rated kind.

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Will ReidBrandish’s Fashion Word of The Day…Crarem

Brandish Poll: High-Waisted Jeans


What a surreal start to the week- trawling Topman for a Monday Morning boost, I was hoping for a few print t-shirts but instead discovered the horror of the new ‘Premium High Waist Slim Jeans.‘ Yes, that’s right; after drop-crotch and MC Hammer (I don’t actually want to touch this) denim, we are being given the chance to try out the latest jean trend. The high waist has failed to get women on side à la skinny jeans simply because they are impossible to wear. In indigo, 100% cotton and selling for £45, I am left wondering if it is really worth the risk. What do you think?

See our poll after the jump.

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Will ReidBrandish Poll: High-Waisted Jeans

Dance sequence from Humse Hai Muqabala shows how to wear double pleat trousers

You might be forgiven for thinking that my reasons for putting this video up are slightly self-indulgent, but you’d be wrong. Of course it’s an amazing video, — featuring Prabhudeva who is apparently one of the best dancers but if you — pay attention to the main male characters’ lower half you’ll notice they are wearing some rather fetching double pleat trousers.

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adminDance sequence from Humse Hai Muqabala shows how to wear double pleat trousers

APC denim bermuda shorts


With the sun finally coming out, the short shorts debate looks set to continue. I’m not a fan of short shorts, but I despise three quarter lengths and cargo shorts even more. My ideal shorts would be a dark colour, well fitted and stopping just above the kneecap. APC – whose madras range we’ve featured before – have a pair of denim Bermuda shorts that tick all those boxes.

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adminAPC denim bermuda shorts

Fit – The most important factor in clothing


You know when you want to say something and someone else describes more eloquently than you ever could? That’s how I feel about Simon Crompton’s article on how fit is the most important factor in men’s style. If you haven’t read it for whatever reason, basically it states that too many male fashion followers put too much importance on brands and not enough on fit and design.

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adminFit – The most important factor in clothing

Customise your Denim with Ande Whall


If you have tree trunk thighs or long legs then you’ll find it hard to find jeans that fit exactly the way you want them to. Things would all be so much easier if someone would customise your jeans for you before you bought them. But who would do such a thing? If this were a TV show, at this point ‘one man denim workshop’ Ande Whall would burst through a wall and say an unfunny line. But it isn’t so I’ll just have to link to their site.

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adminCustomise your Denim with Ande Whall

From sweatshop to runway: a denim photo essay


Time magazine have produced an amazing series of photographs on the journey of a pair of jeans, from production in Chinese and Sri Lankan factories to runways and shops. Workers churn out 10,000 pairs a day, hand-distressing and sewing denim.

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adminFrom sweatshop to runway: a denim photo essay