Adidas Originals denim by Diesel

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The Adidas originals range tends to throw
up interesting collaborations from time to time and this is no different. The originals
denim by Diesel range is an interesting mix – if only for the fact that you
wonder why Diesel agreed to it. It’s not bad in any way, it’s just that the
pieces are just Diesel jeans with some Adidas branding attached.

Levi’s 511 Slim fit jeans

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Massive turn-ups aside, Levi’s still make good jeans. The majority of these come from their vintage collection, where Levi’s remake jeans from their extensive back catalogue. Banking on the old ‘what goes around’ saying has worked pretty well for Levi’s as their vintage slim-fits are proving to be some of the most popular Levi’s out. Levi’s realised and capitalised on …

Levi’s Red Jeans – The next big trend?

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Every once in a while a designer will try something really outlandish, just to see whether it catches on. Skirts for men is on of the trends that have been consigned to the dustbin (for now) and don’t mention balaclavas, which didn’t work as people don’t want to look like incredibly stylish shoplifters. Now Levi’s are trying to get people …

Dior Homme Jeans – Bad fit or just a fat arse model?

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Some things you can always rely on. Each Strokes album getting progressively worse. Tyra Banks saying ‘fierce’ in every episode of America’s next top model. Dior Homme Jeans being among the best on the market. Now you can the scratch that last sentence off your list of universal certainties, as their new S/S 2008 jeans are awful. I’m not sure …

WESC raw selvage jeans

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WESC aren’t known for making jeans, usually sticking to shirts, accessories and even headphones. However, they do look like a brand that focuses on the finer details of an item when they do branch out – as these raw selvage jeans prove. Most established brands – I’m looking at you, Levi’s – don’t do selvage much, as it’s pretty expensive …

Ironheart selvage jeans

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It’s a well known fact that cheap jeans + rain = jeans sticking to you like cheap adhesive. There are a few ways that you can remedy this. The first option is to not go out in the rain, making sure that you never have to feel like you’ve jumped into a swimming pool with all your clothes on whenever …

Even more ethical shopping – Good Society Jeans

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Good Society are the latest denim brand to jump onto the eco-friendly bandwagon. Made from 100% organic cotton, all their items are fair trade. While this is all great and I’m sure I’m being overly cynical, but it seems that companies know that claiming to be eco-friendly is the quickest way to make a profit nowadays. Good Society may have …

True Religion Logan jeans

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True Religion had made a name for themselves in recent years by having celebrities wear their clothing. For a while they were seemingly riding high in the denim world but their momentum seems to have slowed down lately. This is mainly because of their love of bootcut jeans and stubborn refusal to follow any trends whatsoever. Luckily, they’ve seen sense …

Bespoke Jeans

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There was a recent survey stating that one of the greatest feelings for people was finding the perfect pair of jeans. The mere fact that finding jeans can be listed amongst other life-changing events shows how rare a good fit of jeans are to us. For most people there was two choices; you could either spend a fortune trying to …

Dior Homme Jeans

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There’s usually a moment when you know you’ve fallen deep into the world of fashion. For me, it was looking at a pair of £155 jeans and thinking ‘that’s a pretty good price for Dior Homme’ rather than thinking ‘I’d never pay more than a £100 for jeans; they’re all the same anyway!’ But the first caption is what came …

Iron Army Hiro Raw jeans

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As drainpipes become ubiquitous, T-shirts, jumpers and trainers are being made with slim jeans in mind. Straight cut jeans end up covering too much of the shoe and wearing tight t-shirts with wide jeans leave you with a balloon-like silhouette. There now seems to be a gap in the market for those who don’t (or in my case, can’t) wear …

Levi’s grey jeans

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Whilst drainpipe wearers have always had their fair share of colours and washes, anyone who doesn’t want to look like Faris Rotter has been forgotten about.  That trend looked like it was continuing when raw denim, which usually comes in navy or black, became one of the winter trends. Thankfully, one of the other trends for this winter has been …

Trendsetting: J.Lindeberg straight leg jeans

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Skinny jeans aren’t in fashion anymore, apparently. Given that Hedi Slimane, the man who single-handedly made them popular has left Dior to be replaced by Kris Van Aasche. The fashion gods, who’ve been quite busy this week, have decided that straight leg jeans are back. But not as you know it. This time they’re ever so slightly tighter than before …

Trousers aren’t just for city workers anymore

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If you’re a bit bored of wearing jeans, it can seem like there’s no alternative except corduroy. But for those of us who don’t want to look like a Led Zeppelin tribute band’s roadie, you could start wearing trousers. Topman has a great range of trousers that won’t make you look like you forgot to wear shoes to the office. …