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Khakis fashioned from WWII tents

By Isabelle on March 13th, 2008

recycled trousers.jpg

You can’t get more authentic than a pair of khakis re-fashioned from tents used in World War II.

The ‘Bivvy’ trousers, which take recycling to a new and exctiting level, were developed when two designers went hunting in an old warehouse for ideas: ‘After many attempts to find the perfect recycled material, we finally found a pair of World War II era Bivouac tents languishing in a dusty warehouse. Luckily they make fantastic trousers and because they are individually cut and sewn each pair is unique.’ Snap them up for £65 at Stabo For more recycled eco goodness visit Hippyshopper.

[Via Boing boing]

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You Would If You Could… The Awkward Lengths

By Will Reid on March 13th, 2008

00360mThe next look to make our list is the awkward length. This was a hard one to put into this feature as some do manage to pull it off but not everyone is Terence Koh and it only took a look at the local fashionisto’s crash and burn outfit of Kris van Assche-style combat with tight tee to know that this was one to be hastily put down.

So where did it all go wrong? When did the matronliness of Britain extend to Dolce & Gabbana jodhpurs and McQueen knits? At D&G, trousers were either tucked into boots or (sharp intake of breath) fitted with elasticated hems- yes, the same fabric responsible for the horrific Rocky Balboa-tracksuit/pantaloon ankle. McQueen went for his usual unwearable but exquisite fashions and approached this trend with a blend of Alpaca knit and Spanish embroidery. Some celebs have tried to wear this look but unless you are an artist/indie fashion editor/musician/girlfriend of Irina Lazareanu-type, it’s best to stay away. For those of you willing to take on the challenge and prove me wrong- take a look at this Rick Owens thigh-length top from Brown’s. 

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dVb- Men’s jeans by Victoria Beckham

By Will Reid on March 12th, 2008

1522articleimage_2The latest news on the fashion circuit is of Posh Spice’s new venture-into the world of men’s jeans. According to an article on DNR, Beckham "despises skinny jeans on men." Ouch, first we have to endure the horror of her Barbie-pink twin-set and now we are treated to her ever so subtle sartorial touch. (I really do try to reserve my criticism but give a guy a break!) "Guys should wear jeans big and baggy, with a big pair of boots or flip-flops–exactly how you see David when he’s out in his jeans and T-shirt," is the advice Victoria gives to the new generation of denim-doyens.

They are made from Japanese denim and design features range from the ‘aged-leather’ waistband logo to the purple pocket lining.  With the woman’s collection being stocked in stores from Colette to Harvey Nichols, it will be little surprise that the same stores are already enquiring about the brand-tastic bootlegs (denim not drink.) Prices range from £110 to £143 and the designs hit the market in August.

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BluWash: we can finally start washing our jeans again!

By ShinyMedia on March 12th, 2008

Bluwash_denim_softenerI’m in no way obsessive enough to do wrench rubbings on my back pocket with sandpaper but I do care about how my jeans look. This basically means that for certain pairs I try not to wash them until the smell makes me dry-heave. I’ve also had to get out of my favourite habit of wiping my hands on my jeans so I’ve reacquainted myself with hand dryers and kitchen aprons.
BluWash is special denim softener ($26) which promises to neutralise chlorine and apparently bonds to the fabric to minimise friction and protect the denim. What’s more it’s eco-friendly and biodegradable so even though you’ll be washing your jeans more hopefully it wont be making too much difference to the environment.

[Source: Nylon]

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Grizzly Bear show how to wear short shorts

By ShinyMedia on March 10th, 2008


We were talking about Grizzly Bear at Shiny Towers today and when I had a look at their website I was struck by how well they wear short shorts. Short shorts made a small
ripple last year and are firmly embedded in the high street’s spring
summer collections but despite departed writer Tim’s wise advice I still think some people will shy away from
wearing them. I like the insouciance of singer Edward Droste’s outfit, and get the feeling that a shirt is the only way to work this look.
Take a look after the jump to see Chris Taylor who plays clarinet in the band looking cool in some short shorts. I particularly like the way he’s teamed them with a colourful madras shirt in quite feminine colours but still manages to look smart.

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Burton get a bit cheeky with their Japanese Denim

By admin on February 22nd, 2008

If you’ve looked at our Jeans coverage in
the past then you’ll know all about raw & selvedge denim. You’ll also know
that the best selvedge denim comes from Japan. Not necessarily all denim from
Japan is expertly made on great looms and this is why Burton’s attempt
at Japanese denim
is a bit cheeky.

Burton were hoping for someone who kinda knows what selvedge denim is to
buy their regular denim in the false belief that because it said ‘Japanese
denim’, it would be selvedge. To be fair, it probably worked. The jeans are
completely sold out.

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Replay Grey Jeans

By admin on February 15th, 2008

A good pair of jeans are hard to find. A
good pair of grey jeans are
impossible to find. Here at Brandish, we do the impossible, so you don’t have to
(you wouldn’t be able to anyway, seeing as it’s impossible).

These Replay
are practically perfect; The grey isn’t too dark or light. Dark is
way too close to black and light is too close to looking like an 80′s street
thug (albeit one in Police Academy who wouldn’t have any kind of weapon and be
impeccably styled). The fit isn’t nut-crushingly skinny, but not baggy enough
to alienate those who do like their jeans to be a little slim cut. And most
importantly, the price is a very reasonable £98.

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By admin on February 13th, 2008


In the absence of much decent menswear on the catwalks of London (at least at the time of writing), here’s a trend from the Spring Summer collections which are hitting the shops as we speak. It’s not unusual for trouser legs to get shorter in Summer but this season we’ve seen a profusion of hoisties – trousers which barely skim the ankle.
Everyone’s been doing it: from left to right we have Burberry Prosum, YSL, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Ann Demeulemeester.
It’s got all the hallmarks of a genuine trend: the fashion forward crowd on the street have been doing it for a while; the more trend focussed designers have adopted it for the catwalk; and its really easy to replicate at home (just buy trousers which are a bit too short or simply roll them up). They work just as well with shoes as with sandals. Wear them with an open-necked loose fitting shirt for that debonair gent on a boating holiday look.
[Pics Catwalking]

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Adidas Originals denim by Diesel

By admin on February 5th, 2008


The Adidas originals range tends to throw
up interesting collaborations from time to time and this is no different. The originals
denim by Diesel range is an interesting mix – if only for the fact that you
wonder why Diesel agreed to it. It’s not bad in any way, it’s just that the
pieces are just Diesel jeans with some Adidas branding attached.

With that said, the Adidas logo was added
in an innovative manner. Adding the three stripes to the selvedge line is
especially inspired, although it may disappoint selvedge show offs who want to
brag about the quality of their jeans. The range is available from Adidas Originals stores and prices start from £115.

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Studio D’artisan Denim

By admin on January 29th, 2008


Next to Samurai denim, Studio D’artisan is one of the
most popular denim manufacturers amongst aficionados. It’s unthinkable that a
denim aficionado’s brand wouldn’t make selvage jeans, so they’re here in
abundance. Although the site states that the cuts range from loose to slim,
they actually range from slim to skinny.

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Slim and Slouchy jeans. why?

By admin on January 16th, 2008

I don’t like to bitch, honestly. But why
does anyone make or buy slim
and slouchy jeans
? I guess they’re designed for people who have no business
looking in the slim jeans section but still persist on doing so, leaving them
looking like the fat one out of the overrated Joe
Lean and the Jing Jang Jong

To put it bluntly, skinny jeans are
designed to be worn in that manner. Its fine to give your crotch some breathing
space but wearing slim and slouchy jeans is pointless. The slovenliness of
wearing jeans in this manner will only make the rest of your outfit look worse
rather than pull it all together, like jeans should.

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Levi’s 511 Slim fit jeans

By admin on December 3rd, 2007


Massive turn-ups aside, Levi’s still make
good jeans. The majority of these come from their vintage collection, where
Levi’s remake jeans from their extensive back catalogue. Banking on the old ‘what
goes around’ saying has worked pretty well for Levi’s as their vintage
slim-fits are proving to be some of the most popular Levi’s out.

Levi’s realised and capitalised on it,
releasing the 511
, virtually identical to some of their vintage clothing, but instead of
boring old plain denim, they woven it with golden indigo (which sounds more
like an exotic bird than fabric), leaving it with a subtle shimmering effect. At
£100, they’re also reasonably priced and would make a good addition to your
denim collection.


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Levi’s Red Jeans – The next big trend?

By admin on November 30th, 2007

Every once in a while a designer will try
something really outlandish, just to see whether it catches on. Skirts for men is on of the trends that have been consigned to the dustbin (for now) and don’t mention balaclavas, which didn’t work as people don’t want to look like
incredibly stylish shoplifters. Now Levi’s are trying to get people into
wearing really big turn-ups.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that
this probably isn’t going to catch on. But if you’re the kind of person who wants to wear items that absolutely
no one else is wearing then these
can be yours for £181

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Dior Homme Jeans – Bad fit or just a fat arse model?

By admin on November 29th, 2007

Some things you can always rely on. Each
Strokes album getting progressively worse. Tyra Banks saying ‘fierce’ in every
episode of America’s next top model. Dior Homme Jeans being among the best on
the market. Now you can the scratch that last sentence off your list of
universal certainties, as their new S/S 2008 jeans are awful.

I’m not sure what went wrong with the fit
on these pictures. It looks like the model has a massive arse, but seeing as
Dior Homme don’t hire anyone with more than 2% body fat, it has to be the jeans
themselves. It’s tempting to blame Kris Van Aasche for all this, but there’s
more than one person at fault here. I could do some investigative journalism,
getting to the root of the problem. But I’d rather just blame Kris Van Aasche.

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WESC raw selvage jeans

By admin on November 26th, 2007

WESC aren’t known for making
jeans, usually sticking to shirts, accessories and even headphones. However,
they do look like a brand that focuses on the finer details of an item when
they do branch out – as these raw
selvage jeans

Most established brands – I’m
looking at you, Levi’s – don’t do selvage much, as it’s pretty expensive to make
in comparison to basic denim, so it’s a surprise to see a relative newcomer do
so. The fit is straight bordering on slim – the standard fit this season and
probably for a few more, if fashion continues its skinny jeans obsession.

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