Nudie black selvage jeans

Swedish denim brand Nudie aim to be ‘the naked truth about denim’. I’m not sure what that means, but they make really good jeans. Specializing in raw denim, you’re advised to wear them every day for six months before washing them. Unless they became unspeakably dirty, obviously. The Average Joes are in the middle of a range which varies from …

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adminNudie black selvage jeans

Uniqlo serves up a heaping slice of denim

There’s been a big fuss made about Uniqlo recently, and there’s even more of a kerfuffle thanks to their new denim range. Reasonably priced the range comes in a variety of fits and washes. I’m loving the slim fit straight jeans in grey (£24.99) and the deep indigo selvedge regular fit jeans (£39.99). I can see what the fuss is …

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IsabelleUniqlo serves up a heaping slice of denim

Topman tobacco jeans: perfect transition wear

It’s August and what does that mean? The shops are full of the dregs of sale items and we’ll be waiting until September for the new stock to come in. It also means I’m going to start banging on about transition wear, the clothes that carry you safely from one season t’other.So not a very exciting month stylewise but try …

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IsabelleTopman tobacco jeans: perfect transition wear