All Saints knitwear – Is it a coat or a cardigan?

Occasionally, scrambling to be amongst the first to wear something can leave you looking like an idiot. Just look at those people who started wearing neon in the absurd belief that dressing like Timmy Mallet would catch on. It didn’t and now they’re left with a wardrobe full of multi-coloured Cheap Monday jeans. I’m no psychic and I can’t tell …

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adminAll Saints knitwear – Is it a coat or a cardigan?

John Smedley ducan cardigan

With geek chic outlasting most trends, you’ll need to up the ante. A plain cardigan just isn’t geeky enough anymore. John Smedley’s ducan cardigan is in line with this seasons trend of patterned knitwear, but isn’t as ostentatious as some of the patterns that have been on the high streets. The fit is slim, but not as tight as J.Lindenberg,s …

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adminJohn Smedley ducan cardigan

Bruuns Bazaar cardigan

A wise man once said ‘you can never have enough cardigans’, I’m not sure who that wise man is or when he said it, but it’s good advice. Seeing as cardigans are now ubiquitous you’ll need to do a little bit more to stand out. This slim fit cardigan  – made by Scandinavian brand Bruuns Bazaar – has a certain …

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adminBruuns Bazaar cardigan

Uniqlo’s Cashmere knitwear

Uniqlo’s merino wool cardigans were the best value merino wool cardigans available (costing £20 for 100% merino wool compared to Topman’s £25 for 100% acrylic) but it looks like it’s slowly being phased out. As an ardent cheap cardigan wearer, I’m slightly disappointed at this. To make matters worse, the cashmere looks to be single pleated, which bobbles quickly and …

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adminUniqlo’s Cashmere knitwear

John Smedley style selector

The current trend for chunky knits and granddad-style patterns has led to some label revivals of late. The biggest one has been John Smedley, originally aimed at over 40s, they’ve now been adopted by ASOS as a premium brand. On John Smedley’s own website, there is a rather handy style selector. From here you can choose your perfect top according …

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adminJohn Smedley style selector

COS cashmere scarf

COS, the upmarket offshoot of H&M, have created a niche amongst themselves as a little beacon of exclusivity in busy Regent’s street. With only one store in England and ten stores worldwide, It’s safe to say COS is pretty exclusive. This is all rather useless unless you live in London or Brussels, with COS having no online store as yet. …

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adminCOS cashmere scarf

Insight double breasted cardigan

Making items double breasted seems to be in vogue right now, with coats and cardigans receiving the ‘one more set of buttons’ treatment. But most double breasted cardigans have an extremely deep V cut, which doesn’t show off the double breasted styling to its full effect. Insight’s cardigan avoids that with a High V cut, making this look like a …

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adminInsight double breasted cardigan

Cheapie of the day: ASOS cardigan for £12

ASOS have recently started a 75% off sale on their website and whilst there’s a number of items which make you wonder why ASOS ordered them in the first place, there’s also a few gems, such as this grey knit print cardigan. The fine grey stripe and contrast detailing is pretty sharp, and the slim straight fit is trés flattering. …

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adminCheapie of the day: ASOS cardigan for £12

On the Up…

Pic Dries Van Noten AW07. If I was a gambling man, I’d bet on mohair being big in the coming seasons. I don’t mean it’s going to be huge, but I reckon it’s one to watch. Mohair comes from the angora goat (not to be confused with angora, which comes from a rabbit) and is super silky and fluffy. Just …

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adminOn the Up…

Burton sale fine stripe jumper

Burton are having a sale with many items reduced to 50%, and this fine stripe jumper is only £7, bargain! It looks perfect for wearing with jeans for a cozy look. I know I’m always going on about grey smart trousers, but team it with the jumper and a shirt to match the mint stripes and you’ve got a comfy …

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IsabelleBurton sale fine stripe jumper

Brandish’s smart winter outfit for under £180

I know I bang on about winter being the best month for male fashion, simply because we get a broader range of garments and accessories to choose from compared with the rest of the year, but there is a drawback to having all those options – the expense. Whereas most of the year you can get away with a wallet-friendly …

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adminBrandish’s smart winter outfit for under £180

Lukesville Scarf & Jumper combo

With all this attention being lavished on cardigans & V-neck jumpers, crew neck jumpers must feel like an ugly duckling right now. Believe it or not, designers still make crew necks and good ones at that. Lukesville are one brand that hasn’t abandoned the crew neck yet and for good reason. With navy, maroon and white stripes, this crew neck …

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adminLukesville Scarf & Jumper combo

Lyle & Scott lambswool cable cardigan

  Autumn’s arrival has made dressing up a bit of a nightmare. It’s too hot for a full on jacket and too cold for a slim cardigan/jumper. That’s why Lyle & Scott’s chunky cardigan is a must have. Keeping the same quality as the V-necks, this cable cardigan is made from 100% lambswool and costs £125. It might seem a …

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adminLyle & Scott lambswool cable cardigan

Topman dotted cardigan

This double-breasted cardie from Topman (£35) will probably make you look like an old man, but I like that. All you need is some comfy slacks and slip on shoes and you’ll be beating the old ladies off with a stick (but don’t, one of them could be your gran). If you want to go down the normal route team …

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IsabelleTopman dotted cardigan

Howies long johns, perfect for festies

I’m off to Bestival in a few days and you may scoff but when I saw these luxurious Howies long johns made from ultrafine merino wool I seriously considered getting them. When you’re at a festival you don’t want to be shivering and sleepy you want to be invincible, and long johns are definitely the way forward. I once had …

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IsabelleHowies long johns, perfect for festies

Topman sale grey and yellow cardigan

I’m loving this Topman cardigan, the soft lemon is the most flattering shade of yellow and goes great with grey. It’s got a great college preppy feel without being too obvious and will add a touch of class to jeans, or make you feel a bit more comfy in suit trousers. On top of that it’s a ruddy bargain at …

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IsabelleTopman sale grey and yellow cardigan

Uniqlo merino wool cardigan

I love Uniqlo knitwear, I own a few of their jumpers which I’ve machine washed many many times and they’re still in perfect shape. That’s the beauty of merino wool, it has all the washable benefits of acrylic without any of the skanky bobbly plasticness. This merino wool cardigan is an awesome £19.99 and comes in four gorgeous shades of …

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IsabelleUniqlo merino wool cardigan

John Smedley ‘Chiswick’ cardigan

John Smedley have relaunched their website making it even easier for you to buy their fancy knits. They’ve added loads of features to make online shopping a more personalised experience, including a Fit Guide and fabric feel simulator. All that’s missing is an avatar of your BFF to tell you iwhen you look dreadful. Their ‘Chiswick’ cardigan is suitably foolproof, …

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IsabelleJohn Smedley ‘Chiswick’ cardigan