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John Smedley V-neck jumper

By admin on January 8th, 2008

Judging from the price drops at Asos, the
John Smedley collection isn’t selling very well. Originally at £100, it first
dropped to £50, now it’s dropped to a lowly
. I’m not surprised. Smedley’s uniqiue selling point was that Sean
Connery wears it. So what? He’s well into his 70′s now and his Bond days
were a long, long time ago. Not to mention terrible. Just like all Bond films.

But to get back on topic, this jumper is a
good staple piece; it’s well made, has soft cotton and fits well. Most
importantly, it’s at a price where it’s actually value for money, which is a
surprise for a John Smedley piece.


Topman v-neck cashmere jumper

By ShinyMedia on December 28th, 2007

The cashmere may not be very longwearing or the best quality but when a jumper like this is reduced to £17 it’s worth a punt. It’s from Topman and you don’t even have to leave the house to get it and what’s more the khaki colour is unusual but wearable. Team it with grey trousers and tee in a soft but luminous colour like coral which is tipped to be the hot colour this spring.

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Uniqlo Cashmere Scarves for £20!

By admin on December 20th, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, I suggested a Paul Smith cashmere
as a Christmas gift. If you bought it, return it now! Right now! Why are
you still reading this and not returning that scarf?

If you didn’t buy it, but still want
cashmere round your neck then you’re in luck. Uniqlo have just released a range
of Cashmere
costing just £20. In my disbelief, I went to one of the flagship
stores and lo and behold, there it was. £20 cashmere scarves. They feel the
same as the Paul Smith and manage to be £80 cheaper. As a point of comparison,
Y-3 were trying to sell some awful branded wool scarves for £110 and H&M ‘luxury’
scarves cost £20.

Before you start, I know this is another
women’s item but who cares about gender with scarves anyway?


How to fold a jumper

By admin on December 17th, 2007

Stripy_jumperuniqWith all the clothes that we recommend to
you, we feel it’s only fair that we show you how to look after the clothes once
you’ve got them. As you may or may not know, you’re not supposed to put jumpers
on hangers. Doing so eventually widens the neck and gives it lumps, losing its
original fit. When you’ve got a lovely jumper like Uniqlo’s stripy nautical knit (reduced to
£14.99) you want it to last as long as you can. With that in mind we’ve decided to show you how to fold a jumper.

After the jump, There’s a text summary of how
to fold a jumper and a Harold Bishop look-a-like
guiding you through each step. [Via]

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Granddad jumpers: who wins the war?

By admin on December 13th, 2007


Now that V-necks are the norm, you’ll need
to go that extra mile to stand out in a jumper. The granddad design look on
your jumper is probably too kerrazy for most people, which means it’ll be
perfect for the fashion forward.

Just how far can you go? Well that’s the
question that no-one in particular is asking me. I’m going to answer it
anyway. The Junk
De Luxe jumper
(top right) is more of a striped jumper than a design one,
but it’s getting there. You may have to team this with a shirt and tie to pull
off the full effect.

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Sale shopping tip no.1 – Folk Fuchsia Cardy

By admin on December 11th, 2007

Folk0007neonmThis is a fun time of year for shopping eh? Trudging through the streets agonising how you’re going to spend the last of your pennies on ungrateful family members you only see once a year. Anything you see that you might actually want for yourself you have to pass over in order to partake in this pantomime of exchange and gratitude. I vote we all give up on presents and just spend the money on ourselves.
Wow, I’m cynical.
I have a tip though, to make Christmas shopping a bit more self-serving. When you go round the shops, you can start planning for your sale shopping – scoping out those garments which you wouldn’t buy full price but would take a chance on come the January discounts.

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All Saints knitwear – Is it a coat or a cardigan?

By admin on November 29th, 2007

Occasionally, scrambling to be amongst the
first to wear something can leave you looking like an idiot. Just look at those
people who started wearing neon in the absurd belief that dressing like Timmy
Mallet would catch on. It didn’t and now they’re left with a wardrobe full of
multi-coloured Cheap Monday jeans. I’m no psychic and I can’t tell the future
(neither can psychics for that matter, the fraudsters!) but I can predict that long
won’t be popular.

Long cardigans dangle awkwardly between
coat and jumper, not making its mind up and deciding to stay in limbo. They’re
also far too feminine, even for the most fashion-forward androgynous male out
there. To be honest, it’s a miracle they even made it onto ASOS.


John Smedley ducan cardigan

By admin on November 9th, 2007

With geek
chic outlasting most trends, you’ll need to up the ante. A plain cardigan just
isn’t geeky enough anymore. John
Smedley’s ducan cardigan
is in line with this seasons trend of patterned
knitwear, but isn’t as ostentatious as some of the patterns that have been on
the high streets. The fit is slim, but not as tight as J.Lindenberg,s fits
(which are ridiculously tight, if you didn’t know).

Smedley isn’t a cheap brand, with plain jumpers costing £100 and this cardigan
costing £120. This cardigan is available from ASOS for £96 this week as part of
their week-long sale, so buy it while you can get the discount.


Bruuns Bazaar cardigan

By admin on October 23rd, 2007

A wise man once
said ‘you can never have enough cardigans’, I’m not sure who that wise man is
or when he said it, but it’s good advice. Seeing as cardigans are now ubiquitous
you’ll need to do a little bit more to stand out. This slim
fit cardigan
  – made by Scandinavian brand
Bruuns Bazaar – has a certain sophistication that other plain cardigans lack.

This is
down to the black trim, giving it an upmarket look that wouldn’t look out of
place at work or at a bar. It cost £70 and is available from Zoovillage.


Uniqlo’s Cashmere knitwear

By admin on October 23rd, 2007


Uniqlo’s merino wool cardigans were the
best value merino wool cardigans available (costing £20 for
100% merino wool compared to Topman’s £25 for 100% acrylic) but
it looks like it’s slowly being phased out. As an ardent cheap
cardigan wearer, I’m slightly disappointed at this. To make matters
worse, the cashmere looks to be single pleated, which bobbles quickly
and can get unwearable unless you wear it.

If the allure of wearing cashmere is
irresistible, then you can find their range on their website.


John Smedley style selector

By admin on October 22nd, 2007

The current trend
for chunky knits and granddad-style patterns has led to some label
revivals of late. The biggest one has been John Smedley, originally
aimed at over 40s, they’ve now been adopted by ASOS as a premium
brand. On John Smedley’s own website, there is a rather
handy style selector


From here you can choose
your perfect top according to occasion, fit, neckline, sleeves,
fabric (no acrylic here) and weight.  In a world of fashion
websites that are hard to navigate or operate totally in flash, it’s
nice to have such a usable feature on a website.


COS cashmere scarf

By admin on October 19th, 2007

COS, the upmarket offshoot of H&M,
have created a niche amongst themselves as a little beacon of exclusivity in
busy Regent’s street. With only one store in England and ten stores worldwide,
It’s safe to say COS is pretty exclusive. This is all rather useless unless you
live in London or Brussels, with COS having no online store as yet. If you do
live near one of collection of style’s stores, there are some great pieces to
be picked up.

One of
these is this Cashmere scarf (on the left). Going against most patterned trends
of this season, its plain and all the more stylish for it. Made from double
pleated cashmere, it only costs £35 which is a great price – if you can find


Insight double breasted cardigan

By admin on October 18th, 2007

items double breasted seems to be in vogue right now, with coats and cardigans
receiving the ‘one more set of buttons’ treatment. But most double breasted
cardigans have an extremely deep V cut, which doesn’t show off the double
breasted styling to its full effect.

avoids that with a High V cut, making this look like a cross
between a pea coat and a cardigan rather than a bog-standard cardigan with some
extra buttons on it.

The one
fault with this item is that it’s made of 100%
quite possible the worst fabric for a cardigan you can think of. If you can get
past that, then the cost is £55.


Cheapie of the day: ASOS cardigan for £12

By admin on October 16th, 2007

ASOS have
recently started a 75% off sale on their website and whilst there’s a number of
items which make you wonder why ASOS ordered them in the first place, there’s
also a few gems, such as this grey
knit print cardigan
. The fine grey stripe and contrast detailing is pretty sharp, and the slim straight fit is trés flattering. Snap it up before someone else does!


On the Up…

By admin on October 8th, 2007

Dries_van_noten_aw07 Pic Dries Van Noten AW07.

If I was a gambling man, I’d bet on mohair being big in the coming seasons. I don’t mean it’s going to be huge, but I reckon it’s one to watch.

Mohair comes from the angora goat (not to be confused with angora, which comes from a rabbit) and is super silky and fluffy. Just looking at it makes me feel like I’ve got a hair in my throat, but apart from this minor detail, I can’t see much wrong with it. Johnny Rotten worked it whilst swearing and shocking the nation on that infamous Bill Grundy Show episode, and who know’s better than him? It looks fresh and interesting at Dries Van Noten and even Hedi Slimane did a black and white striped mohair jumper in his last collection for Dior Homme. Get it here.

You heard it here first.

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