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Beverage of the week: Innis and Gunn

By admin on June 15th, 2007

Since the advent of the "lad" all those years ago, beer has really only meant one thing to men – lager. So there’s always been Guinness on the radar but for a while that was the only alternative we’ve had in a market saturated with over-aerated pints-of-piss. Fortunately, over the past couple of years we’ve started to see an influx of foreign and specialist brews flowing into our pubs.

This has mostly come in the form of Belgian beers and their wonderfully weird and diverse range. Quinn’s pub, in Camden, for instance, stocks close to three hundred different European beers, half of which are Belgian. Suddenly drinking beer is no longer just an arbitrary thing to do as a man upon entering a pub. You can refine your palette, making a choice between a German doppelbock or the many Belgian Trappist brews. You can even have a robust English ale  that comes in limited casks. This week however, I’ll be reviewing a Scottish beer. And bloody nice it is too.

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Ethical fashion

By admin on June 15th, 2007


Global warming, exploitation of foreign workers, huge multinationals muscling out smaller retailers.  The consumer market it fraught with horror stories concerning the destruction of our planet and the abuse  of human resources. So, taking a leaf out of the book of our sister site Hippy Shopper, I have come up with a few ethically sourced items that should ease your mind a little when it comes to the woes of the world.

Save the planet, continue reading after the jump.

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Monkey magazine

By admin on June 13th, 2007


FHM? Pah! Maxim? Old hat! Loaded? Used to be funny, not anymore. What the hell happened to lad’s mags? Well it’s the price for one. Up to £4 per month for a subscription to read the poor articulations of a bunch of jaded, old hacks. And don’t get me started on the likes of Zoo or Nuts. Not worth the bloody paper I say…

So it’s great to see Monkey arrive, an entirely web based – and free, might I add – journal that recalls the heyday of men’s lifestyle magazines. Incidentally, Monkey mag was conceived by the good people at Dennis Publishing, the same house that brought us the likes of Maxim and Viz – two ‘zines well past their sell by dates. So what’s Monkey all about? See after the jump.

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In home sauna

By mofgimmers on June 7th, 2007


Do you like a good sauna to cleanse your filthy pores? Well, if you are already well aware of the benefits of spending time in the sauna, you’ll be thrilled to know that you can get all those benefits from your own home.

The Infusion Three-Person Infrared Sauna ($2300) features healing infrared heat, a magazine rack, reading lamp, AM/FM stereo with CD player, and a digital control panel for adjusting the temperature or setting the timer — all from a standard 110-volt outlet.

You know you need this (if you’ve got the cash), hell, you could even invite the mates ’round if you’re not shy. Click here to find out more.

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The Loft Cube

By mofgimmers on June 7th, 2007


Ever fancied building an extention on  your house that doesn’t bore you to tears on sight? Well, one thing worth looking into is this beautiful Loft Cube (From $111,000).

The Cube was designed to be a temporary living structure, which can be placed anywhere providing you have the room. The interiors are customizable by client, as are the window treatments that decide whether you’re living in a glass house or in a glass house with nice blinds. It’s the modern, stylish equivalent of a trailer — and we mean that in the best way possible. Click here to find out more.

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Nucleo Grass Garden Chair

By admin on June 6th, 2007

Need new garden furniture? Want to landscape your garden? Strangely enough, you can now do both at the same time. The Terra Grass Chair by Nucleo ($235.00) seems like a weird concept, but the more I think about it, the more sense it makes.

For one, it’s a lot more attractive than cheapy, plastic chairs from Argos. And, being made from cardboard, earth and grass, its very eco-friendly. Just assemble the cardboard frame, fill with earth and scatter the grass seeds all over. Then wait a couple of months and you’ve got yourself a garden throne. Only, I’m sure you won’t want to park yourself down on it after it rains. And look out for worms.

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Wire coatrack

By mofgimmers on June 5th, 2007

Wirecoatrack_2Inspired by the humble paperclip, designer Tom Dixon hand welded stainless steel to create this wonderful Wire Coatrack.

Sold in two-foot sections, the Wire Coatrack is infinitely extendable, and can even be installed around corners. The welding skills demonstrated in the design of this item aren’t the result of art school (Dixon dropped out after six months), but rather the self-taught necessity of a motorcycle enthusiast (Dixon’s bike has landed him in the hospital twice, with one stay around three months, and it was during these recuperations that Dixon began toying with design to occupy his time).

If you look closely in the image, you can also see J-Me’s brilliant shoe rack. The super simple design gives footwear the appearance of floating in air, and by taking shoes off the floor means your hoovering days have been made that little bit easier. Magic! Both items are available from Design Within Reach.

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Oluce outdoor lighting stones

By mofgimmers on June 4th, 2007


Patios are dull. Just deal with it. They have lighting that looks like security spotlights and decking that works better in a sunny climate, as opposed to rainy old Britain.

So what can we do to liven up our backparts? Well, these beautiful Oluce outdoor stone lamps should do the trick. They are made from durable, weather-tested polyethylene, which mean you won’t get electrocuted and they’ll stay looking lovely for years! Available from Y Lighting for $316, they look great singular, but for maximum impact should be bought as a cluster.

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Steak Button Thermometers

By mofgimmers on May 30th, 2007


Proper chefs have a pretty good idea of how long to cook their steaks. That’s because they’re chefs. However, for those of you, who are like me, can let things go a bit awry in the kitchen, things can get tricky when you’ve got someone asking for a rare steak. Help is at hand!

These Steak Button Thermometers are retailing for $15 and are reusable. A 1" diameter gauge tells you whether your meat is rare, medium, or well done. Well worth investing in and saves you from a few disgruntled stomachs.

Available from Sur La Table.

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Graffiti chocolate bars

By mofgimmers on May 25th, 2007


Chocolate has never been as cool as this dope graffiti set. Probably not something you’d want to chow down on as these will be instantly collectable as the the wrappers are designed by ten legendary New York City graffiti artists including Blade, Crash, Crachee, Crime 79, Dondi, Dr. Revolt, Iz the Wiz, Lady Pink, Spar One and Voice of the Ghetto (Stay High 149).

Each Graffiti Bar weighs an impressive 2.25 ounces and come in Milk Almond, Milk Cafetto, Caramel, Cookies-n-Cream, Smores, Dark Strawberry, Dark Toffee Crunch, Banana Milk, Dark Rum and Dark Chocolate flavours. Individual bars can be purchased for $4.00 each or a Limited Edition “gallery box” includes the full 10 bars. Price $40. Not so much a snack, but a work of art. Click here to get your mits on ‘em.

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Lightascope TV art

By ShinyMedia on May 16th, 2007


If you’ve splashed out on an uber expensive flatscreen TV make the most of it with a Lightascope. You can get the panels in three sizes from $99 to $199 and they will transform your TV into a fabulous ever changing work of art. Better than Bid-Up TV at any rate!

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Dart coathooks

By ShinyMedia on May 11th, 2007

For £20 you can get these great dart coathooks that screw into your wall. Made from chrome they will add a touch of panache to your hallway, and the shape of the darts makes them quite practical for hanging your coats on. Designed by Anthony Chrisp they are quirky, but not in a "check out my tequila glasses in the shape of boobs!" kind of way, thankfully.

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Pineapple ice cube tray

By mofgimmers on May 10th, 2007


Summer is well and truly… well… imminent. This means girls in shorts, sitting in beer gardens and having a barbecue. We can’t help you with any of those except the latter. So what is a great little feature for your BBQ? Well, you could start with some unusually shaped ice for your drinks.

Where most ice trays are geared toward the ladies with hearts and stars, why not go 80s cocktail on everyone by getting some of these ace pineapple cubes? Plonk ‘em in some horrendous mindbending cocktail and fall over a lot. Great stuff!

Available from Urban Outfitters for a reasonable £5.

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Twister towel

By mofgimmers on May 8th, 2007


It’s not often you get to feature a towel on a site like this is it? A towel is a towel is a towel… unless it’s this great Twister Towel (as found on RetroToGo).

The Twister Towel harks back to the halcyon days spent tying yourself in a knot with your pals’ legs and falling over laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. Well, now you can do it on the beach too. How much is this going to set you back? A reasonable £20. Comes complete with two inflatable dice too! Ace!Now, left foot, red…

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Nature Calls Deodorizer

By mofgimmers on April 14th, 2007

RitualnaturecallsWhen Andre 3000 sang "I know you like to think yaw shit don’t stink…" he obviously was going to follow it up with a tale of how yaw shit does stink.

Well, thankfully, we at Brandish have just the thing for you and your stinky deposits. Just two drops of Ritual’s Nature Calls Toilet Deodorizer in your toilet water, prior to your morning constitutional, obliterates all pongs. The blurb says "this truly revolutionary, plant-extract-derived solution doesn’t just cover up your funky fumes, it eradicates them with extreme prejudice." It’s like having the Terminator instead of a Toilet Duck. Click here for more info and to buy

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