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Office Wear Chic In The Independent

By Will Reid on July 15th, 2008

madmencollage.jpgReading through The Independent Online last night, I came across this article by Alice-Azania Jarvis on the art of dressing for work. As she states, “the thing about getting dressed for work – the thing that makes it so very difficult – is that work is definitely not about clothes. On the contrary: in the world of earnest employment, such frivolities are almost frowned upon.”

This isn’t true in the world of fashion, a Lacroix suit in blue silk can be just as suitable as a t-shirt and jeans but every job has areas where comfort and utility are a priority.

Follow this link for the article and master your workwear wardrobe.

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Boxfresh and Raleigh collaborate on BMX bike

By admin on June 19th, 2008

boxmx.jpgI only post this because it caught my eye over on Highsnobiety as being steeped in nostalgia. Boxfresh and Raleigh are two brands that were massively prevalent in my younger days. They’ve come together to create a BMX bike that has been released in a ultra-limited edition run… of 2 (come on now – even that Stussy/Honda collaboration scooter a couple of years ago had 10 units produced).

Anyway, it’s all made me want to break out the old BMX and try to bunny hop over a kerb without breaking my back. Pics of the detailing after the jump…

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Moscot Nebb Glasses

By admin on June 19th, 2008

Like colourful glasses but hate Wayfarers? Then check out these limited edition Moscot Nebb glasses. The result of a collaboration with designer Chris Benz, these are what wayfarers would look like if they had some more class.

Like all true limited editions, there are only 200 of each pair available in both sunglass and prescription style. The Moscot site even lets you choose the colour of your lenses so if you’ve always wanted a pair of purple sunglasses with yellow lenses, now’s your chance.

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Mona Hatoum’s ‘Paravent’ at Art Basel

By admin on June 17th, 2008

mona hatoum paravent art basel max hetzler small.jpg
Art Basel ended on Monday but one of the things which caught my eye was Mona Hatoum‘s ‘Paravent’ at the Max Hetzler stand. The cheese grater looks so effective scaled up, I would actually really like to have this in my home it would give all my ultra-twee vintage fabrics a bit of an edge. There’s little chance of Mona Hatoum going into production with this but maybe Habitat will rip it off in a few years time?

Hatoum is exhibiting ‘Unhomely’, an installation at the Berlin gallery until June 28th. See after the jump for more images.


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WISHLIST: Prada Lifestyle Sets

By Will Reid on June 16th, 2008

prada.jpgWhile most men opt for the safe bet of ties, socks and other traditional Father’s Day gifts, I have always wanted to get something better. I spend weeks and months searching for something perfect in its masculine luxury, but when your dad works for Tesco’s your options are sadly limited. As a result, I often end up presentless and apologetic by the Third Sunday of June (like today, for instance.)

I was a fan of Isabelle’s ‘Caviar’ ties but only this afternoon (how horrendously cruel is that?) found these Prada Lifestlye sets.

Cards, Shoe Shining, Airline Comfort Kits- check out all these great belated gift options at

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Thom Browne Runs…In Thom Browne Cardies!

By Will Reid on April 28th, 2008

Thom Browne’s signature look of shrunken suit, sports socks and loafers has cemented him as a style icon for both sexes and his shows have even inspired my own trend reports. Now, has talked to him about his exercise regime (although running daily on tracks including Central Park, the Eiffel Tower and the Imperial Gardens of Japan are a luxury rather inaccessible to us hoi polloi.) But I really must warn you that the vid may leave you feeling slightly inferior- after all how many of us can claim to have completed 15 marathons worldwide and still be running in Thom Browne knitwear?


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Top Five: Euroflash- Masculinity or Insecurity?

By Will Reid on April 14th, 2008

thirt.jpgWith guidebook and ability to say thank-you in tow, I was an innocent tourist. At least that was until I saw him from across the road. The letters emblazoned on his back in plush gold velvet shone with insecurity- “Vagina Lover.” Welcome to testosterone Euroflash-style.

It made me wonder about the power of sexuality through fashion. I’m not talking about the Azzedine Alaia flashing of flesh but the establishing of our own preference (and much more) through what we wear. A recent commentator on claimed that the lowest thing a man could do was wear clothes that could be mistaken for women’s. Does that ban drainpipe denim, skinny scarves and thin knits (all within my wardrobe) from the outfits of the modern man. In my opinion a man of those opinions shouldn’t really be dabbling in the androgynous fashion industry. Read on for a Top Five of Euroflasher War Paint.

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WISHLIST: Paul Smith Pyjamas

By Will Reid on March 27th, 2008

“Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” If good old Coco Chanel was right (which really isn’t a question) then there is really no reason to feel as guilty as I do about desiring these pricey PJs from Paul Smith. Prepare yourself now for some major alliteration.

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Van Vacter pumpkin knife

By ShinyMedia on October 4th, 2007

If you’re going to carve a pumpkin this Hallowe’en and get all alpha male about it then you definitely need a Van Vacter knife ($19.95). Then you can do better than carving, you can man-carve; this involves more beer, mess and macho displays than the regular carving but gives the same results. The Van Vacter knife has a tough nonslip handle and serrated blade so you can carve whatever your (manly) heart desires.  This is no knife for girls etc… 

[via Uncrate]

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Whirlpool’s Espresso Fridge keeps food chilled, makes coffee and brings about world peace

By admin on October 1st, 2007

There are some people that argue, mostly unsuccessfully so, that there are days when it’s simply inappropriate to start off with an ice cold beer. While I’m loathe to admit it, those "some people" might have a point; your driving instructor probably doesn’t appreciate you smelling of beer on the morning of your test, nor will will your boss enjoy your incoherent, alcohol fueled presentation to the board of directors.

So, rather than being tempted by ASKO’s Home Pub, you might want to install the Espresso Refrigerator by Whirlpool. Other than just being a big, hulking bit of metal and plastic that keeps your food from going bad, this clever cold box has a coffee dispenser where the beer tap should be, allowing you an instant fix of caffeine whatever the time of day.

And not only does it chill your food and make you coffee 24 hours a day, Whirlpool’s device, to be released in January 2008, also stops your kids from getting fat by featuring an electronic child lock. Genius. Now, if it could only make me dinner in the evening, I could get rid of the wife… God, I’m going to get hate mail about that one.

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Swims automatic umbrella

By admin on September 28th, 2007

Umbrellas are usually very boring. Especially men’s
umbrellas. On first sight this Swim
looks just as boring as the rest, until you take a closer look. While
its orange rubberised handle may stand you out from the crowd, the automatic
opening mechanism definitely will.

While most umbrellas make you fumble about,
this has a simple up and down button that opens your umbrella in an instant.
All this functionality doesn’t come cheap though, with the umbrella costing
£40. About £35 more than your current umbrella.

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Home Pub means that you’ll never need to leave your house again… except for work, maybe

By admin on September 28th, 2007


This is the sort of thing that makes it great to be male in a male dominated society. So what if we have to put up with the constant, petty, struggle of asserting our status over other males, the general day-to-day violence our society suffers as a result of too much testosterone surging through our veins and the wars caused by belligerent old bastards in power.

When you’ve got a Home Pub in your kitchen, you can just come home and use a bit of alcohol induced insomnia to forget about the woes of the world. The picture above is pretty self explanatory. This is a standard ASKO fridge with a draught tap installed, which is connected to a 5 litre (about ten pints) keg in the fridge. How cool is that?

I still think the photo doesn’t portray the sort of man who’d have one of these in his house realistically enough. 1. He has a wedding ring, 2. He’s baking bread. 3. He obviously works out. In reality, this bloke should be single, eating pizza with a load of his equally single friends and have a gut that would put Buster Blood Vessel to shame.

[Via Gizmodo]

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Drink of the week: Singapore Sling

By admin on September 28th, 2007

This sublime drink was a favourite of British settlers during the early quarter of the twentieth century, drunk across the island-nation in gentlemens’ clubs and in colonial homes by groups of bored housewives. Nowhere, however, was the cocktail so well concocted than where it was originally mixed – the Raffles Hotel.

Apparently that still holds true today, although, from what I’ve been told, the drink is so popular that the drink is now premixed at the beginning of each day to save time. I can’t help but think that this would be detrimental to its and in any case, watching the barman work his magic is part of the fun of ordering a cocktail. Here’s the original recipe so that you can knock one up fresh from the cabinet.

You will need: London Dry Gin, Cherry Brandy, Cointreau, Bénédictine liqueur, grenadine, pineapple juice, lemon juice, Angostura bitters, high ball glass

Mix 40mls of gin, 20mls cherry brandy, 5mls each of Cointreau and Bénédictine and 10mls of grenadine into a cocktail shaker full of ice, shake vigorously and strain into glass
Top up with chilled pineapple juice and squeeze half a lemon into the glass
Add two dashes of bitters and stir

Garnish with pineapple and a cherry, put on your best white linen suit and panama then get a rousing rendition of God Save the Queen going with your mates and toast to a time when you really could be proud to be British.

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Michael Gondry’s weird Motorola RAZR2 advert ain’t that weird

By admin on September 27th, 2007

Made by Michael Gondry? What, this video? Really? I never would have guessed that the director of surreal films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep and of surreal music videos for Bjork and Daft Punk could ever come up with something as head-achingly weird as this. I can’t even tell what this is advertising, it’s just so strange.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m being sarcastic. Of course I know what it’s bloody advertising – the clue is in the great big "RAZR2" slogan and "Motorola" motif that pops up at the end. And it’s not even that weird. Peoples on the internets are so dumb sometimes. Lol. Anyway, it’s still a great video.

Via [Gizmodo]

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Crown 7 Electronic Cigarette – The perfect gift for the armchair activist who likes a ciggie or two

By admin on September 27th, 2007


Now that you can’t even have an innocent puff on a fag in a public house without whipping some local-council Gestapo officer into an ASBO-fueled fervour, nicotine-fiends have been desperately seeking other means by which to get their fix.

Nicotine gum is rubbish and tastes foul with a pint of best, and a patch just doesn’t satisfy the element of oral-engagement that’s half the fun of sticking a ciggie in your gob and sparking up. Don’t get me started on those bloody nicotine inhalers – they look like something scientists in the 70s conceived as "cigarettes" of the future and don’t deliver half the hit that you so need and deserve.

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