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Always wanted to dress like a socially inept, lazy, surly IT technician? Then look no further…

By admin on September 27th, 2007


Roy’s t-shirts in the IT Crowd have always drawn my affections (even if I think Moss has that ultimate nerd chic) simply because I love geeky nods to pop-culture. What I didn’t realise however, is that there’s a whole community out there attempting to track down what he wears in each episode.

This is easy when its a reference to Pac-Man or Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, but it appears that it can be a daunting job trying to dress like Roy – particularly when he wears seven tees in one episode. T-shirt blog Hide Your Arms hasn’t balked at the task by any means. Author Andy has managed to locate all but two of the totally awesome tees that Roy wears in season 2, episode 5 just so that, you too, can dress like a surly IT technician.

Via [Hide Your Arms]

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The proof that the iPhone really is just an expensive brick or, in this case, a pile of bricks

By admin on September 26th, 2007


About as useful as the real thing, this iPhone has been replicated in glorious Lego. I’m not what Nathan Sawaya trying to say about the touch-screen mobile, but he’s obviously a fan of his creation – he’s charging £399 for the Lego-fied Apple device, the same amount as the real-deal.

Perhaps it is a commentary on the foibles of consumerism or, more likely, maybe he’s just out to make a fast buck?

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Au’s Infobar 2 mobile phone

By admin on September 26th, 2007


I’m hardly ever impressed by the aesthetics of mobile phones. They’re all too "seriously" designed, trying to hard to be sleek and sexy but failing miserably. Maybe that’s the problem – can a phone actually be sexy? I’m not so sure.

Which is why I applaud Au’s newest release, the chunky, funky and plain fun looking Infobar 2. Resembling a cross between 1970s concept of the "phone of the future" and one of those single-game only handhelds from when you were a kid, I love the smooth, rounded design that looks like the thing is filled with helium. But I think the best description comes courtesy of Au itself: "Square it was and the form like whether the candy dissolved in the mouth and had roundness of".  I couldn’t agree more.

The 2.6-inch OLED screen has 240 x 400 resolution, there’s a
2-megapixel camera, mobile TV tuner, micro SD card slot, 290 minutes
talk time and 350 hours’ standby and comes in five awesome colour combos.

Via [Gizmodo]


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Master Chief’s newest USB incarnation

By admin on September 25th, 2007


We’d seen the Kubricks, watched reports spill in from all around the world as it went to launch, then, today, the big one dropped through the letterbox at Shiny Towers. Yes, Halo 3 is finally here.

So, along with the Kubricks, collectors models and life size recreations we can expect anything and everything to get the Halo treatment. It’ll be the gamers equivalent of Hello Kitty merchandise! Although I’m not sure if Master Chief will hold the same appeal for women as a Kitty vibrator

The latest Halo-fied goods come in the form of these USB drives that come in the usual colours and a number of different memory sizes. Each one is preloaded with artwork from a forthcoming Halo novel as well as an episode of This Spartan Life. The largest, 4GB drive is pretty expensive at £60, but they’re also limited edition.

Buy two and sell the second one on eBay. I reckon you’ll make your money back twice over…

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High-concept Incognito Watch is also highly invisible

By admin on September 25th, 2007

Would you hand over £275,000 of your own cash in return for a product that you’d not even seen, let alone layed your hands on it so you can have a tinker with it? No? Well, there’s a surprise.

However, that’s exactly what one doofus with more money than sense has done, buying a timepiece that has yet to be completed. The auction was one of many that took place at Monaco’s Only Watch 07 event, which saw a series of limited and first edition watches sold off to the same people who can afford docking duties in the city’s harbour.

The ultra high-concept Incognito Watch (is that meant to be ironic?) by House of DeWitt was present at the auction in name only, without even a concept drawing in sight. However, watch "architect" Jean-Michel Wilmotte described the watch "an exceptional horological creation and authentic machine of future time." So it tells the time then? Check out the unbelievable press release here.

But for all my cynicism, I must point out that many of the proceeds went to charity. Which is a good thing. Isn’t it?

Via [Tech Digest]

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Cool Japanese robo-watch tells time, stares dumbly

By admin on September 25th, 2007

I love the cute "classic" toy robot design of this Japanese watch from Dipiu. And in true Transformers fashion, this is a watch in disguise as, not content with just been worn on the wrist, the little mechanical blighter pops off the wrist-strap so that he (I think it’s male) can sit happily on your desk.

And, if you’re inclined toward wearing timepieces in a more "gentlemanly" fashion, the robo-clock can be attached to a chain as a pocket-watch. That’s sophistication, and all for about £20. The only problem is that you’ll have to figure out how to order one from overseas on Cataloger’s Japanese website.

[Via Tech Digest]

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Wilkinson Swords’ Fight For Kisses video promotes smooth skin and fighting toddlers

By admin on September 25th, 2007

I’m not sure what disturbs me more about this video, the implication that baby-son and father must resort to blows in an Oedipal struggle for the mother’s affections, or simply that the kid reminds me of that freaky dancing-baby hallucination from Ally McBeal.

Otherwise, the video, promoting Wilkinson Swords new Quattro blades, is neatly done, and slightly amusing. There’s also a tie-in flash game on the Fight For Kisses website. Beating children has apparently never been so much fun.

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Vertu Ferrari collaboration mobile phone is even more expensive than the iPhone

By admin on September 25th, 2007

Vertu, purveyors of medium-spec mobiles especially designed for the disgustingly rich, are following up their Ascent Ferrari 1947 mobile handset with another collaboration with the legendary car manufacturers.

The Ascent Ferrari 60 has been designed with Ferrari’s 60th Anniversary in mind, taking inspiration from their 612 Scaglietti, one of the most revered cars in Ferrari’s history. Part of a limited edition run of 60 handsets, the phone features parts used in Ferrari’s manufacturing processes and comes in a smart presentation pack that includes a piston from one of their cars. That’ll be useful, then.

No word on pricing, but considering that a standard Vertu phone comes in at around £2000, this extremely limited edition will most probably cost as much as an actual Ferrari. Possibly.

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Drink of the week: The Orangutan

By admin on September 21st, 2007

This is one drink you’re never going to have heard of, mainly because it was me who named it, but otherwise because it was created by a dead barman in a grotty pub in South London. But don’t let that dissuade you from drinking it. Neither should you consider not asking for one because of the seemingly incongrous ingredients – this cocktail is far, far greater than the sum if its parts.

Sweet and sour, the orangutan avoids normal definition – friends that I’ve mixed one these up for have variously described it as "spicy bubblegum", "melted sorbet" or, my favourite definition, "orange Britvic lollies spiked with alcohol and given to children. But I like it". I think that friend had one too many already…

You will need: Cointreau liqueur (you can use other orange liqueurs, but they don’t give the same kick), Malibu, dash of Angostura bitters, ginger beer or ginger ale, a short tumbler, cocktail shaker, orange peel

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice
Add one shot of cointreau and one shot of Malibu
Shake vigorously and strain into glass
Top up with ginger beer or ale
Dash of Angostura bitters
Squeeze the orange peel so the surface of drink is sprayed with orange oil, serve with a twist of orange

Finally, raise your glass every time you have an Orangutan in memory of its creator, until you forget what you’re actually drinking, that is.

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Halo’s Master Chief makes a little appearance before the big show

By admin on September 21st, 2007


Our nerdy brethren over at Techdigest have picked up on these awesome Kubrick Master Chiefs that are being released in anticipation of the eagerly awaited Halo 3, available next week. Although, as Gizmodo reported today, it appears that Argos were being particularly relaxed in their treatment of release dates.

For your the best part of £20, Firebox will ship you a limited edition pack of four Halo Heroes in various colours, including a very nice drab olive, a spiffing cerulean blue and an of-the-autumn rust-red. Mr Chief also makes an appearance (or technically, doesn’t) in an "active camo" guise, which is basically see-through.

If you miss the run on Firebox, you’ll be able to pick the set up courtesy of eBay. Only for triple the price.

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Mobile phone mounted mini-projector from Texas Instruments looks great, lets you display happy slap videos to wider audience

By admin on September 21st, 2007

Unless it’s wrist mounted or looks like a device out of Star Trek, I don’t get all weak at the knees for new mobile phones. As long as it makes/receives calls and can text, I’m fairly non-plussed about them.But then I came across the first working model of a mobile phone-with-projection capability and found myself a getting a little bit damp over the whole thing.

Texas Instruments, front-runners in the world of projection technology, have demonstrated their mobile phone mounted mini-projector, which displays a bright and clear 15" wide image. The device is literally as big as today’s largest mobile phones, which aren’t exactly brick-like themselves.

The proji-mobile (as I have dubbed it) uses LED lights which saves on power and prevents the phone overheating and, according to Texas Instruments, production should start for a roll-out next year. I can’t wait.

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Hussein Chalayan’s collection combines Tranformers technology, high fashion and nudity

By admin on September 20th, 2007

Designers of haut couture have been responsible for some pretty weird, wonderful and creative designs in the past. However, none have been so "innovative" and forward thinking as the outfits being created by left-field designer Hussein Chalayan.

Combining Transformers style technology and high fashion, Hussein has managed to come up with some pretty far out designs. And yes, I know there’s no menswear range, but hopefully Hussein will come up with something for us blokes in the future. Like a jacket that turns into a fully-operational Apache gunship.

By the way, if your work place frowns upon nudity, you might want to skip the last 20 seconds.

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IMobile Flying C1000 mobile watch doesn’t need pilot’s license

By admin on September 19th, 2007


While not a patch on the much coveted (by me mostly) Cect W100, the IMobile Flying C1000 watch has some nifty features including Bluetooth, GSM phone, 60MB of memory and, that marvel of marvels, a touch screen.

The thing is ugly as sin, but my favourite feature is the symbol recognition software which is pretty handy in the absence of a keyboard. Despite the name, however, the thing doesn’t fly. A call from the Trading Standards officers beckons.

There’s seems to be a glut of these Dick Tracy style wrist mounted mobiles, squeezing a million features into a (not so) little package. But is there a true need for the multi-faceted devices, or are they simply a gimmick? I think they’re completely unecessary, but it doesn’t stop me pining for a watch that I can have a conversation with.

[Via Gizmodo]

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Happy birthday Scalextric: Still going strong after 50 years, still more exciting than the real thing!

By admin on September 19th, 2007

While I was generally into GI Joe and Transformers as a kid, Scalextric will always have a special place in my heart. Granted, I only ever had the classic figure-eight kit, which was second hand and gave you some stinging electric shocks, but nonetheless, the Christmas morning I opened that slightly battered box to be faced with a couple of rather scratched F1 racers, was still one of the happiest moments in my life. You can start playing that violin now, sob, sob.

Scalextric has been exciting kids in the same way for decades and 2007 sees the world-famous miniature racing toy celebrate its 50th birthday, having survived the video game boom of the past three decades that has seen other "real" toys fall to the wayside.

To celebrate its continued popularity over the past half-century, the company behind Scalextric is releasing a special edition racing pack, consisting of a Ferrari 375 with a tinplate body (one of the first Scalextric cars to be made) plus Michael Schumacher’s 2006 F1 Ferrari, all squished into a lovely presentation pack.

For more information on how you can get your twitching mitts on the 50th Anniversary Edition pack, check out the Scalextric website. Looking at some of the kits made me feel ten years old again…

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Star Wars “Death Star” home theatre is the Dark Side of all home entertainment systems

By admin on September 19th, 2007


Excuse me while I melt into a salviating pool of geekiness – this is what I’m going to spend my inheritence money on. When I get it of course which, if I get my way, will be very shortly…

The Death Star Home Entertainment System is a home theatre designed to resemble the bridge of the Empire’s most powerful weapon. The plans were drawn up by none other than Doug Chiang, who was lead designer on the abysmal (but purdy looking) Episodes I and II. Presumably he jumped ship before the cringe-a-minute Revenge Of The Sith was made.

The set-up features a DVD cabinet cleverly concealed behind a life-size Han-Solo-frozen-in-carbonite, fibre optic-lit star field, 10 leather easy-chairs and a THX-certified Meridian and Runco based audio-visual system that boasts a projector, a multitude of speakers and, er, laser disc player. I’m not sure if Boba Fett and C-3PO are on hand to serve refreshments, but they certainly add to the charm.

No details on the price, but considering how the full equipment list reads, I might need to take out a few more life insurance policies on mater and pater.

[Electronic House Via Gizmodo]

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