Beach boys and their wooden toys

Despite being made from wood, these beautiful, pre-1950s estate cars were far from green – "environmental issue" just wasn’t part of the vocabulary back then. However, this didn’t stop the cars being snapped up by those who would become proponents of the early green movement – the surfing community. Full story [Via Men's Vogue]  

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adminBeach boys and their wooden toys

iWood – the iPhone cover made from trees

A couple of weeks ago we reported on the Incase iPhone cover, with it’s distinctive organic style that looked as though it was carved from mahogany. At the time, I thought it was the best cover out there, as it was both aesthetically pleasing and practical. However, it looks as the though the Incase cover has been usurped by Miniot, …

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adminiWood – the iPhone cover made from trees

Butterfly knife style MP3/CD player

Now I’m not the most techie person in the world and this isn’t a technology website, but all the same I had to bring this to your attention, just because it looks too awesome. The Dual Music Player is a concept design, so there are no real plans to release it, but the idea is an extremely practical one. Wouldn’t …

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adminButterfly knife style MP3/CD player

The Curiosity Shoppe orange phone headset

If you’ve ever found yourself being obstinately retro just for the sake of it then you will love this headset ($45) from the Curiosity Shoppe that gives a touch of the old times to your mobile phone. It comes in smart grey, black, red or my favourite, orange and plugs in pretty easily into your mobile. It’s a slick bit …

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IsabelleThe Curiosity Shoppe orange phone headset

iPod hymn book from Suck UK

Suck UK’s Hymn Book is a clever ipod holder that make you look all pious when really you could be listening to the music of heathens (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, errr… Britney Spears). It’s made from sturdy leather and has a handy elastic band for keeping the book firmly closed as you make your way to Church/work. Yours for a …

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IsabelleiPod hymn book from Suck UK

Paul Smith / Alexander Girard wooden figurines

Not only does Paul Smith bring us some great clothes, they also manage to track down and showcase some of the funkiest artwork. Last month Paul Smith displayed the wonderfully eccentric vinyl toys of Keiichi Tanaami, which were a refreshing departure from some of the more mainstream collectibles on the market. This time around, the fashion house is featuring the …

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adminPaul Smith / Alexander Girard wooden figurines

Mhi by Maharishi multi-tool

If you’re one of those men who likes to look good no matter where you are or what you’re doing (say, putting up flat-pack furniture or fending off wild animals in the woods) then this is the tool for you. Maharishi have released this Leatherman-type multi tool (£19.99) as part of their lifestyle range. So even when you’re swearing at …

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adminMhi by Maharishi multi-tool

Medicom – Levis Collaboration

Medicom, the designer toy company that makes the ever-so-cute Bearbricks, and Levis (the jeans company, dummy) have joined up in an unlikely alliance, the result of which is a totally unique collection involving luminous, road-safety style material and a tiny toy bear dressed like a YMCA cowboy. The jeans feature the motorist-alerting material around the back pockets and hem, while …

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adminMedicom – Levis Collaboration

Skullcandy G.I. headphones

Ever felt a bit self conscious about your white iPod wires clashing with your fatigues, or your headphones not looking tough enough on the battlefield? It’s a dilemma that every modern soldier faces in this day and age, where tech companies just don’t consider the fashion implications of their designs. Well, no longer. Skullcandy has eliminated the embarrassment of being …

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adminSkullcandy G.I. headphones

Transformers movie released today: Top five robots

For once I know what I’m doing this Friday night. Granted the choice usually falls between drinking at home or drinking away from my home, but it can be a difficult one to make, especially if there’s a few good flicks on (bah, who needs friends anyway).No, tonight I’m going to watch giant robots kick the living circuitry out of …

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adminTransformers movie released today: Top five robots

NiceBunny paper Transformers

So they don’t change from vehicles into robots in a few sharp flicks of the wrist, but these "cut out and keep" Transformers will still look unbelievably cool sitting on you desk. You’ll surely be the envy of all your work colleagues. Either that or you’ll be subject to taunts of "geek" before finding your newest cubicle buddies stapled together …

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adminNiceBunny paper Transformers

My other car is a phone: Porsche release new mobile

Not as fast as a Carrera GT, but just as sleek, Porsche have released their latest model – The P9521 mobile phone. in another example of car manufacturers branching outside of their station (see below for related articles), Porsche will be releasing their phone this autumn. But at £800 a pop, it looks as though the consumers Porsche are targeting …

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adminMy other car is a phone: Porsche release new mobile

Crazy-awesome NEC concept phone

Ever thought "wouldn’t it be totally awesome to the max if my belt was both a trouser restraining device and a phone"? Yeah, me too. And now NEC has answered our prayers. The belt-phone, show above, was showcased at the Wireless Japan expo earlier this week. Specifications were patchy, but from what I can tell the buckle makes up the …

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adminCrazy-awesome NEC concept phone

Mercury Prize shortlist: Who will win?

It’s that time of year again when the nominations for the Most Useless, sorry, Mercury Prize are announced. The Mercury Prize has an impressive track history of bestowing its paper weight on bands and singers who go on to do absolutely nothing of note after their "win". Talvin Singh? Ms Dynamite? Franz Ferdinand? Er, M People? Speak up please, we …

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adminMercury Prize shortlist: Who will win?

Paper Pilot: Educational AND fun

If you’ve never built an Airfix model in your life, it’s either because you have the dexterity of a monkey with the DTs or were too "cool" to be seen going into Model Zone shop on a Saturday morning. For shame. You missed out big time. Apart from the fact that it gave me the opportunity to set fire to …

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adminPaper Pilot: Educational AND fun

Beverage of the Week: Bond’s Vesper

I’ll warn you now: Supping on this cocktail will not convert you into a suave and sophisticated ladies man or a super-tough action hero. In fact, it’s more likely to turn you into a slobbering, leering wreck of a man, considering the measures of alcohol used in this lethal, but delicious drink. Here’s the recipe from Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale. …

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adminBeverage of the Week: Bond’s Vesper