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Super cool iPhone cover

By admin on July 13th, 2007

Having featured a few hum-drum, run of the mill accessories for the iPhone in an article last week (it’s not even out over here yet, so don’t blame me) I have recently come across this rather slick iPhone protective cover ($30). Despite being rubber, Incase have given the cover a distinctly organic look, with the black version reminding me of unpolished mahogany. However, if you want something a little more garish, the case also comes in red.

As well as protecting your new baby from bumps and scrapes, the cover gives full access to the screen and camera, so you don’t need to keep pulling it out every time you want to use it, unlike some cases out there.

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[Via NotCot]

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Cheeky tennis poster girl re-released for Wimbledon

By admin on July 6th, 2007

It adorned the walls of many young males – tennis fans or not – throughout the late 70s and now that tennis poster is back on sale, thirty years after it was first released.

The iconic image, Knickerless-girl with a great bum or Tennis Girl, to give it it’s proper name, is being sold as a limited edition of 1,850 canvas prints by Pyramid Posters to coincide with Wimbledon 2007. Athena, the same company who brought the world the famous Man and Baby poster, originally charged a couple of quid for the image. These prints are being sold for a little bit more than that. About £300 more!


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Stylish storage with Mebox

By mofgimmers on July 5th, 2007


With more people living in studios and apartment spaces these days, storage is always an issue. So throwing your Tees in an old cardbox may be practical, but it doesn’t exactly look cool does it?

Enter the brilliant Mebox. Affordable and distinctively unique, this customized storage solution is a perfect organizer for your home. The double-thick cardboard box features a grid of perforated discs that when punched out reveals a letter, number or symbol of your choice to quickly identify what’s inside. Genius. Available from DWR and retailing at £125 for a set of 15.

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Top 5 Apple iPhone accessories

By admin on July 4th, 2007


After months of sweating it out and over involving yourself in football practice, Wii and serious relationships to block out the angst, you’ve finally got your grubby mitts on an (imported) iPhone. You’ve had a chat on it, used it to surf for some porn, watched an episode of The Simpsons and even synched it to your calender, so you know when the next Rotary Club meeting is while on the go. But what now?

Now, my friend, it’s time to augment your new little machine.

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Tank Books – Cigarette boxes you can take to the pub

By mofgimmers on July 3rd, 2007


As the ban on smoking in public places sweeps the United Kingdom (as from yesterday, July 1 2007), Tank is launching a series of books designed to mimic cigarette packs with the same size flip-top cartons with silver foil wrapping and sealed in cellophane.

These incredible stylish books are a triumph in design and, as a set, would make a great addition to just about any home. Of course, these will travel rather well too. These brilliant items are essential for lovers of literature and probably even more desirable to those with a keen eye for innovative (and handsome) design. In fact, these are books are so great, you could argue that they should come with a government health warning. On sale now and retailing for £6.99 and available from Waterstones, Borders, Blackwells, Foyles, Magma and Urban Outfitters. For more information, see Read over for the titles available in this wonderful series.

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Beverage of the week: Chopin vodka

By admin on June 29th, 2007

I don’t do Vodka. Not normally anyway. I just don’t see the point in drinking something that feels like drinking pure alcohol without any sort of taste sensation. I may as well get straight onto the meths. Vodka and coke, vodka and orange, vodka and tonic, they just taste like alcoholic versions of the mixer. Utterly pointless.

"You haven’t tried enough vodkas."
"You haven’t tried enough vodkas. Go and get yourself a bottle of Finnish vodka. Just something you won’t find on the shelf here."

That’s the conversation that followed between a drinking partner and myself after the revelation that I hated vodka. I didn’t know whether to take his word for it. He’s been known to drink Lambrini. And enjoy it. In any case, he was right about one thing. In my life I’ve drunk around three vodkas – Smirnoff, Stoli and Russian Imperial. The last one I bought a dodgy offy when I was fourteen. It swore me off booze for life. Until I started drinking again a few years later… some people never learn.

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Todd Slater rock and roll posters

By mofgimmers on June 28th, 2007


A lot of like to hang a nice poster of our favourite band on the wall of our home (it’s hard to shake off from your teenage years). If you are thinking of getting some new artwork for your walls, then give the tried and tired poster outlets a swerve.

You can order an original silkscreen poster of your fave band (be it Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Radiohead, Pearl Jam or the featured Tenacious D) from Todd Slater. His limited edition rock posters (retailing from $25) are some of the most awesome you’re likely to see. Click here to see the full catalogue, and of course, the chance to spend some of your hard earned pennies.

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Gorgeous wall mounted desk

By mofgimmers on June 26th, 2007


If you need to free up some extra work space then you need to check out this wonderful LAX Wall Mounted Desk
($675) from the folks at Mash Studios.

The desk is made of English
Walnut and features sliding doors. It also offers a great working area that
extends a mere 20" into your living space. Don’t forget to check out
the matching LAX 3X Wall Mounted Shelf for extra work area storage. A refined and relaxed innovation that exudes studious cool.

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Keiichi Tanaami at Paul Smith

By admin on June 26th, 2007

Keiichi Tanaami, a Japanese artist and toy designer has released these typically crazy Japanese prints and vinyl toys through Paul Smith’s website and London stores. Prices start at a very reasonable £10 for a surreal and slightly scary vinyl "Wonder Girl" ornament, all the way up to £950 for a limited edition, framed print, inspired by Japanese family crests.

I love contemporary Japanese art, but unfortunately I don’t have £950 burning a hole in my pocket. I just hope they use some of the designs from both the prints and the toys for tee shirts, as I’m getting a little bored of the whimsical Americana prints and slogans or Banksy style images that seemingly adorn every single men’s t-shirt today… I just want sumfin a little different, ya know?

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Fake iphone

By admin on June 26th, 2007

It seems that unscrupulous counterfeiters – are there any other kind – are already exploiting the good natured greed of technophiles everywhere by producing fake iphones or, as this video shows, the "tphone". There are even reports of these ersatz devices appearing on eBay. I can’t blame them for trying though, as we all know that the iphone is going to define mobile technology in the same way that the Apple ipod changed the face of mp3 players. In any scenario, there’s money to be made off of the back of what will be a world wide craze.

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Beverage of the Week: Whiskey Sour

By admin on June 22nd, 2007

It’s that time of the week again. The filing can wait until Monday, colleagues are lobbing paper planes across the office and you’re rude to anyone on the phone (when you can be bothered to answer it). You can only just about read this as most of your brain power is being used to devise a scheme to get off work early so you can get so inebriated you can just forget about your dismal, little existence for the next 24 hours. Yes, it’s Friday, and I am here to help you along your way to alcohol induced amnesia.

This weeks booze is my favourite cocktail made using Maker’s Mark bourbon, one of the best sipping whiskeys around. Not so sweet as JD, it’s a little bit drier with a woody aftertaste, perfect for a whiskey sour. Keep on reading for the recipe.

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Jellio art

By admin on June 22nd, 2007


Ever wanted a giant version of an unmade Airfix model bolted to your wall? Of course you did. Now you have the chance. Jellio is the ultimate in retro-kitsch-art, selling anything from glass encased Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots ($800) to Rubix Cube coffee tables ($600).

They also sell this Airfix style wall decoration ($2,500). Unfortunately it’s not actually a F-15 or a Harrier jump jet, instead being a drive-in movie theatre-inspired slice of Americana. I still think it’s rather cool and a bit different to having a print of some sunflowers above the mantel piece. Yes, all this stuff is grossly overpriced, but when I’m a multi-millionaire rock-god with his very own guitar shaped swimming pool, I’ll have the money to buy whatever I want. And buy these I will.

This article was inspired by [Geek Happens]

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Giant wee funnel to stop stray splashes

By Isabelle on June 20th, 2007

When I saw my first boyfriend have a wee after a few pints in the pub I suddenly understood the reason why my bathroom smelt of piss. Forget the eternal seat up-seat down conundrum this giant Gold Man wee funnel clips over your toilet providing a much larger catchment area. It looks quite scary to me and as much as think it might be fun to try and hoist myself up and have a girl-style wee on it I’d question the kind of man who has this in their home…

[via Styledash]

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Good grooming: Shaving

By admin on June 20th, 2007

"Shaving? I don’t need no shaving lesson! My dad taught me how with the blunt side of a Bic and a load of imperial lather when I was eight years old!

It shows. Go and look in the mirror. You probably haven’t shaved in at least a couple of days. If you have shaved within the last 24 hours, I guarantee that you’re still experiencing razor burn as a result of your crappy disposable blade and cheap shaving foam.

"But it’s not my fault I tell ya, it’s not my fault!"

There, there. I know, I know. Poor teaching and a market cynically aimed at the "no time" generation means that the first products you’ll go for are Gillette’s vibro razor (why does a razor need batteries?) and Sainbury’s own brand shave foam. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Keep Reading after the jump for all the right, right, rights of shaving like a real man.

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Umbro by Kim Jones Hoodie

By admin on June 18th, 2007

Since debuting at the Paris Men’s Fashion Week in 2004, designer and photographer Kim Jones has collaborated with and produced clothing ranges with designers such as Marios Schwab, Mulberry and Isetan.

One of the more recent collaborations has been with sportswear retailer Umbro. Jones’s collaboration has seen a sports range that’s rather more refined than your average McKenzie tat and is a lot more unique than ubiquitous Nike gear.

Out of the range I’ve chosen this "shadow-blue" hoodie (£65). I love the design, but it was the detachable arms that did it for me! Wear down on the track, but it may be a bit too good for just getting sweaty in!

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