Herring Shoes reveal luxury leather luggage line

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British heritage brand Herring Shoes may be better known for their fine footwear,  but their latest range of men’s luggage shows their eye for dressing the sophisticated gent goes beyond classy boots and brogues. Comprised of the Coombe Briefcase, Washbourne Wash Bag, Lucknam Courier, Buckland Small Holdall, Bovey Large Holdall and Rhinefield Leather Care Kit, Herrineg’s usual attention to detail is on …

Globe-Trotter “William & Kate” Luggage Collection

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It seems like everyone is trying to find a way to capitalize on the royal couples big day including luggage maker Globe-Trotter. Now I’m sure most of you are about as sick of hearing about the wedding as I am, but when I saw Globe-Trotters special edition luggage, I couldn’t help but write about it. I have always had a …

Fluorescent Satchels by The Cambridge Satchel Company for Dover Street Market

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We recently came across this exclusive collection of fluorescent satchels for Dover Street Market, by the quintessential British brand, the Cambridge Satchel Company. Available in four colours (orange, green, pink and yellow), the distinct satchels feature a large main compartment with one front pocket and a double buckle closure. I am not 100% sure about the colours, but if you …

Look, no PVC! Topman Premium Jude holdall

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It feels like half of London is away on hols or just about to. And who can blame us given the ever-changing weather? What won’t change is the need for stylish luggage. You might have your look sorted out but a stylish bag always turns heads at the airport so ensure your carry-on is up to scratch. Some of the best holdall options right now combine canvas and leather (or approximations of) in the style of the classic, Continental weekend bag. Topman’s Premium Jude holdall combines natural 100 % cotton canvas with (yay!) real leather handles and detailing. Roll up a cotton tote bag inside it as a day bag and all your carrying requirements are sorted out.

Seb Law’s Summer Picks: Acne sandals, Mulberry bags and Levi’s shorts

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bobbin bike acne sandals.jpg

Seb Law is a grown up business Editor by day, dj by night, and in between finds time to maintain his blog at The Staple and keep us entertained on Twitter. He kindly provided us with his summer picks, which get us in the mood for long days at the park, day trips to the beach and lazy pub garden evenings. Read on to find out what he’ll be wearing this season:

Snow White has never been so quilted

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If you, like me, look at your luggage and think “It’s good, but it’s just not white enough” then these beauties by Head Porter are for you. Quilted and whiter than anything I have ever seen this set of luggage, part of the Snow White / Blanc collection, will see you right through the dreary winter months, but for god’s sake don’t put it down these things will soak the dirt out of a tramp.

Everyday Fashion Miracles: Hand-Carrying Bags

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“I’d again like to apologize to those customers who have suffered disrupted journeys or baggage delays.” Well Mr. Willie Walsh, I have just spent a day imprisoned (okay, voluntarily withheld) in my flat. I have also just finished watching ‘The Ring,’ three bags of salt and vinegar crisps and devoured two diet Cokes. On top of this, I have just left the protection of my covers not only because the Jerry Springer marathon finished but also because I feel obligated to comment on the fact that BA has lost my luggage. Sometimes sorry isn’t just hard to say but hard to take.

Solar-powered satchel

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This is such a neat idea, a smart vegetable-dyed leather satchel with a solar panel for charging your mp3 player, phone, camera and all the other gadgets we carry around with us. Who says you can’t be stylish and techie at the same time? Hippyshopper have got all the info on the bag which comes from Noon Solar.[Via BoingBoing]