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Herring Shoes reveal luxury leather luggage line

By Gerald Lynch on December 3rd, 2012

British heritage brand Herring Shoes may be better known for their fine footwear,  but their latest range of men’s luggage shows their eye for dressing the sophisticated gent goes beyond classy boots and brogues.

Comprised of the Coombe Briefcase, Washbourne Wash Bag, Lucknam Courier, Buckland Small Holdall, Bovey Large Holdall and Rhinefield Leather Care Kit, Herrineg’s usual attention to detail is on show, with the entire range made from high quality soft brown grain leather. We’re particularly taken with the Lucknam Courier bag and its two-tone strap.

Available now, they’ll make perfect Christmas presents or useful gifts for yourself ahead of a winter break.

Scroll down for a closer look at choice cuts from the range, as well as pricing.

Bovey holdall - £160

Picture 1 of 4
Picture 1 of 4

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Back to School Fashion: Rucksacks

By shinychris on October 3rd, 2012

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Back to school again – the best part of this is all the new gear you get to show off, right? Your stuff has to work hard – we know that, so here are a few backpacks new to the market including some from the new range at JD Sports that will look cool and fit everything you need, all while being tough enough to last the school year.

The Nike NSW

First up is the Nike NSW backpack. It’s all grey with a huge Nike logo on the front in black. It’s got two zipped compartments – the main one and a front pocket for your sweets and phone. It’s big enough for all your books and a drinks bottle as well. It has adjustable straps and a looped grip handle so you can grab and go, and not miss the bus. All this for £20? Bargain!

The Converse Stuff It

Next is the Converse Stuff It Backpack, and let’s face it, there’s never been a time when Converse wasn’t cool. This one is black with the Converse logo on the front. It has two zipped compartments, one main one and one on the front, and two elasticated side pockets big enough for a drinks bottle. It also has padded, adjustable straps and a padded back panel for those heavy-book days. Best of all it has an abrasion-resistant bottom so it’ll take a bit of a beating before it drops all your stuff on the floor. At £30, this one’s a steal.

The Timberland Pink Backpack

Here’s one for the girls – the Timberland Backpack in pink. This one has a zipped main compartment and front pocket, which has inside pockets for your phone and other bits. The straps are adjustable, and has a grab-and-go hook at the top. This one’s exclusive to JD, so you won’t get it anywhere else! For £25, you could do a lot worse.

Duffer of St George Miller

Lastly we have the Duffer of St George Miller Rucksack, and this one is pretty awesome. Its natural-coloured canvas and tumbled leather so it’s hard-wearing, and has two buckle straps and a drawstring to keep it closed. The buckled shoulder straps are adjustable and it has one zipped inner pocket. This is another JD exclusive, so make sure you grab yours while you can. For £25 this is a total bargain and looks really, really cool.

These are just a few of the rucksacks and backpacks on offer this September – there are plenty of other big names like Adidas, McKenzie, Umbro and Gio Goi to choose from as well but these are the hottest ones on the market. Make sure you check them out and go back to school looking sharp.


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Flaunt your impeccable music taste on the bus with classic album TravelTunes Oyster Card wallets – Manics, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream and more!

By Gerald Lynch on September 19th, 2012

My Bloody Valentine - "Loveless" TravelTunes wallet

Picture 1 of 9
Picture 1 of 9

We’ve already lost the ability to promote our reading habits on the bust thanks to coverless-Kindles (maybe for the best if you’re a Fifty Shades fan…), and there’s nothing more obnoxious than blasting out your favourite tunes through a smartphone loudspeaker.

The true gent flaunts his impeccable taste in more subtle ways. When it comes to music, how about these classic album themed Oyster Card/credit card wallets from TravelTunes.

There are nine up for grabs; Kasabian’s “Kasabian“, Leftfield’s “Leftism“, Manic Street Preachers’ “Everything Must Go“, Mark Ronson’s “Version“, My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless“, Oasis’s “Definitely Maybe“, Primal Scream’s “Screamadelica“, Teenage Fanclub’s “Bandwagonesque” and the first self-titled album from The Stone Roses.

Not only do you get the wallet, but for £5.99 you get a digital download of the associated album to go with it.

To give the collection a look, check out our gallery above, and then click here to order.

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Globe-Trotter “William & Kate” Luggage Collection

By Laura on May 3rd, 2011

It seems like everyone is trying to find a way to capitalize on the royal couples big day including luggage maker Globe-Trotter. Now I’m sure most of you are about as sick of hearing about the wedding as I am, but when I saw Globe-Trotters special edition luggage, I couldn’t help but write about it. I have always had a weak spot for classic luggage and this collection exemplifies why.
The British luxury company Globe-Trotter has a history of over 100 years of serving the British Royal Family, so I guess in some ways it is fitting that they would release a collection in celebration of the Royal Wedding.

The collection includes seven different hard-shell models in both “William” and “Kate” versions. While the “William” set features a navy and chocolate shell with a striped shirt lining, the “Kate” set features an ivory and navy shell lined with a more feminine print. You can order the set exclusively through Globe-Trotter here.

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Thule Crossover Collection – Luggage For The Sports Enthusiast

By Laura on December 13th, 2010

The snowboarding season has just kicked off, and last week I was lucky enough to go on a last minute snowboarding trip to Switzerland. Before I left the nice people over at Thule, sent me the 56 Liter Rolling Duffel to test out.
The bag is part of the Thule Crossover Collection,  which has been specifically designed for boarders and skiers. The Swedish company Thule, is the world leader in travel racking systems. The Crossover Collection marks there entry into luggage, and they have done a fabulous job.

I was very impressed with the number of highly functional features in the Crossover collection, such as the heat-molded, crush-proof SafeZone for goggles or other fragile gear, the durable molded exoskeleton exterior, and the separate spaces for helmets, gloves, clothing, ski boots, footwear, etc.
The bag also has oversized wheels for smooth mobility, and aluminum telescoping handles. Overall I found the Crossover collection to be very well thought out and perfect for transporting your equipment securely, safely and of course in style.

Although the duffel is probably a bit to large to take as carry on, I was able to sneak it on to my flight. However, if you don’t want to take your chances, they do have a rolling carry on bag as well.

The 56 Liter Rolling Duffel is available for $289.99. To check out the rest of the line go here

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5 beach totes: pack up and go in style

By cchapman on July 6th, 2009

5_bags.jpgWith beach time and festivals ongoing, a pick of the best totes is timely. Topman continue to have some bang on-trend totes, this lion playing card print would look great with a foppish English garden party ensemble. Or try the acid Aztec print for a MGMT/summer festival psychedelic spin. Speaking of Williamsburg, the Brooklyn idyll’s other favourite sons, Yeasayer, have this lovely hand print denim tote available from their merchandise site. Prefer back straps to shouldering a flimsy tote bag? This steel wire backpack from Manufactum is from an original Bauhaus design and will make you look arty (just make sure your reading material is suitably highbrow – Grazia just won’t do). If you really need to lug a load of stuff around with you, Uniqlo have very affordable cute backpacks in some perky colours.

Happy toting!

Lion tote and Aztec print tote, Topman. Steel wire rucksack Manufactum. Yeasayer hand print bag, Blue rucksack, Uniqlo.

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Look, no PVC! Topman Premium Jude holdall

By Colin Chapman on May 28th, 2009

TopmanJudeHoldall.jpgIt feels like half of London is away on hols or just about to. And who can blame us given the ever-changing weather? What won’t change is the need for stylish luggage. A stylish bag always turns heads at the airport so ensure your carry-on is up to scratch. Some of the best holdall options right now combine canvas and leather (or approximations of) in the style of the classic, Continental weekend bag. Topman‘s Premium Jude holdall combines natural 100 % cotton canvas with (yay!) real leather handles and detailing. Roll up a cotton tote bag inside it as a day bag and all your carrying requirements are sorted out.

Premium Jude Holdall £75: Topman

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Carhartt canvas shopper bag from Asos

By admin on April 30th, 2009

carhartt shopper bag.jpg

Shopper bags make a nice alternative to the rucksack, and Carhartt canvas bag from Asos (£48) combines utilitarian simplicity with interesting details. A glut of pockets is a terrible thing on trousers but on a bag it’s pretty useful, and the black straps and zip neatly punctuate the colour.

The warm tan will go well with jeans and would look particularly good with some pale green seersucker trousers or shorts for high summer as part of a neat, nouveau preppy outfit.

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Manufactum’s bark tanned leather shopping bag

By admin on March 25th, 2009

manufactum leather shopping bag.jpg

This bark-tanned leather shopping bag (239 Eur) looks slightly feminine, but that’s part of the appeal, there’s no faux macho-posturing from this bag, it’s just a simple over the shoulder tote. The true tan colour will look great with a navy suit or a pale Harrington jacket and it’s more interesting than your average laptop bag.

produce the bag, so you can guarantee that it will last you a lifetime, and get better with age. They recommend cleaning it with a damp cloth until a patina starts to form and they guarantee the only synthetic material used is the stitching thread, old school class!

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New York City Shopping

By Colin Chapman on December 12th, 2008

With the post-Obama glow making the US a desirable destination again, the pound not doing so badly against the dollar and hot guides like Buck magazine’s current New York issue, you may well be considering a shopping trip to NYC for Christmas or for the sales.

Head downtown where (reasonably) well known destinations like BBlessing and Oak offer the novelty of man boutique shopping at good prices (for us Brits at least). Ralph Lauren Rugby, aptly off University Place and not available in Europe feels like Vampire Weekend’s dressing up box. Other lesser-known places include TheCAST’s first retail store and Freemans – the offshoot of the uber-trendy restaurant.

If you make if off Manhattan (its EASY!) then Williamsburg has some great options: the original Oak store, the APC sale shop and Shoe Market (THE place in the city for deck shoes at half UK prices). Oak, TheCAST and BBlessing all have webstores if you can’t make it in person (though be cautious of those import taxes at the UK post office).

Image: Bblessing


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French Connection army bag is perfect for festivals

By admin on July 25th, 2008

risptop army bag french connection mens.jpgFor those of you who haven’t yet got yourself a small everyday bag French Connection’s army bag is perfect. I the way ripstop looks techy and the dark duck egg blue colour contrasts nicely with the khaki suede bottom.

The bag is a great size for your daily essentials, and is quietly smart. It’s sturdy enough to pack all your festival kit and take a bit of battering. The price has been reduced from £30 to £14 which means if you do get it covered in mud it’s nothing to cry about.

Click image to enlarge

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Brandish Special: Men of Mumbai

By Will Reid on June 4th, 2008

mumbai9.jpgAfter visiting Mumbai I am more convinced than ever that fashion is one of those things that unites the World. In these let few days I have seen a harsh and gripping poverty but also a vibrancy and pride that made for some great sights. Prepare for home-made man bags, children challenging fashion rules and prints that wouldn’t look out of place on a Burberry runway. There is no insensitivity intended here but an appreciation for the contagious positivity so inspirationally radiated by these young Men of Mumbai.

Keep reading for great street-style shots and a rather phenomenal blend of fabrics, styles and looks.

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Everyday Fashion Miracles: Hand-Carrying Bags

By Will Reid on April 1st, 2008

Thumbnail image for t5bag2.jpg“I’d again like to apologize to those customers who have suffered disrupted journeys or baggage delays.” Well Mr. Willie Walsh, I have just spent a day imprisoned (okay, voluntarily withheld) in my flat. I have also just finished watching ‘The Ring,’ munched three bags of salt and vinegar crisps and devoured two diet Cokes. On top of this, I have just left the protection of my covers not only because the Jerry Springer marathon finished but also because I feel obligated to comment on the fact that BA has still lost my luggage. Sometimes sorry isn’t just hard to say but hard to take.

(Image Source: Telegraph)

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Topman half price sale

By admin on March 27th, 2008

topman sale picks short bag polo.jpg
Topman have a half price sale on so now’s the time to nab yourself some summer bargains. Their check shirt we featured as part of our Chris Taylor madras shirt picks is down to £18 and the geo print polo shirt will perk up your wardrobe in no time. £45 for a suede holdall is a bargain, and it’s great to have a bright red accessory. Finally, I couldn’t let a day pass without mentioning short shorts could I? Product links after the jump.

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Wood Wood Big Bag

By admin on February 29th, 2008

323788rescaledpic390x390Hey colleague Will, you want better looking, more identifiable luggage? What about this big canvas bag from Wood Wood? It’s distinctive, it’s roomy and it’s the last word in hip. 
Wood Wood are the Danish label with the zany prints. They do a great job of being wholesome and a bit street at the same time.
They even have a cap in the same pattern should you want to co-ordinate a look. I wouldn’t recommend it though. As Heidi Klum once said in her nails-on-chalkboard voice on Project Runway “I don’t like so much this matchy-matchy”.
Available from Tres Bien.

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