Fred Perry Shoulder Bag

Fred Perry is one of those brands that has a unique place in many people’s hearts. It’s loved by fans of all things mod and by people who just like good British clothing. As a sidestep from the vast array of Fred Perry shirts on the market, you should have a look at this super-sharp shoulder bag. Retailing at £28 …

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mofgimmersFred Perry Shoulder Bag

M&S overnight bag

Tired of stuffing all your nice gear into rucksacks when you’re going away for a weekend. Half the time, a suitcase is completely unnecessary, so something in between would be perfect no? Well, Marks and Spencer have got this great overnight bag in the sale. It’s made from 100% leather (not including the zips and the like of course) and …

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mofgimmersM&S overnight bag

Banner Bags made from recycled tarps

Who knew recycled bags could look this good? Banner Bags use recycled PVC banners or truck tarpaulins to make bags for men and women. Totes, handbags, sports, courier, laptop bags, there is a wide range of style to choose from. Liverpool council have commissioned Banner Bags to recycle all their promotional material from their ‘City of Culture’ campaign. It’s just …

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IsabelleBanner Bags made from recycled tarps

Audio-Technica ATH-SJ5 portable headphones

If you want a great-sounding set of headphones to plug into your iPod, but you don’t like in-ear ‘phones, then Audio-Technica’s new ATH-SJ5s are an excellent choice. Each earpiece can turn 90 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. With a 1.2m cord, they’re suitable for any audio player with a headphone output. Most importantly, sound quality is very good for …

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ShinyMediaAudio-Technica ATH-SJ5 portable headphones

Eastpak Madison small courier bag

Spring is coming, which means you’re probably thinking about going on a weekend city break or well-deserved holiday. In which case you’ll need a small, discreet man bag for essential items – digital camera, mobile phone, iPod etc. This Eastpak courier bag is the perfect size to take out and about with you. It features an adjustable shoulder strap and …

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ShinyMediaEastpak Madison small courier bag

Haynes Manual bag

Ah the Haynes Manual, brings back memories of when my dad was a mechanic. He would come in from the garage at night, wash his oily hands in Swarfega and then show us all the terrible injuries he’d sustained during the day over a Fosters or Supermalt (for him) and Turkish Delights (for me and my sister). Fond memories aside, …

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IsabelleHaynes Manual bag

Paul Frank Bohemian Duffel Bag

Most men don’t feel like a fool carrying a bag these days. Once upon a time, you may have been beaten to death for being too feminine, but thankfully times have changed. For those gents who want to carry something a bit more stylish than a Head bag (or if you’re reliving your school days, the end of a Head …

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mofgimmersPaul Frank Bohemian Duffel Bag

Eastpak Lemmy ‘Blind Faith’ limited edition bag

This limited edition, padded rucksack, by Eastpak, features exclusive artwork by rock god Lemmy (Motorhead’s lead singer, if you didn’t know). The warty rocker’s ‘Blind Faith’ design shows a thunderbolt striking down from the sky. Eastpak   will donate 10% of the retail price to the charity nominated by the artists   themselves. Which is very nice of them. If …

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ShinyMediaEastpak Lemmy ‘Blind Faith’ limited edition bag

O’Neill H3 Series video back pack

You’re hurtling down a ski slope at stupid miles-per-hour and you want to record the moment for posterity. Well, if you are the kind of person who is mad enough to do exercise and film it, you may be interested in the O’Neill H3 Series Video Back Pack. The bag offers you hands-free recording with its Micro Lens for use …

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mofgimmersO’Neill H3 Series video back pack

Dunlop Hercules bag

Quite a few sports companies are getting in on the retro action with very few pulling it off. However, one brand has it’s feet placed firmly in the past and is thriving in the renewed interest. That is Dunlop, and most notably, their Green Flash trainers. Well, Dunlop have carried on in this rich seam and have released the handsome …

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mofgimmersDunlop Hercules bag

Travel mini bar

Playboy have recently done a feature on this splendid item. This brilliant travel bar can make sure that, if your good book hipflask doesn’t hold enough booze and drink related items, you really can get hammered anywhere in the world. It’s pretty much got everything you need for the ultimate party (apart from a DJ) and is all housed in …

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mofgimmersTravel mini bar

Navman Navpix GPS system

GPS satellite navigation is going to be increasingly popular in 2007, and not just because it puts an end to those testy in-car rows between you and your better half (mainly because you’re united in shouting at the annoyingly plummy satnav voice directions instead). That said, satnav is getting cleverer in a whole bunch of ways. Navman’s GPS devices, for …

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adminNavman Navpix GPS system

Five marvellous man-bags

1 EASTPAK CAMO SHOULDER BAG It costs just £30 (from Urban Outfitters), it comes in bulletproof-cool camo and it’s big enough to keep all your shit in – mobile phone, PSP, iPod, crack pipe etc. BUY IT

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ShinyMediaFive marvellous man-bags

The super plug

Sometimes, the best inventions aren’t the most pretty of things. Case in point is this genius travel plug adapter thing which has a socket for everything ever… there is probably a socket to enable you to make sweet love to it… probably. The lightweight and compact AC device provides plug adaptation for over 150 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, the …

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mofgimmersThe super plug

Heated Club Seat With the American dollar doing badly in the exchange rate at the moment, it’s time to get shopping on those US sites. First stop should be this brilliant arse warming chair…

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mofgimmersHeated Club Seat

Mezzo D9 folding bike

The nifty Mezzo D9 is the brainchild of ex-Formula 1 designer Jon Whyte, who now dabbles in bicycle design. It takes just 20 seconds to put together and, unlike some folding bikes, you couldn’t injure yourself with the D9 if you tried – the catches are expertly designed and the folding mechanism is very easy to figure out. Like other …

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ShinyMediaMezzo D9 folding bike

Ress Kutschen toboggan

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones you used to know, then once you’ve got your beady butchers ’round this, you’ll be learning how to do ancient Native American snow dances to bring the white stuff down this Yuletide. This super fast and super sophisticated toboggan is made from steam-bent beechwood by Bavarian coach builders Ress …

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mofgimmersRess Kutschen toboggan

Blue-sky umbrella

Why is it that men’s umbrellas are usually sober affairs? Women get all kinds of weird designs (some quite tasteful) whereas us blokes end up with something black, or worse still, a golf brolly. Well, designer Tibor Kalman has come up with a novel way of putting the design into gent’s umbrellas. Inside this brolly is a lovely blue sky …

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mofgimmersBlue-sky umbrella

The Xmas List, No.3: Leatherman Squirt

Most blokes love multitools. They’re so damn functional and they give off the impression that you’re a hands-on, DIY-lovin’ kind of chap (even if you can’t change a plug). American company Leatherman make the best multitools and they proudly sell all their products with a 25-year guarantee. When you buy a Leatherman, you buy it for life – just don’t …

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ShinyMediaThe Xmas List, No.3: Leatherman Squirt