Opening bands of the greatest music festivals of all time – Glastonbury, Woodstock

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Ever wondered who were the very first band to play your favourite music festival? Who kicked off the shenanigans at Glastonbury back in 1970, or who preceded all the greats at Monterey and Woodstock? And what ever happened to them? Did they achieve greatness or become a musical footnote just dragged out in features like this? Here are your answers. …

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One of 2013’s most influential bands – The Status Quo – yes really

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I have been listening a fair bit to the new album Inventions from the ultra cool Nashville psych band The Sufis and been scratching my head to work out what their key influences are. Sure there’s plenty of Revolver era Beatles, and they have obviously mastered all the key elements of the Syd Barrett songbook. There’s also a whiff of …

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REVIEW: Nile Rodgers Presents – The CHIC Organization “Up All Night” (Greatest Hits)

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The Don of Disco; the Patriarch of Pop: you love Nile Rodgers’ music even if you don’t know the man behind the tunes. It occurred to me and my pals that a beast of an all-night house party playlist we’d put together was unwittingly made up of at least 50% Rodgers related tracks, be they from his Chic days, the …

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Scott Walker to play live gigs in 2014 shocker! Tells mag that he’s on the case

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Once Scott Walker was among the most reclusive pop stars with a profile that rivalled Syd Barrett. These days however, he seems a lot happier chatting to people about his music and his ideas. There has been one area though which has been pretty much no go for awhile and that is live dates. Back in 2008 Walker did organise …

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AMPAS Gold Standard Series

David Bowie to play Glastonbury? The bets are on.

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Everyone knows that The Rolling Stones are the main attraction at Glastonbury this weekend. However the internet has been awash with rumours that a certain other vintage pop star who is on the comeback trail, might play a secret set at the fest. Yep William Hill is offering odds of 6/1 on David Bowie playing Glasto with him at 10/1 …

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David Woodcock releases Same Things debut single reinvents Brit Pop, but in a good way

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Essex has a bit of form when it comes to delivering maverick pop geniuses with a gift for mixing a smidgeon of music hall with a dash of 60s pop and creating inspired, but intelligent tunes. And the latest to join such luminaries as Ian Dury, Jake Shillingford and Damon Albarn is Blow Up record’s new signing Southend boy David …

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The Hidden Masters – Of This And Other Worlds review

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In case it has escaped your attention there is a bit of psych revival going on at the moment with thousands of bands from all across their world aping their 60s heroes in creating trippy, yet hook-filled soundscapes. A lot of those bands take the easy route and splice a dreamy melody to a driving beat before drenching it all …

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Pink Floyd on Spotify – the best of their singles, films and early stuff

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Of course we all know that See Emily Play is one of the best singles of the 60s and that Dark Side Of The Moon still outsells just about everyone apart from One Direction. And also that Comfortably Numb and Wish You Were Here are rock classics of the highest order. But now that the entire Pink Floyd catalogue has …

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Pink Floyd finally lands on Spotify – Wish You Were Here first

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There is a small but rather impressive list of bands who haven’t yet made their music available to streaming service Spotify. The Beatles top the list, alongside Led Zep and Oasis. but one band who up until now had resisted making their music available on the service have finally changed their mind. In a short period of time (hopefully, more …

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dickens smiths thumb

The best parody of The Smiths ever – from, err, Horrible Histories

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The BBC’s Horrible Histories has had some wonderful musical parodies in the past (the theory of evolution set to Bowie’s Changes springs to mind) but this one is something else. A chronological account of the life of Charles Dickens set to the music of The Smiths. It is spot on too. The level of detail is superb, the Morrissey style …

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Kosmischer Läufer – the amazing story of East German Kraut Rock for athletes

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As you all know West Germany during the 1970s was an explosion of musical creativitiy as bands like Can, Neu and Amon Duul married wonderful meandering psychedelic melodies to that very special Motorik Kraut Rock Groove. As for East Germany. Well the music soundtrack was just a little more conservative. With a totalitarian Communist government running the show and the …

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The 11 hottest new psych bands – Hidden Masters, Hounds Tooth, Magnetic Mind…

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Barely a day seems to go by at the moment without some great new psych music arriving on Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube or (gosh) vinyl. So I have rounded up 10 of the best recent releases (plus one bonus one) and included videos, embeds or links if they exist. So without further ado – here you go. The Sudden Death Of …

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The triumphant return of The Stone Roses at La Cigale in Paris

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The Stones Roses play two dates at London’s Finsbury Park this weekend. Simon Poulter got a sneak preview at La Cigale in Paris. They came from the north, they came from the south. They came for the day by Eurostar, they came for the evening by Metro. Their hair may have been greying, their kids may have been at home, …

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New psych find – the excellent West Coast Gnome covers The Three O’ Clock

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In my opinion one of the best records of the 1980s was The Three O’Clock’s incendiary debut EP come LP Baroque Hoedown. And that LP climaxed with one of their finest tunes – a slow burning droney slice of psych called As Real As Real . Well the band’s recent rebirth – which includes festival appearances in the US and …

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Eurovision Psych Contest – vote for the continent’s best space rockers

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** UPDATE Well I think I can safely declare Spain and The Chemistry Set as winners of the inagural Eurovision Psych Contest. They finished well clear of Beaulieu Porch – flying the Union Jack – in second and The Sudden Death of Stars from France who finished third just ahead of Switzerland’s Balduin. Thanks to everyone who voted. All the …

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The Quiet Loner’s guide to the top ten Quiet Loners

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Quiet Loner is in fact the hugely talented Matt Hill who has released a series of excellent albums the latest of which, The Greedy Magicians is a passionate, politically charged suite of songs that has already got many incredible reviews. Here is his list of other Quiet Loners “He was a quiet loner who kept himself to himself”. So goes …

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