H&M to push the boundaries of their menswear collection


H&M have decided to put a little more elbow grease into their menswear line, focusing on a sort of premium range that will be at thirty stores worldwide. Although no mention is made of COS in the article, it’s likely that the success of their upscale big brother has led them to the conclusion that men will gladly pay more for higher quality.

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adminH&M to push the boundaries of their menswear collection

Kanye West wears Pastelle hoody to Dior Homme show


Just in case you weren’t sure it existed, here’s a sneak peek at Kanye West’s upcoming Pastelle line. West wore this hoody to Dior Homme’s Paris show and it’s called ‘The Warrior’, due to its design being inspired by a suit of Armour. The warrior is made from several materials, including leather, felt & mesh, so we can assume Pastelle will be a mid to high end brand. With most assuming that Pastelle would get pushed back, it’s nice to see a little piece of it appear.

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adminKanye West wears Pastelle hoody to Dior Homme show

Lanvin x Acne High tops


Although the Lanvin x Acne collaboration looks to be women’s only, they’re still teaming up to release some high tops that can (presumably) also be worn by men. At the moment, there’s next to no information available on it, apart from the fact that’ll be out in November and that Kanye West will probably buy them. From the looks of it, we can assume that it will be the classic Lanvin high top shape with Acne denim on top.

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adminLanvin x Acne High tops

Jeremy Jackson’s eyebrows: yay or nay?

jeremy jackson eyebrow threading hobie baywatch.jpg

Look at little Hobie from Baywatch, such a promising future of pumping iron and wearing a pair of jeans with carefully handpainted Stars and Stripes. If you can bear to glance to the right you’ll see the Jeremy Jackson of 2008. Enlarge the photo and it becomes apparent that the most unsettling thing about Jezza are his eyebrows, to his credit they are immaculately threaded but I can say that because I’m a woman with an eyebrow obsession.

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adminJeremy Jackson’s eyebrows: yay or nay?

Lad Musician coming to Blackbird

lad musician.jpg

This is big. Bigger than finding out Liz Jones didn’t like Glastonbury (Shock Horror! A woman who calls cats ‘fur babies’ doesn’t like a muddy festival). I’m typing this so hard, I’m about to break my 3 year old Toshiba laptop. Lad Musician. Are. Coming. To. Blackbird. Read that sentence one more time and take it all in. I know, I can’t believe it either.

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adminLad Musician coming to Blackbird

Going to Henley Regatta? Wear Comme des Garcons plaid jacket

comme des garcons plaid jakcet henly regatta.jpg

This weekend sees Henley Regatta in full swing and if you’re heading down to Boris Johnson’s old constituency you’d better look the part. Comme des Garcons’ plaid jacket will look great teamed with a straw boater and some deck shoes and is perfect for lounging on the banks of the Thames.

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adminGoing to Henley Regatta? Wear Comme des Garcons plaid jacket

I’m Still Not Convinced- The Short Suit


A while ago, we remarked on how a Telegraph feature on the short suit had used rather unusual models to create an unflattering portrayal of the look.

However, this picture (taken at the launch of Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme in Milan,) shows that even the fashionistos of the industry can’t get it right. While also not the most model-ly of men, Bruce Pask of the New York Times would be one of those I thought could pull of this challenging look.

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Will ReidI’m Still Not Convinced- The Short Suit

Celeb Style: Jay-Z does Geek Chic 2 Months After Matt Damon


Last Friday, Jay-Z turned up on Jonathan Ross and as the guestlist was revealed, I was delighted to see good ol’ Jay-Z rocking the Geek-Chic look. But sadly for Mr. Z (can we call him that?) Matt Damon had tried the look over two months before. Usually an all-round innovator and owner of his own label, I have come to expect more of this man with those infamous 99 problems.

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Will ReidCeleb Style: Jay-Z does Geek Chic 2 Months After Matt Damon

Kanye West tipped to design a shoe range for Louis Vuitton

pharrell williams kanye west camille louis vuitton.jpg

Kanye West told WWD on Friday that he is designing a range of shoes for Louis Vuitton saying: “I’m here for Louis”. He was pictured here dressed head to toe in his designs with French singer Camille and N.E.R.D frontman Pharrell Williams at the Vuitton show in Paris. The rapper also revealed that he will release a women’s line this Autumn.

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adminKanye West tipped to design a shoe range for Louis Vuitton

Visionaire 54 SPORT- A Lacoste Tribute


The latest edition of Visionaire has been outed as a tribute to Lacoste’s 75th Anniversary. So far, the infamously expensive Visionaire collection has seen issues made of puzzles and vinyl records but we are now being treated to the ‘first wearable issue.’ Confused? Let me explain.

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Will ReidVisionaire 54 SPORT- A Lacoste Tribute