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It not you, it’s us – comments will return soon

By admin on July 15th, 2008


Dear Brandish readers,

If you’ve tried to comment on any of our posts recently you’ll notice that… you haven’t been able to comment on any of our posts recently.

This is just a temporary measure which we’ve needed to bring in due to technical reasons far too dull and clothing-unrelated to go into here.

At the risk of sounding like a call centre hold message, we do dearly value your feedback, which is invariably well-informed and amusing and makes the site worth writing. Please stay with us and normal service will be resumed soon…


PS: During this time any hella urgent missives can be sent to isabelle(at) or stuart(at)

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Vogue Germany- August 2008: Daniel Craig

By Will Reid on July 15th, 2008


Click Image to Enlarge
“Before Breakfast, I Am No Style Icon.”

It was revealed yesterday afternoon that the latest issue of Vogue Germany has a multiple cover. One goes to Toni Garrn and the other to Brandish fave, Daniel Craig.

Daniel is shot by Rankin in a relatively boring editorial, and the cover headline is “Mr. Style & Mrs. Chic.” I like the colour palette of hot red with the white-light background and cool colours of Craig’s outfit, but the pout is a bit off and the turn of this good-looker’s head makes it look as if he has an odd and inflamed left-ear.

Read on for some shocking German translations and more details of this issue.

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Victoria Beckham’s denim line unwanted by retailers

By admin on July 14th, 2008

1522articleimage_2.jpgIf you couldn’t wait to get your hands on a pair of men’s dVb jeans, you’ll have to wait a good while longer as retailers have refused to stock them. It’s not yet known whether Vicky B will retreat to the drawing board (she might even include some of those skinny jeans she hates) or whether they’ll just lower the price point. Either way, the line has been pushed back to at least next year.


The Guardian’s Summer 08 cool list

By admin on July 14th, 2008

alexacoolist.jpgThe Guardian have released a ‘summer ’08 cool list’. Amongst those included are Henrik Vibskov, Yvan from Face Hunter, Nicola Formichetti and, um, Leigh Lezark (this is a 2008 list, right?) As is standard procedure for this type of thing, there are a couple of names thrown in because they were hot that week (looking at you Noel Clarke) and a few that should’ve got their props a while ago (Saam Farahmand). No word yet on whether any of them will still be cool by winter ’08.

Alexa Chung ‘won’ it, by the way.

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Justin Timberlake steps into the role of William Rast for new ad campaign

By Kimberley Foster on July 14th, 2008


From Catwalk Queen: Instead of taking a step back, as originally planned, Justin Timberlake has become the face of his clothing label William Rast. The move came after new creative directors, Johan and Marcella Lindeberg, presented him with a new plan to portray William Rast as a character on the run with love interest, ‘Birdie’, played by model Erin Wasson. JT ‘instantly loved it’, and what resulted is a new chapter for the label, comprising of a multimedia campaign, set to launch later this month at

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It’s A Boy And A Girl For The Pitt-Jolies!

By Will Reid on July 14th, 2008


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The word is out and diamond-encrusted rattles our shaking throughout Hollywood. The Pitt-Jolies (or the better-sounding Jolie-Pitts,) are welcoming to the world a baby boy and girl. The boy has been named Knox Leon and the girl Vivienne Marcheline, with sources reporting that Vivienne came in at 5lbs; a fraction lighter than her brother.

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H&M to push the boundaries of their menswear collection

By admin on July 11th, 2008

hmmen.jpgH&M have decided to put a little more elbow grease into their menswear line, focusing on a sort of premium range that will be at thirty stores worldwide. Although no mention is made of COS in the article, it’s likely that the success of their upscale big brother has led them to the conclusion that men will gladly pay more for higher quality.

According to head of men’s design Ann-Sofie Johansson, the collection will focus on daring pieces like jumpsuits, fake fur coats (hopefully like the one that was on Asos) and pieces with clever detailing. The collection will be available in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States from mid September.

[Source: Fashion united via]

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A.P.C founder blogs

By admin on July 11th, 2008

touitou.jpgDespite being a regular visitor to, I only just noticed their blog the other day. They’ve roped in several noted names, such as Kaws, Visvim’s Hiroki Nakamura, Carri Munden and, bizarrely, John Mayer. These are all great, but the most interesting blog has to be that of A.P.C’s Jean Touitou.

Touitou’s blog focuses on things like the APC butler series, wood research for their perfume bottles and living it “P Daddy Style”. His tendency to write short sentences does leave the reader a little confused sometimes, as shown with his latest post shows. He simply puts up a picture of Nicholas Sarkozy and titled it ‘Sick of this’.

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Soulja Boy signs sneaker deal

By admin on July 11th, 2008

soulja boy trainers sneakers yums.jpgYoung rapper Souja Boy has signed a multi-year sneaker and apparel contract with Yums Shoes, a Dallas-based clothing company.

The line of shoes will debut at the same time as his second album, and the teen star is also releasing a cartoon this autumn.

Soulja Boy is working with Tex, a graffiti artist and designer on his own signature Yums “Block Star” sneakers as well as a clothing line.

[Matt Baron/BEI/Rex Features]

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Kanye West wears Pastelle hoody to Dior Homme show

By admin on July 10th, 2008

pastelle-hoodie-preview.jpgJust in case you weren’t sure it existed, here’s a sneak peek at Kanye West’s upcoming Pastelle line. West wore this hoody to Dior Homme’s Paris show and it’s called ‘The Warrior’, due to its design being inspired by a suit of Armour. The warrior is made from several materials, including leather, felt & mesh, so we can assume Pastelle will be a mid to high end brand. With some assuming that the launch would get pushed back, it’s nice to see a little piece of it appear.

[Source via the magnificently named Ferrari Murakami]

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Mr Mills: The Sunday Times Style Magazine’s New Menswear Columnist

By Will Reid on July 10th, 2008

Thumbnail image for mrmills.jpgThe Sunday Times Style Magazine has, for me, always been a source of great fashion advice but on Sunday, it was the magazine’s new menswear columnist David Mills who I had my eye on.

In his first post (blogger-vocab just fills such a niche in the English language,) Mills talked of great British traditions and this ranged from an observation on cricket attire and classic socks to Huw Edward’s ties.

While entertaining, Mills is too negative and with lines like “Cricket kit used to be…” and “not for the office,please: nobody likes characters,” you are left feeling reprimanded by a headmaster and not advised by a fashion-conscious metrosexual.

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Lanvin x Acne High tops

By admin on July 9th, 2008

lanvinxacnetrainers.JPGAlthough the Lanvin x Acne collaboration looks to be women’s only, they’re still teaming up to release some high tops that can (presumably) also be worn by men. At the moment, there’s next to no information available on them, apart from the fact that they’ll be out in November and that Kanye West will probably buy them. From the looks of it, we can assume that it will be the classic Lanvin high top shape with Acne denim on top.

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Jeremy Jackson’s eyebrows: yay or nay?

By admin on July 7th, 2008

jeremy jackson eyebrow threading hobie baywatch.jpgLook at little Hobie from Baywatch, such a promising future of pumping iron and wearing a pair of jeans with carefully handpainted Stars and Stripes. If you can bear to glance to the right you’ll see the Jeremy Jackson of 2008. Enlarge the photo and it becomes apparent that the most unsettling thing about Jezza are his eyebrows, to his credit they are immaculately threaded but I can say that because I’m a woman with an eyebrow obsession.

If you have no idea what eyebrow threading it involves a piece of cotton thread wound tightly and placed in the beauty therapist’s mouth while she makes ‘chicken head’ motions to give eyebrows so perfect they would make your dad weep. Take our poll after the jump and let us know whether I’m being unfairly harsh on poor Hobie/Jeremy or he in fact deserves the ribbing.

Zuma Press Inc/Most Wanted/Rex Features

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Prince Michael of Kent at Henley Regatta

By admin on July 4th, 2008

prince michael of kent henley regatta.jpgPrince Michael of Kent was recently voted 34 in GQ’s best dressed list, which was topped by Bond star Daniel Craig. Pictured yesterday at the Henley Regatta the Prince looks pretty dapper in a blazer and team cap.

See after the jump for some more evidence of M-Ken’s sartorial superiority, he is pictured in one of his trademark dark suits with his son Lord Frederick. There is also an image of him donning a combo of tie dye t-shirt, athletic shorts and deck shoes, a summer outfit I’d be proud to put my name to.

Rupert Hartley/Rex Features

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Lad Musician coming to Blackbird

By admin on July 4th, 2008

lad musician.jpgThis is big. Bigger than finding out Liz Jones didn’t like Glastonbury (Shock Horror! A woman who calls cats ‘fur babies’ doesn’t like a muddy festival). I’m typing this so hard, I’m about to break my 3 year old Toshiba laptop. Lad Musician. Are. Coming. To. Blackbird. Read that sentence one more time and take it all in. I know, I can’t believe it either.

This means you can finally stop putting the Lad Musician site through the google translator – especially as it tends to hand back sentences like “The LAD original material for this season’s T-shirt material is nice and soft textures”. Blackbird are starting to stock Lad Musicians AW 2008/9 collection and it will show up in their online store from early August.

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