Burton Black Label launches

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Compared to the fast-moving world of women’s fashion where new collaborations and high-street ranges are ten-a-penny it’s not that often that you get such exciting news in menswear. Which is why I’m pretty chuffed that Burton are launching their Black Label, a premium range of clothing for the more discerning gent. All the clothing comes in neutral greys, blacks and …

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Fantastic Koodos competition

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Leading online fashion retailer Koodos has just released news of a great new incentive for shopping on their online store. From 20th of September until 18th of December, customers registering with Koodos will be able to test their luck on Koodos’ "Wheels Of Fashion", playing for a chance to win part of a £13,000 fashion give-away. Shopholics simply need to …

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Hussein Chalayan’s collection combines Tranformers technology, high fashion and nudity

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Designers of haut couture have been responsible for some pretty weird, wonderful and creative designs in the past. However, none have been so "innovative" and forward thinking as the outfits being created by left-field designer Hussein Chalayan. Combining Transformers style technology and high fashion, Hussein has managed to come up with some pretty far out designs. And yes, I know …

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Hector Serrano’s Superpattata light is super at almost everything

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Hector Serrano is a Spanish conceptual designer based in London, who has recently come to light for his series of innovative, practical but aesthetically pleasing homeware. Hector manages to create gorgeous looking household goods that economise on space but maximise function, usually by combining the elements of two items into one object. Take the Bin Step, which, as the name …

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Beckham in the buff once again, selling the Motorola Razr 2

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What’s the deal with Beckham getting his kit off for every advert he does? I can understand him donning his birthday suit to avoid splodging Gillette shaving gel all over his L.A. Galaxy jersey, and you can’t promote undies without first whipping your trousers off. But does he really need to get nekkid to sell mobile phones? I’m sure there …

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UK triumphs in World Beard and Moustache Championships

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Hirsute men from around the world gathered for the bi-annual World Beard and Moustache Championships on Saturday, held for the first time in Britain since its inception in 1990, with the UK taking top honours in three events. Our bearded boys managed first place in the Natural Moustache, Chinese and Musketeer events, while registering second and third places in seven …

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Crocs get all shirty with new material designed for clothing

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Crocs, the company notorious for making those rubber shoes that vegetarians and middle-class yummy mummies seem to be fond of, have turned their attentions to making shirts. Thankfully its not the sort of shirt that you’d necessarily wear to torture garden, being made out of a completely different material to the footwear. I bet you filthy lot are disappointed now, …

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USC to invest 4 million in menswear

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Good news for menswear, fashion retailer USC is getting a £4 million investment to expand its men’s ranges.  "We strongly believe there is a gap in the menswear market and we’re looking to fill it with the UK roll-out of the USC concept we’re implementing initially in Nottingham," said Jo Bohling, UK brand director for USC. The company have suffered …

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Pharrell sports awesome t-shirt at Superbad premier

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Spotted Pharrel Williams wearing this super sweet tee at the Superbad premier (makes it sound as though I was there) and I instantly fell in love with it – the tee, not Pharrell. While he should have swapped the shorts for something a bit more formal and completely lost the hat, I can’t fault the shirt or his baby-blue kicks. …

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