Harry Potter premiere – Rupert Grint’s t-shirt

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Okay, so he’s not exactly a fashion icon with his ginger mane and puggy nose, but Rupert Grint was sporting a rather spiffing t-shirt under his dad’s old suit at Tuesday’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix premier. Martin Margiela’s Boxing Glove tee features a pair of pugilist’s mitts hanging around the neck like, you know, a real …

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Kris Van Assche’s A/W menswear show, and his first collection for Dior

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Kris Van Assche must have been extremely busy of late; as well as showing his own collection on Friday Assche took on the great responsibility of succeeding Hedi Slimane at Dior Homme. Slimane’s ultra-slim silhouette and Rock’n’Roll associations with Pete Doherty pushed menswear to the forefront of fashion. Van Assche’s show was a largely monochrome collection of pleated, baggy trousers, …

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The brandish guide to top hats and cravats a la Pete Doherty

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I expect that what he did for trilbys and skinny ties, Peter Doherty (or Pick-Pocket Pete as he will henceforth be known) will also do for top hats and cravats, in light of his recent dalliance with the derelict-dandy style. There is however, a rumour circulating that PPP isn’t such the trend revivalist that he is made out to be …

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Nike abomination

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"What… the hell… is that?" I hear you ask. I said exactly the same thing when I saw it. I was innocently trying to find you a sweet pair of sneaks for your shopping pleasure when I accidentally stumbled across one of these… these… things. And understand that some weirdo hasn’t just gone and bolted an old skate to a …

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Calvin Klein at Milan’s men’s fashion week

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Calvin Klein’s utilisation of sunset-pastel hues stood out on the runway at Milan’s men’s fashion week, where much of the offering from other designers were simple blacks and grey shades. That’s not to say that Klein didn’t exhibit icy-white ensembles and crisp, black shirts, but his strongest display came in puces, powder blues and pale khaki. This warm palette offsets …

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Keiichi Tanaami at Paul Smith

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Keiichi Tanaami, a Japanese artist and toy designer has released these typically crazy Japanese prints and vinyl toys through Paul Smith’s website and London stores. Prices start at a very reasonable £10 for a surreal and slightly scary vinyl "Wonder Girl" ornament, all the way up to £950 for a limited edition, framed print, inspired by Japanese family crests. I …

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Fake iphone

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It seems that unscrupulous counterfeiters – are there any other kind – are already exploiting the good natured greed of technophiles everywhere by producing fake iphones or, as this video shows, the "tphone". There are even reports of these ersatz devices appearing on eBay. I can’t blame them for trying though, as we all know that the iphone is going …

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Milan Menswear S/S ’08: Gianfranco Ferré’s final show goes ahead

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One week after Gianfranco Ferré sadly passed away, his final menswear show took to the catwalk in Milan in front of an emotional crowd. A parade of children dressed in white shirts (a Ferré trademark) closed the show to a standing ovation from guests, journalists and buyers. Ferré’s final collection included distinct variations of his signature white shirt worn underneath …

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Jellio art

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Ever wanted a giant version of an unmade Airfix model bolted to your wall? Of course you did. Now you have the chance. Jellio is the ultimate in retro-kitsch-art, selling anything from glass encased Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots ($800) to Rubix Cube coffee tables ($600). They also sell this Airfix style wall decoration ($2,500). Unfortunately it’s not actually a …

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Burberry’s latest campaign features Patrick Wolf, Larrikin Love and Agyness Deyn

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Burberry’s latest ad campaign features the cream of British beauty and talent in a series of glamourous black and white pictures. Christopher Bailey chose to juxtapose Agyness Deyn, Lily Donaldson and Keira Gormley with Patrick Wolf, Larrikin Love and members of the Paddingtons and the View.“The British medieval mood of the show was the starting point to this campaign, where …

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Vans are essentially a sports shoe, designed to take the rough and tumble associated with aggressive skating. That fact doesn’t stop them looking darn good though. Just check out these Vans TNT II. They’ve got the classic Van shape but have apparently been "upgraded" with a new type of sole that means they’ll stand up to even more of a …

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Rapha Racing / Paul Smith collaboration

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Rapha, the respected "road racing" (that’s cycling in normal terms) clothes maker and Paul Smith (who needs no introduction) have teamed up to produce a small, but perfectly formed, range of cycling apparel. The first release from this range is this rather smart racing jersey (£175) which commemorates Le Grand Départ of the Tour de France. It’s made from 100% …

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