English Heritage summer days out

This summer English Heritage are offering you the chance to unleash your inner medieval knight, Viking or Saxon. At a number of sites around the country you can practice a variety of activities from archery and sword play to juggling! You can also take a step back and watch aerial displays from WWII or gruesome medieval surgery. Prices for the …

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IsabelleEnglish Heritage summer days out

Aussie Bum boardies

Aussie Bum have recently released their new range of swimwear – and great it is too. I’ve highlighted the boardies shown (£23) for two reasons. For one, I really like them – simple that one. The other reason is that they’re boardies. The rest of Aussie Bum’s swimwear range is "package enhancing" Speedos. And unless you’re one of the models …

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adminAussie Bum boardies

Umbro by Kim Jones Hoodie

Since debuting at the Paris Men’s Fashion Week in 2004, designer and photographer Kim Jones has collaborated with and produced clothing ranges with designers such as Marios Schwab, Mulberry and Isetan. One of the more recent collaborations has been with sportswear retailer Umbro. Jones’s collaboration has seen a sports range that’s rather more refined than your average McKenzie tat and …

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adminUmbro by Kim Jones Hoodie

Seventyseven lightweight camo jacket

If you don’t fancy looking quite so conspicuous as this, but need a handy waterproof for this Summer’s festival season, look no further than this spy-tastic Sevetyseven lightweight camo jacket (£55). Black with a subtle camo-leaf print, its non-reflective 100% polyester mesh will keep you nice and dry but, more importantly, hidden from view. Perfect for hiding from the enemy, …

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adminSeventyseven lightweight camo jacket

Beverage of the week: Innis and Gunn

Since the advent of the "lad" all those years ago, beer has really only meant one thing to men – lager. So there’s always been Guinness on the radar but for a while that was the only alternative we’ve had in a market saturated with over-aerated pints-of-piss. Fortunately, over the past couple of years we’ve started to see an influx …

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adminBeverage of the week: Innis and Gunn

Ethical fashion

Global warming, exploitation of foreign workers, huge multinationals muscling out smaller retailers.  The consumer market it fraught with horror stories concerning the destruction of our planet and the abuse  of human resources. So, taking a leaf out of the book of our sister site Hippy Shopper, I have come up with a few ethically sourced items that should ease your …

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adminEthical fashion

Bonér clothing

Okay, let me stop you now. Yes, the company is called Bonér, and yes, it does have allusions to what I wake up with every morning (and I’m not talking morning breath). But, according to the website, it means a lot more than that. Either way, Bonér is a great new clothing company originally conceived in Rome. They have ranges …

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adminBonér clothing

HOM underwear

Men can be divided into roughly three groups. Boxers, briefs and jockeys. No, they’re not allusions towards different professions, but the type of underwear we sport ‘neath our trousers. You do have your "fringe" groups though – the type that wear giant, holey y-fronts or tiny cartoon character pants, but we won’t discuss them now… Personally, I’m a boxers man …

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adminHOM underwear

Top five: Cheap trainers

Trainers. Sneakers. Runners. By which ever name name you know them, they can be pretty expensive. Even some of the ones I’ve written about before cost £100. And some people consider £100 a fair price to pay! Take Nike for example. Their new releases cost up to £160 a pair, yet they still sell a helluva lot of trainers despite …

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adminTop five: Cheap trainers

Microzine store

Microzine is a magazine and shops in Liverpool and London stocking the kind of stuff we like on Brandish, exclusive merch, designer and limited edition finds and cool lifestyle products. This top is Nike’s LA sunset windcheater and will set you back £80, which is a pretty reasonable price for theit cracking photoprint of and LA sunset. Their new London …

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ShinyMediaMicrozine store

Tom Ford on Gucci, his new store and vaginas

Tom Ford explained his feeling about his departure from Gucci in recent interview: "My life at Gucci was like being married, having two kids, and living in a house you’ve built. Then you come home one day, the door’s locked, and your wife is in there fucking someone else." Ford and company CEO Domenico de Sole left Gucci after disagreeing …

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ShinyMediaTom Ford on Gucci, his new store and vaginas

Monkey magazine

FHM? Pah! Maxim? Old hat! Loaded? Used to be funny, not anymore. What the hell happened to lad’s mags? Well it’s the price for one. Up to £4 per month for a subscription to read the poor articulations of a bunch of jaded, old hacks. And don’t get me started on the likes of Zoo or Nuts. Not worth the …

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adminMonkey magazine

M&S iPod suit

Male? All ‘podded up in your DRM-‘goodness’? Still continue to believe Marks & Spencer is the acme of fashion? There may be a way for you to combine your love of Steve Jobs’s love-muscle (the iPod, sordid-imagination-in-overdrive) and M&S’s cutting-edge (for librarians) fashion, with their new £149 wool and lycra suit. The specially-designed Elektex fabric turns the inner lapel into …

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ShinyMediaM&S iPod suit

Swenkas: bringing dandy back

Ever heard of swanking? Well if you’re a dapper black man from South Africa you might leave your family on a Saturday night and head off to a fashion show with other Swenkas where your attire will be judged and if you’re lucky you might win a prize. Prizes range from blackets, watches and cows but are usually a small …

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IsabelleSwenkas: bringing dandy back

Royal College of Art Menswear shows

The Royal College of Art signalled the start of the student fashion season yesterday with its annual graduate fashion show. Thirty-five postgraduates got their chance to showcase their final collections which culminated in a eye-popping and imaginative catwalk presentation incorporating every fabric and form of material you can think of. The futuristic theme ran distinctly through every collection with students …

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IsabelleRoyal College of Art Menswear shows

Arctic Monkeys

In a recent interview Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders jokingly suggested he’d like to collaborate with one half of Gnarls Barkley on a fashion line. "Danger Mouse was interested in collaborating with us [Arctic Monkeys] on the new album," he said. "He wanted to meet but we never ended up getting together. I want to discuss starting a fashion label …

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IsabelleArctic Monkeys

Dead icons for Doc Marten

Doc Marten have decided to honour the longevity of their shoes by coming up with a new ad campaign showing some of famous Dr. Marten wearers. The one thing these musicians have in common, is they’re all dead and departed. The dead stars, Kurt Cobain, Sid Vicious, Joey Ramone and Joe Strummer (above), are all depicted sitting in heaven wearing …

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IsabelleDead icons for Doc Marten

Ewan McGregor loves AussieBum, not Wonderjock

Ewan McGregor has hit the news recently thanks to his love of AussieBum pants, the brand that includes Wonderjock, the undercrackers that emphasise your assets. A substantial order of the pants lead to a credit check which prompted the news story but Ewan’s people were quick to deny the story: "AussieBum has written an apology to us over it, it …

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IsabelleEwan McGregor loves AussieBum, not Wonderjock

Marc Jacobs Milan menswear show postponed

Marc Jacobs has postponed his first formal menswear show due to venue issues. back in March Robert Duffy, Jacobs’ business partner said “Marc’s new men’s line is going to show in Milan. The clothes are made there, so it’s just easy.” Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, who take care of the shows organisation did not include his collection in their …

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ShinyMediaMarc Jacobs Milan menswear show postponed