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Wearing one colour all the time

By admin on February 26th, 2008


While not as interesting as Lindsay Lohan going
impersonating Marilyn Monroe, there was an intriguing feature in New York magazine about
people who wear all one
. Don’t worry, black wasn’t allowed – otherwise it would have just
been a feature on Goths.

There’s a shoe designer who only wears
blue, a fashion designer in grey, an industrial designer who wears pink and
white at separate times (that’s two colours, the cheat), a fabric designer in
green and Stephin Merritt, who only wears brown.  The article is interesting if only for the
pomposity of the interviewees. The industrial designer (is that just fancy talk
for architect?) stated that wearing white made him feel “angelic and free”.
Presumably, wearing black made him feel like the grim reaper.

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Update: Ewan McGregor for Davidoff

By Will Reid on February 26th, 2008

A few weeks ago, I posted on the first pics from Ewan McGregor’s campaign for Davidoff’s ‘Adventure’ fragrance. So when this TV advert rudely interrupted my usual Sunday morning T4 routine, I was surprised to realise what it was. Unlike most luxury label adverts, this little film is subtle, succinct and pretty spectacular. It focuses around McGregor’s monologue on the usual blend of journey, travel, enlightenment and charitable experience but it is the stunning visuals which draws the viewer in.

I am beginning to think that this may be a trend in advertising; look at Louis Vuitton’s latest TV feature with wide-eyed travellers roaming the world in LV-labelled luggage. As I said before, McGregor is a relatable star and a man’s man- he’s not airbrushed or entourage-followed and this campaign only furthers my belief in Davidoff’s reinvention as a modern brand for the modern male.

See after the jump for Ewan’s latest televisual adventure (see what I did there?!)

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Puma x Yo! MTV Raps

By admin on February 25th, 2008


Following on from the Alfie x Puma
collaboration that reader Jerome posted the other day, Puma have gone even
crazier with these Puma
First Rounds
. Continuing their collaboration with the Yo! MTV Raps series,
these trainers are custom made for Cool
fans. If hot pink doesn’t scare you, then you can get these from
boutiques come spring.


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Burton get a bit cheeky with their Japanese Denim

By admin on February 22nd, 2008

If you’ve looked at our Jeans coverage in
the past then you’ll know all about raw & selvedge denim. You’ll also know
that the best selvedge denim comes from Japan. Not necessarily all denim from
Japan is expertly made on great looms and this is why Burton’s attempt
at Japanese denim
is a bit cheeky.

Burton were hoping for someone who kinda knows what selvedge denim is to
buy their regular denim in the false belief that because it said ‘Japanese
denim’, it would be selvedge. To be fair, it probably worked. The jeans are
completely sold out.


Pete Doherty turns down modelling gig

By admin on February 21st, 2008

According to Dlisted, Pete Doherty has turned down a modelling job offer from because there wasn’t enough money it. He doesn’t get out of bed for less than £30,000 according to his people, but the site was only willing to pay £10,000.

Unpeturbed by the knock back, the site owner’s still trying to rinse some publicity out of the situation by going public with the story (which I suppose I’m helping here – drat). “Oo does ‘e think ‘e is!” he balked “Claudia blinkin’ Schiffer?” (comedy cockney outrage has been added for effect).

I don’t think you’d get Claudia Schiffer for 30 large, mate.
I have to say, fair enough on Pete. The site is pretty poor and he’s got his reputation to think of (ha! Reputation!). But you know what I mean – he can’t go from Roberto Cavalli and Dior Homme to without it being worth his while.
[Pics by gettyimages]


Perez Hilton looks vile… again.

By admin on February 21st, 2008

79857263_2I was left really uninspired by the men at last night’s Brits. What a snivelling, dull bunch they seemed next to all those fabulous dames. Makes me want to become a lesbian.

However, when scrolling through the red carpet picks, I discovered this poisonous confection which I just couldn’t let pass without comment. I can’t bear Perez. I think he’s a poisonous little twerp. Not that that’s a bad thing per se but it bothers me that he doesn’t offer any of his own inadequacies for ridicule, just picks on other people’s, and I think that’s just rude. Wasn’t he brought up proper? Plus he reminds me of a Beagle Boy.

Whenever I see him dressed in something vile like this, it seems like he’s just trying to look hideous so he can act like he looks bad on purpose.

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DETAILS March 2008-Hayden Christensen

By Will Reid on February 21st, 2008

HaydenchristensendetailsThe latest issue of Details proves that this is a magazine for the fresh faces and rising stars. From Daniel Radcliffe in leather to Jonathan Rhys Meyers in too-tight jersey, we now have another young star who’s set to be a success. And after what feels like forever, we have a subtle cover which just oozes cool (did anyone else find Radcliffe’s ‘tache slightly scary?) Mr Christensen sails dangerously close to the James Dean stereotype but has just enough personality to pull it of without leaving the reader feeling as if they should watch the publicised film/line/fragrance out of pity. The photo-spread is dark, unshaven and unapologetic. Hayden appears determined not to fall into the pretty-boy category and this allows you to think he’s cool without feeling guilty. Inside, we have articles on Somalian gangs, Hollywood smiles, a How-to on Divorce and an interesting looking article on that age-old question- Does size matter? Prepare yourselves for this, it look set to be big.

See after the jump for more of Hayden’s shoot.

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Another designer robbery as MAN designer James Long’s autumn/winter 2008-9 collection goes missing

By ShinyMedia on February 19th, 2008

jameslongcollectionstolen.jpgThis is becoming absurd, not to mention extremely frustrating to read about. reports that MAN designer James Long has had his autumn/winter 2008-9 collection stolen. The young designer suffered at the hands of thieves a mere hours after his show took place last Friday. We reviewed the MAN show earlier in the week.

It is reported that in the early hours of the following morning, his Hackney studio was broken into and the entire collection pinched. "Everything, except a few accessories, was taken. They didn’t take my laptop, or anything else – just the collection," he said.

As police continue their investigation, Topman Design is offering Long its full support. "For a young designer, producing a collection is exhausting mentally, physically and financially, so to have everything stolen, straight after your show – especially as it was so well received by the press and buyers – is, quite frankly, devastating," Gordon Richardson, the label’s design director, told WGSN.

Whether it’s related to the same fashion bandits who have been terrorising London’s boutique owners and designers over the last 12 months is unclear, but preying on designers who have just presented their collections to the industry is pretty under-handed. I sincerely hope it isn’t some kind of publicity stunt, otherwise talk about coming down from a cloud with a thud!

[Image: via Getty]

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A.P.C’s Top Ten Essential items

By admin on February 18th, 2008


The Top 10′s on are pretty
fascinating, purely because they give you a tiny window into a designers life
and influences. As you’d expect, most designers name an Apple mac and a piece of
clothing amongst their top ten essentials, but some are more abstract than

Take A.P.C’s Jean Touitou, for
example. His top ten features rice, water, books, Olive Oil and soap. Unlike other designers, his choices aren’t brand led. So there’s no 61" TV’s like Ozwald Boateng or customized iMacs like Paul Smith. Touitou’s choices are similar to his design philosophy in that they’re simple and uncluttered, yet not plain in any way. His
most interesting/bizarre choice however, is white sheets. He says he uses them to ‘cover
shitty art in a hotel room’.

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Design Your Own Converse

By admin on February 18th, 2008

Remember the fun we had designing new Nike Dunks? By “we” I mean “I” and by “designing” I mean “changing colours”.
In any case, it seems Converse have had a similar idea with their Product Red collection. So not only are you creating shoes to suit your own particular idiosyncrasies, you’re helping charity too.
Here are three of mine using the Converse Skidgrip, which I’m sure you will agree are fantastic. You can also design your own Jack Purcells as well as Chuck Taylors in low top, high top and x-hi top. From $60 it’s quite reasonable too. Have fun. And by “have fun” I mean “wave bye-bye to your evening”.


Unconditional at London Fashion Week

By admin on February 16th, 2008


Unconditional is without doubt my favourite collection which shows at London Fashion Week. Autumn Winter 08 is a real return to form for the label with some fresh new looks.

Last season’s show was nice, but was a bit of a safe collection for them, delivering more of the same fine gauge knits, draped and gathered garments and chest-baring T-shirts that they’ve become known for.
This season they’ve moved in a more tailored direction without losing their slouchy silhouette.

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Gareth Pugh at London Fashion Week

By admin on February 16th, 2008


Mr Tumnas* trousers anyone? No, didn’t think so, but then that’s not what outré designers like Gareth Pugh are for. He exists so Kylie can wear him and people will say “Ooh, Kylie’s wearing Gareth Pugh, she’s still got it”.
Don’t get me wrong, I think Gareth Pugh’s great. He’s a real auteur and has the ability to create breathtaking looks.

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Deryck Walker at London Fashion Week

By admin on February 15th, 2008


Deryck Walker started his career with Boudicca, before working with Robert Carey Williams. His clothes are sold in Dover Street Market and his side projects include art installations in some really terribly cool galleries. But despite this résumé, his latest collection is surprisingly conservative. Lovely, but conservative.

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Todd Lynn at London Fashion Week

By admin on February 15th, 2008


Canadian export to London, Todd Lynn showed his latest collection for men and women this week in London. He continued to cement his reputation as the king of rock n’ roll, with this edgy dark collection, which will appeal to his fans who include U2, Marilyn Manson and The Rolling Stones.

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‘Appetite for Destruction’, the exhibition for Dazed and Confused’s Matt Irwin

By ShinyMedia on February 12th, 2008


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