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Cheeky tennis poster girl re-released for Wimbledon

By admin on July 6th, 2007

It adorned the walls of many young males – tennis fans or not – throughout the late 70s and now that tennis poster is back on sale, thirty years after it was first released.

The iconic image, Knickerless-girl with a great bum or Tennis Girl, to give it it’s proper name, is being sold as a limited edition of 1,850 canvas prints by Pyramid Posters to coincide with Wimbledon 2007. Athena, the same company who brought the world the famous Man and Baby poster, originally charged a couple of quid for the image. These prints are being sold for a little bit more than that. About £300 more!


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Harry Potter premiere – Rupert Grint’s t-shirt

By admin on July 5th, 2007


Okay, so he’s not exactly a fashion icon with his ginger mane and puggy nose, but Rupert Grint was sporting a rather spiffing t-shirt under his dad’s old suit at Tuesday’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix premier.

Martin Margiela’s Boxing Glove tee features a pair of pugilist’s mitts hanging around the neck like, you know, a real boxer would do after a fight. It’s a great tee, but the price knocked me back a bit – £105! Although you can purchase it here for a paltry £75…

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Kris Van Assche’s A/W menswear show, and his first collection for Dior

By ShinyMedia on July 3rd, 2007


Kris Van Assche must have been extremely busy of late; as well as showing his own collection on Friday Assche took on the great responsibility of succeeding Hedi Slimane at Dior Homme. Slimane’s ultra-slim silhouette and Rock’n'Roll associations with Pete Doherty pushed menswear to the forefront of fashion. Van Assche’s show was a largely monochrome collection of pleated, baggy trousers, waistcoats and jackets. Taking August Sander’s sombre photographs as inspiration Van Assche nevertheless hinted at humour with tiny bow ties.
His collection for Dior (above) was also a mixed bag, tailoring reigned supreme but gone was the slim silhouette (which was already starting to look a bit dated) to be replaced by pleated tuxedo shirts, Thom Browne style short pants and heavily pleated ’80s style trousers. This first collection was never going to cause as many ripples as Slimane’s later shows but Van Assche has shown quiet potential for the future. see after the jump for images of Van Assche’s show.

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Paul Smith sale

By admin on July 3rd, 2007


I love Paul Smith stuff. I love Paul Smith stuff even more when it’s cheap(er). So I was ecstatic when I checked the website this morning and found out there was a sale on. Read after the jump for some top sale picks.

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The brandish guide to top hats and cravats a la Pete Doherty

By admin on July 2nd, 2007

I expect that what he did for trilbys and skinny ties, Peter Doherty (or Pick-Pocket Pete as he will henceforth be known) will also do for top hats and cravats, in light of his recent dalliance with the derelict-dandy style. There is however, a rumour circulating that PPP isn’t such the trend revivalist that he is made out to be and that his latest feat of accessorising is actually down to a group of lads sporting the same look at Glastonbury.

Whatever the truth, I can expect that quite a few of you fancy getting the look yourself. I don’t blame you, because I think Triple P looks rather natty as a 21st century street urchin.

Top hats are actually quite expensive, and to get the full effect of PPP’s you’ll need to "distress" it a bit by crushing down the back. So don’t go spending £500 on an antique titfer, only to go and ruin it in the name of fashion. This one, which is similar to his brushed silk hat, is currently at a reasonable price on eBay.

Cravats were popular for a time during the ’60s and ’70s, so your pa may have a few knocking about between his platforms and paisley shirts, but otherwise it’s an eBay jobby once again. If you want a brand new one, and they’re fairly inexpensive, check out Tom Sawyer Waistcoats for some proper English country-gent style neck wear.

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Pukas – Vans Collaboration

By admin on July 2nd, 2007

Pukas, the leading surf company in Europe has teamed up with Vans to release these rather neat-o slip-ons, utilising the iconic "Vans Check" and integrating it with their own five-prong star motif. The results are four classic Vans designs that stand out from the usual black/white colour scheme that is so, maybe "too", well known. The great thing about the Pukas collaboration collection is that it will only be available as a limited run, so once you have some, you don’t need to fear that a million emo kids will have the same pair. Unless they decide to do a re-issue of course…

Available July ’07 Via Pukas Surf

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Pete Doherty’s Dickensian look

By Isabelle on June 29th, 2007

Walking to Red Snapper books for his book signing yesterday Pete Doherty looked more like he should be on stage singing: "You’ve got to pick a pocket or two!" Clad in a ratty top hat, suit, and silk cravat Doherty looked every inch the Artful Dodger as he puffed on a cigarette. Despite the raggedy appearance I must say Pete is looking quite well at the moment, he seems to have lost his drug bloat which made him look like a dirty baby!

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French Connection sale

By admin on June 29th, 2007


I’m probably a bit late on the uptake with this one, especially in light of all you au courant gentlemen with your fingers firmly on the pulse, French Connection are having a sale, with up to 50% off many items.
FCUK aren’t doing to well in my opinion at the moment, which is probably something to do with the erratic nature of their catalogue, swinging wildly between Reiss style sophistication and Burton tackiness. Having said that, you should be able to pick up a couple of bargains. Read after the jumps for a list of a few choice items I’ve found.   

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Nike abomination

By admin on June 28th, 2007

"What… the hell… is that?"
I hear you ask. I said exactly the same thing when I saw it. I was innocently trying to find you a sweet pair of sneaks for your shopping pleasure when I accidentally stumbled across one of these… these… things. And understand that some weirdo hasn’t just gone and bolted an old skate to a classic pair of Nikes – these things are official. Some exec, having caught on to the skate craze of ’79 has commissioned the Nike designers to come up with "Roller Nikes".

I need to state now that I’m only bringing this to your attention for the comedy/shock/oddness value and both I and Brandish do not condone their purchase or subsequent use. However, if you really, really, really want a pair, follow this link to the Crooked Tongues website. Ya Freak!

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Calvin Klein at Milan’s men’s fashion week

By admin on June 28th, 2007


Calvin Klein’s utilisation of sunset-pastel hues stood out on the runway at Milan’s men’s fashion week, where much of the offering from other designers were simple blacks and grey shades. That’s not to say that Klein didn’t exhibit icy-white ensembles and crisp, black shirts, but his strongest display came in puces, powder blues and pale khaki. This warm palette offsets against the clean, closely cut fit of the suits, and shirts with hard, military collars.

Going on from that, some of Klein’s collection did have a military inspired look about them. I love the uniform fluidity of the middle outfit, which is only broken up with a cargo belt and a subtle, light salmon crew neck tee.

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Jil Sander, Dolce & Gabbana and Romeo Gigli at Milan men’s fashion week

By Isabelle on June 26th, 2007

Simplicity and cool colour palettes were the order of the day at Jil Sander. Beautiful sky blues, greys and petrol blues contrasted with warm russets in a well thought out colour palette. Sharp, slim-fitting suits and loose knee-length trenchcoats gave a smart silhouette, and crisp rustling fabrics added a modern, sporty touch.

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Keiichi Tanaami at Paul Smith

By admin on June 26th, 2007

Keiichi Tanaami, a Japanese artist and toy designer has released these typically crazy Japanese prints and vinyl toys through Paul Smith’s website and London stores. Prices start at a very reasonable £10 for a surreal and slightly scary vinyl "Wonder Girl" ornament, all the way up to £950 for a limited edition, framed print, inspired by Japanese family crests.

I love contemporary Japanese art, but unfortunately I don’t have £950 burning a hole in my pocket. I just hope they use some of the designs from both the prints and the toys for tee shirts, as I’m getting a little bored of the whimsical Americana prints and slogans or Banksy style images that seemingly adorn every single men’s t-shirt today… I just want sumfin a little different, ya know?

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Fake iphone

By admin on June 26th, 2007

It seems that unscrupulous counterfeiters – are there any other kind – are already exploiting the good natured greed of technophiles everywhere by producing fake iphones or, as this video shows, the "tphone". There are even reports of these ersatz devices appearing on eBay. I can’t blame them for trying though, as we all know that the iphone is going to define mobile technology in the same way that the Apple ipod changed the face of mp3 players. In any scenario, there’s money to be made off of the back of what will be a world wide craze.

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Milan Menswear S/S ’08: Gianfranco Ferré’s final show goes ahead

By Isabelle on June 25th, 2007

One week after Gianfranco Ferré sadly passed away, his final menswear show took to the catwalk in Milan in front of an emotional crowd. A parade of children dressed in white shirts (a Ferré trademark) closed the show to a standing ovation from guests, journalists and buyers.
Ferré’s final collection included distinct variations of his signature white shirt worn underneath pale waistcoats. Tailoring in different shades of blue with touches of red to be worn from day through to night.
A successor has not yet been named to take over reigns from the Italian designer who died from a brain haemorrhage last week aged 62. [Images: Getty]

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Jellio art

By admin on June 22nd, 2007


Ever wanted a giant version of an unmade Airfix model bolted to your wall? Of course you did. Now you have the chance. Jellio is the ultimate in retro-kitsch-art, selling anything from glass encased Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots ($800) to Rubix Cube coffee tables ($600).

They also sell this Airfix style wall decoration ($2,500). Unfortunately it’s not actually a F-15 or a Harrier jump jet, instead being a drive-in movie theatre-inspired slice of Americana. I still think it’s rather cool and a bit different to having a print of some sunflowers above the mantel piece. Yes, all this stuff is grossly overpriced, but when I’m a multi-millionaire rock-god with his very own guitar shaped swimming pool, I’ll have the money to buy whatever I want. And buy these I will.

This article was inspired by [Geek Happens]

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