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The Quiet Loner’s guide to the top ten Quiet Loners

By Stefano on May 16th, 2013

Quiet Loner is in fact the hugely talented Matt Hill who has released a series of excellent albums the latest of which, The Greedy Magicians is a passionate, politically charged suite of songs that has already got many incredible reviews.

Here is his list of other Quiet Loners

“He was a quiet loner who kept himself to himself”. So goes the media news reports as they explain the latest serial killer or lone gunman rampage, almost as if a withdrawal from society was reason enough to explain the murder and violence.

As a species we’re sociable creatures, so what about the ones amongst us who go their own way and won’t join in the party games? As the news reports show us, loners are feared, we are suspicious of them and we expect the worst from them. As a society we seem to find it hard to accept that someone might not want to belong.

In the last 30 years as we increase our knowledge of Autistic spectrum disorders like Aspergers Syndrome we offer up a medical model for some of the character traits and social awkwardness we often associate with loners. As if we fear it so much it is now something that needs to be “cured”.

Yet we also admire our loners. Author Tom Robbins thought them brave, he said “Courage is required to reject the secure blessings of society, in order to woo the unpredictable ecstasies of the solitary soul”. Loners say what the rest of us dare not to say. Their outsider status allows them to think the unthinkable and say the unsayable. Or it would do if they would only come out of their bedsits and talk to us.

Here are my top ten loners

Shamen (historical)

In cultures across the world from the frozen wastes of the Arctic circle, to the deserts of central Australia, to the lush rainforests of the Amazon, Shamen were the original outsiders. Their journeys to otherworlds, through the use of psychoactive plants, and their contact and dialogue with the ancestral dead, placed them apart yet also at the heart of those societies. They were relied on for advice, counsel and for healing the sick. These early loners were essential: Respected, feared and revered.


Bill Hicks (1961-1994)

American comedian Bill Hicks was one of the 20th century’s greatest artists. As a jobbing stand-up Hicks travelled relentlessly playing in small clubs to audiences that mostly failed to understand him. Increasingly Hicks came to see himself as an old Wild West gunslinger riding into town tackling fear and injustice and blowing away the bad guys. Hicks the loner railed against mainstream culture for it’s superficiality, mediocrity and banality, seeing these traits as oppressive tools of the ruling class designed to keep people stupid and apathetic.

Mark David Chapman (b 1955)

Having just fatally shot John Lennon and seemingly unaware of what he’d done Mark David Chapman calmly sat down on the pavement and staring reading his copy of Catcher in the Rye, patiently waiting for the police to arrive. And so Chapman became the archetypal “quiet loner” of the media. He didn’t fit in, we shunned him so he got bitter and killed our hero to spite us. The truth of what really happened to Chapman is a little more complex and remains elusive.

greta Garbo-Anna_Karenina-036

Greta Garbo (1905-1990)

According to a very knowledgeable friend of mine, patriarchy demands that women cannot be loners. The lone woman is feared as a witch or condemned as sexually predatory. No surprise then that the classic loner type is usually male. Yet occasionally there is a woman who bucks that trend. Swedish actress Greta Garbo was one. She is remembered for her famous line “I want to be alone” – so unusual and beguiling it became as famous as she was. Almost as soon after her career took off, Garbo became known as a recluse. And that mystery only made her more desirable. Throughout her lifetime she refused to do press interviews, she never signed autographs, she didn’t go to social functions and she never answered fan mail. The beautiful loner intrigues us.

James Bond (fictional)

Ian Fleming’s creation is a man who works alone. He has very little human contact outside of his work. He shuns company, seeks women purely for sex and is generally contemptuous of human beings. This makes him a great killer, and that’s what James Bond is – a hired killer. Yet despite his loner status we see rare glimpses of his humanity – his friendship with Felix Leiter, his admiration for M, and briefly his love for Tracy his wife. When Tracy is killed he becomes the loner again. Detached, cold and driven by his desire to avenge his wife’s death.


Brian Wilson (b 1942)

Brian Wilson is the classic artistic loner genius. At the height of the Beach Boys’ fame in the sixties he refused to go on tour and had to be replaced by Glen Campbell. Increasingly paranoid and frightened by the world, Brian retreated to the studio where he wrote and recorded his masterpiece “Pet Sounds”. By the next album “Smile” in 1967 he had retreated even further – to a sandpit under his piano. He didn’t come out until the 1990s.

Travis Bickle (fictional)

Travis Bickle is Robert De Niro’s lead character in Martin Scorcese’s 1976 film Taxi Driver. One of cinema’s most iconic characters, Bickle is a loner. A former Marine who served in Vietnam, Bickle has problems fitting back in to society. He is socially inept, and doesn’t have any friends. He takes a job as a night time taxi driver in dangerous neighborhoods where his customers are pimps, drug addicts, and thieves. He is disgusted by them, and begins fantasising about “cleansing” such “filth” from the streets. It can only end in tears.

Nick Drake (1948-1974)


Singer Nick Drake died tragically young after battling with depression for years. He didn’t tour much, he recorded very little and towards the end of his life retreated to his childhood bedroom at his parents home. And so Drake is often portrayed as a loner. His music has a wistful sad and indeed lonely quality to it. Yet friends speak of a gregarious and outgoing young man who was popular and sociable at school. Behind every loner cliché is a more complicated story.

Scott Walker (b.1943)

After a critical peak in the late sixties by the mid-seventies Scott Walker was back in caberet playing Working Men’s Clubs in the North of England. Then after 1978’s Nite Flights album he began a slow retreat into a period that saw him release only three albums over the next thirty years and earn himself a reputation as a Garbo-esque reclusive loner. More recently we have seen that this wasn’t quite what it seemed and that Walker is actually quite a sociable and funny man driven by his art but dismissive of mainstream pop culture.


Veronia Sawyer (fictional)

Portrayed by Winona Ryder in the 1989 film Heathers, Veronica Sawyer is your classic misunderstood teenager. She doesn’t fit in at a school where a powerful clique called “the Heathers” top the social pile. When she meets Christian Slater’s character J.D. she unwittingly gets embroiled in a spate of killings that spirals out of control and that only she can stop. Her loner status is assured when having witnessed Slater blow himself up with a suicide bomber belt, she walks to his smouldering remains and lights her cigarette on the flames and walks away alone.

Article originally appeared here.

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Library prank puts Lance Armstrong’s fitness guide in “Fiction” section

By Gerald Lynch on January 21st, 2013

Forget the shame of his Oprah Winfrey Show tell-all last week, Lance Armstrong’s biggest blow must surely be this snipe from one of the kings of geekdom, the humble librarian.

At Manly Library in Sidney, a cheeky librarian posted the following notice:


‘Lance Armstrong: Images of a Champion’, ‘The Lance Armstrong Performance Program’ and ‘Lance Armstrong: World’s Greatest Champion’




All appended with a smiley :)

Nicely done, library man! Armstrong, the fallen 41-year old cycling champ deserves nothing less after finally admitting to doping his way to all seven of his Tour de France victories.

Though taken in good humour, it doesn’t look like Manly Council will be applying the zealous librarian’s re-classification of Armstrong’s fitness titles and biographies.

“This was a prank, it happened on Saturday and a member of the public has taken a photo and posted it on social media and it’s gone viral on social media,” said Chris Parsons of Manly Council.

“However you can’t simple reclassify books from fiction to non-fiction,” he said, stating that classifications weren’t decided at local libraries but by omniscient powers at the fabled “central level”.

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Brian Eno models for Alfred Dunhill as part of 2013 “Voice” campaign

By Gerald Lynch on January 16th, 2013

Brian Eno is keeping himself busy at the moment. As well as releasing a brand new album called Lux on Warp Records (his 25th studio album) the long-time Bowie collaborator, ex Roxy Music synth wizard and producer extraordinaire is now one of the faces of Alfred Dunhill’s spring/summer 2013 “Voice” campaign.

Joining mountaineer Geordie Stewart and war photographer Don McCullin in this year’s campaign, and following in the footsteps of Sir David Frost and John Hurt, the campaign sees Eno share thoughts on his art and music, all while slinking around in Alfred Dunhill gear.

Not that we’d usually pick Eno as one of our style icons, who never quite straddled the line between wacky and cool as well as his mate Bowie did. Case in point…

Still, he seems to have got his act together these days, and is looking particularly sharp for Alfred Dunhill. Catch his musings on music, life and art in the video below, and click here to see more from the campaign.


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Paul Costelloe Man reveal pastel shade SS13 blazer collection

By Gerald Lynch on January 15th, 2013

Looking for something a little lighter with Spring around the corner? Paul Costelloe’s menswear arm has just launched a new capsule collection of Blazers in time for the seasonal change.

Focussing on chirpier shades (pastel blues, soft and salmon pinks), the line looks to champion softer fabrics, with keen attention played to trimmings such as slightly angled pockets and lipped lower cuts. You’ve gotta love the little fox emblem on the lapels too, a genial touch on the increasingly casual wardrobe staple.

For more from Paul Costelloe, visit

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Skyfall suffers Oscar nominations “Best Picture” snub in favour of Django Unchained and Lincoln

By Gerald Lynch on January 10th, 2013

It seems both critical acclaim and box office record breaking isn’t enough to get a Best Picture Oscar nomination these days, as Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond film released in the series’ 50th anniversary year failed to be considered alongside the year’s best films.

This morning’s announcement of the 85th Academy Awards nominations instead saw Armour, Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Les Misérables, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty all going head to head for the most coveted prize in Hollywood.

Skyfall did manage to secure a few nominations in some of the smaller categories however, with Adele’s “Skyfall” track getting an obvious nod for Best Original Song, as well as nominations in the Original Score, Cinematography, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing areas.

It’s a shame – Bond was back in a superb thriller that, while not particularly high-brow, delighted audiences and delivered one of the most exciting, stylish and tasteful action films in recent years.

Softening the blow slightly, the Oscar ceremony will include a segment celebrating 007′s half-century anniversary.

“We are very happy to include a special sequence on our show saluting the Bond films on their 50th birthday,” said the producers of the Oscars show, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron.

 The full list of nominees across all categories can be found here.

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Bowie is back! David’s top 5 overlooked songs revisited

By Gerald Lynch on January 8th, 2013

Ziggy Stardust. The Thin White Duke. David Robert Jones. Whatever you call him, David Bowie, the chameleon of pop, is back!

Celebrating today his 66th birthday, the enigmatic icon marked the occasion with the release of a new single ‘Where Are We Now’ and news of a new album called ‘The Next Day’ touching down in March.

You can listen to ‘Where Are We Now?’ by hitting up the YouTube video above, a melancholic track that recalls cuts from Bowie’s 1999 album ‘hours…’.

With ‘The Next Day’ set to be Bowie’s 26th studio album, there are reams of goodies for the uninitiated to dive into ahead of the new albums release. And while even the casual music lover could probably hum along to ‘Heroes’ or ‘Life on Mars?’, there are plenty of killer Bowie tracks that have fallen through the cracks over the years and are often overlooked.

Here are Brandish’s top 5 Bowie gems that you might have forgotten!

John, I’m Only Dancing

A raunchy blues stomper that’s often covered, John I’m Only Dancing’s androgynous, homo-erotic undertones and searing guitars would later go on to influence the likes of Suede and Placebo.

Speed of Life

Here’s how you properly kick off a comeback. Marking the start of Bowie’s “Berlin Trilogy” as the first track on ‘Low’, it’s a swirling electronic instrumental with more killer riffs than you can shake a MOOG synth at. Here’s a rare live performance of the song from a 1978 gig in Dallas Texas, with Bowie looking particularly sharp.

Five Years

The opening track on the classic album ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’, Bowie’s apocalyptic vision starts quietly before erupting into a maelstrom of sound, setting the tone for Bowie’s most beloved record. Theatrical and wild, it hints at the closing of the Ziggy Stardust chapter that saw Bowie’s popularity at its peak.

Absolute Beginners

Bowie’s best love song, Absolute Beginners soundtracked the movie of the same name. A lush track telling a tale of young love, listen how Bowie’s voice just soars for the chorus.

Modern Love

Though a single on ‘Let’s Dance’, arguably Bowie’s most popular later-day album, ‘Modern Love’ always plays second fiddle to the album’s titular track and ‘China Girl’ when it comes to radio play. That’s a travesty – ‘Modern Love’ is far and away the best song Bowie ever laid down during his Americana/white-boy soul phase of the mid-80’s. Read either as an attempt to turn his back on one night stands or the junk of his drug addictions, it’s Bowie at his dancey, desperate best.

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Haim top BBC Sound of 2013 list (we told you so…)

By Gerald Lynch on January 4th, 2013

Haim have topped the BBC Sound of 2013 list, lining up the Californian power-pop trio for a stellar year.

The list (now in its eleventh year), aims to showcase the top bands and artists to keep an eye out for in the year ahead, with previous winners including Adele, Jessie J and Brandish favourite Michael Kiwanuka.

Haim, comprised of three sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim have been championed for their fusion of ’70s rock and ’80s synth pop, drawing influence from the likes of Fleetwood Mac, The Bangles and The Go-Go’s.

Beginning life as a covers band, the sisters have now supported acts such as Florence and The Machine and Mumford and Sons off the back of their Forever EP and recent single Don’t Save Me.

213 experts and critics compile the list, with eligible artists not having scored  a UK top 20 single or album before 11 November 2012.

The top five list for 2013 is rounded out by London R&B duo AlunaGeorge in second, New York-based rapper Angel Haze in third, Birmingham soul singer Laura Mvula in fourth and Glasgow electro-pop outfit Chvrches in fifth.

Haim also topped our Top Five Bands To Watch In 2013 list, which also included Cheatahs, Palma Violets, Savages and Daughter. Finger on the pulse, no?

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Primark SS13 Menswear range revealed for the shoestring fashionista

By Gerald Lynch on January 2nd, 2013

After giving your wallet a post-Christmas womping, updating your wardrobe for Spring/Summer 2013 can often take a backseat while waiting for that January pay packet to land.  Thankfully, cheap-as-chips high street chain Primark are on hand to deliver some on-trend staples at pocket-money prices, revealing their SS13 menswear lookbook. Scroll down for a sneak peak at what’s set to hit their stores in the coming weeks.

Plenty of tropical and camo prints feature (that camo bomber jacket will serve the fleeting trend without breaking the bank at £25) while statement caps and acid washed jeans are also on the way.

Primark may not be the most desirable name on the high street, but if you’re considering diving in on a risky on-trend look, you can take a chance without feeling that empty-wallet regret a few months down the line once the look has passed.

Primark SS13

Picture 1 of 11
Picture 1 of 11

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Top 5 bands to watch in 2013: Haim, Cheatahs, Palma Violets, Savages, Daughter

By Gerald Lynch on December 11th, 2012

A new year, a new start, a new favourite band to devote your life to! With 2013 almost upon us, we’ve hand picked 5 ace new bands to put you ahead of the cool curve next year. Haim, Cheatahs, Palma Violets, Savages and Daughter are all destined for big things in the coming months. Namedrop ‘em now and you’ll look like some sort of clairvoyant Lester Bangs come the summer. Scroll down to give them a listen, each with a short description of why you should be getting excited about them and what’s shaping up to be a vintage year for new guitar-based music.


Haim (comprising Este, Danielle and Alana Haim) will be soundtracking your summer with a folk-meets-R&B-pop sound that recalls equal parts Rumors-era Fleetwood Mac and Kate Bush and Belinda Carlisle. It’s quintessential California pop, like swigging down on a bubble-gum fizzy drink with sand between your toes, waves lapping at your feet. Expect a debut album in the Spring, with the band now signed to Polydor.


God, Cheatahs’ SANS EP was one of the most exciting things we heard this year. Lead single The Swan matches Ride melodies and My Bloody Valentine’s shoe-gazing, wavvy vibes with Dinosaur Jr drive. Now signed to Wichita Records (making them stablemates of The Cribs, Best Coast and Les Savy Fav), this East London based four-piece push the tunes to the fore without compromising shimmering soundscapes. We can’t wait for the album.

Palma Violets

Winners of the NME Track of the Year with their single Best of Friends, Palma Violets are being tipped as next year’s The Libertines or The Vaccines. And while this London four piece’s raucous guitars would certainly put them in the good company of those two bands, there’s more than a whiff of Echo & The Bunnymen’s post-punk experimentation in there too. Like a sonic crossbreed between The Walkmen and The Clash, these lot will be unavoidable by the Spring. Their debut album lands on 25 February 2013 through Rough Trade.


Another London based-band, Savages are an all-female post-punk offering that’s dark and intense. Think Public Image Limited, Siouxsie and The Banshees and Joy Division and you’d be on the right track. A formidable live band with a cult following building around them, it’s harsh, more than a little bit angry and ear-searingly cool. Angular and erratic, they’ll be the panda-eyed alternative to Haim’s sun drenched melodies for anyone with a bottle of black hair dye to hand next year.


Something a little softer to round off the list, Daughter are take the open-heart approach of Laura Marling and wrap it in shimmering sounds you’d expect from Sigur Ros or The XX. It’s delicate, gut-wrenching stuff, and with the mighty 4AD label behind them, expect these forward-thinking folkies to go mainstream pretty quickly.

Any bands we’ve missed? Who are your big musical hopes for 2013? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Hot stuff – today’s top stories from Brandish and our pals – top pics of 2012, iPhone 5s (!?) pics and more

By Stefano on December 7th, 2012

Today’s hottest stories from Brandish, Tech Digest and our pals

Brilliant video of Hamster climbing the stairs

The World’s hottest burger sauce arrives in the UK

The most dramatic news pics of 2012

Your ultimate Christmas gift guide for blokes – gadgets, scarves, weird stuff

Bombsight shows you where the bombs fell on London in WW2

Why Arsenal’s number one target should be the Capital One Cup

Top PC games of 2012

iPhone 5S pics leaked – the first of many…

Horror hair – 60 years of Gerry Francis

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H&M teaming up with Brick Lane Bikes for cycling-in-style range

By Gerald Lynch on December 5th, 2012

H&M are getting set to partner with the uber-trendy London cycling experts at Brick Lane Bikes for a new Spring range aimed at cyclists.

Taking design advice from the custom bike specialists, H&M are putting together an 11-piece capsule collection, with the aim being to design a range that cyclists can comfortably and safely wear while riding, and not look like trainspotters once they’ve dismounted and locked up their bikes. It’ll save having to bring a separate set of cycling clothes to work, so long as you keep a can of deodorant handy too.

Highlights of the range include practical Henleys and, yes honestly, a fitted tweed blazer. We can just imagine Bradley Wiggins pulling out his wallet as we type this post up!

Launching on 7 March 2013, the release of the collection and that blazer coincides nicely with the London Tweed Run for 2013, too.

Scroll up to view a video sneak-peak of the range and some of the minds behind its inception.

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Is Everton’s Leighton Baines the footballer with the best music taste? His top albums of 2012 revealed – Tame Impala, Richard Hawley and more!

By Gerald Lynch on November 30th, 2012

Everton and England footballer Leighton Baines may have just revealed himself as the player with the best taste in music, after revealing his top albums of 2012 on the club’s website.

The defender picked Dr John’s “Locked Down” as his album of the year, saying he was impressed by The Black Key’s Dan Auerbach who had produced the album.

Baines also picked Richard Hawley’s “Standing on Sky’s Edge” as another of his favourite records of the year, rounding off his top album list with choice cuts from Jack White, Paul Weller, Lana Del Rey, Bob Dylan, The XX, Neil Young, Mark Lanegan, Grizzly Bear, Cat Power and Eugene McGuinness.

Tame Impala’s ‘Lonerisim’ is one of Everton defender Leighton Baines’s albums of 2012

Baines had particularly strong praise for “Lonerism” by rising stars Tame Impala saying that the album “builds on the psychedelic sound that Innerspeaker possessed and while still full of distortion, fuzz and effects, it is also more melodic and the songwriting is improved from Kevin Parker, whose multi-tracked vocals are very Lennon-esque.”As for debut albums, Baines went for Toy, Melody’s Echo Chamber and By The Sea, while picked out Haim, Savages and The Wicked Whispers as ones to watch in 2013.

It’s a refreshingly current and tasteful pick from Baines, whose indie taste sets him apart from the dance and hip-hop fans that make up the majority of professional footballers. Having said that, we remember a time when all footballers were obsessed with Phil Collins, so basically anything is an improvement over that.

Baines joins the slim ranks of footballers with equally good taste in music, who include retired ex-West Ham defender and Scotland star Christian Daily (who had his own band and counted Weezer as one of his favourite groups) and Graeme Le Saux, who revealed Joe Jackson’s “It’s Different For Girls” as the first record he ever bought. Pat Nevin was a big The The fan too; seems the Scots are the footballing nation with the best musical taste then!

What do you reckon of Baines choices? Does he really have the best musical taste in football? While we’re on the subject, check out Brandish’s top debut albums of the year, and our favourite singer/songwriter records of 2012 too.

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Gotye dominates Spotify’s most-played streaming lists for 2012

By Gerald Lynch on November 29th, 2012

Gotye3.jpgSpotify have revealed the artists making waves through their music streaming service in 2012, publishing the lists of most streamed albums, tracks, and artists, both globally and in the UK, as well as the most used apps in the desktop Spotify application.

Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ is by far this year’s most popular song on Spotify, topping the global and UK streaming lists, as well as being the most shared song on Spotify. Gotye himself also places 5th on the ‘Most-streamed male artists’ list on Spotify too

Moving onto albums and David Guetta’s ‘Nothing But The Beat’ takes the top spot, followed again by Gotye with ‘Making Mirrors’.

Rihanna bags the most-streamed female artist award, while Guetta claims the same title for blokes, with Coldplay topping the list of most streamed bands.

When it comes to applications within Spotify, TuneWiki, the sing-along karaoke app with (sometimes dodgy) crowd-sourced lyrics tops the charts.

Check out the full breakdown of artists and albums topping the Spotify streaming charts during 2012 below.

Most-streamed tracks of 2012 (global)

1. Gotye featuring Kimbra – ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’

2. Carly Rae Jepsen – ‘Call Me Maybe’

3. Fun. featuring Janelle Monáe – ‘We Are Young’

4. Flo Rida – ‘Whistle’

5. Flo Rida featuring Sia – ‘Wild Ones’

6. Train – ‘Drive By’

7. Nicki Minaj – ‘Starships’

8. Maroon 5 featuring Wiz Khalifa – ‘Payphone’

9. David Guetta featuring Sia – ‘Titanium’

10. Loreen – ‘Euphoria’

See the full list of the Top 100 most popular tracks of 2012.

Most-streamed tracks of 2012 in the UK

1. Gotye featuring Kimbra – ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’

2. Carly Rae Jepsen – ‘Call Me Maybe’

3. David Guetta featuring Sia – ‘Titanium’

4. Fun featuring Janelle Monae – We Are Young

5. Nicki Minaj – ‘Starships’

6. Flo Rida featuring Sia – ‘Wild Ones’

7. Rihanna – ‘We Found Love’

8. Alex Clare – ‘Too Close’

9. Train – ‘Drive By’

10. Jessie J – ‘Domino’

See the full list of the Top 100 most popular tracks in the UK of 2012.

Most-streamed albums of 2012

1. David Guetta – ‘Nothing But The Beat’

2. Gotye – ‘Making Mirrors’

3. Drake – ‘Take Care’

4. Lana Del Ray – ‘Born To Die’

5. One Direction – ‘Up All Night’

6. Fun. – ‘Some Nights’

7. Rihanna – ‘Talk That Talk’

8. Coldplay – ‘Mylo Xyloto’

9. Carly Rae Jepsen – ‘Call Me Maybe’

10. Flo Rida – ‘Wild Ones’

See the full list of the Top 20 Most Streamed Albums of 2012.

Most-shared tracks by Spotify users (the most-shared tracks to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Spotify user’s Inboxes)

1. Gotye ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’

2. Carly Rae Jepsen ‘Call Me Maybe’

3. Fun. ‘We Are Young – feat. Janelle Monáe’

4. Flo Rida featuring Sia ‘Wild Ones’

5. David Guetta ‘Titanium – feat. Sia’

6. Flo Rida featuring Sia – ‘Whistle’

7. Train – ‘Drive By’

8. Maroon 5 – ‘Payphone’

9. Rihanna – ‘We Found Love’

10. Michel Teló – ‘Ai Se Eu Te Pego – Live’

See the full list of the Top 20 Most-shared Tracks of 2012.

Most-streamed female artists

1. Rihanna

2. Nicki Minaj

3. Adele

4. Lana Del Ray

5. Katy Perry

6. Carly Rae Jepsen

7. Beyonce

8. Taylor Swift

9. Loreen

10. Kelly Clarkson

Click here for the playlist featuring the Top 20 Most- Streamed Female Artists of 2012.

Most-streamed male artists

1. David Guetta

2. Flo Rida

3. Eminem

4. Skrillex

5. Gotye

6. Drake

7. Pitbull

8. Jay-Z and Kanye West

9. Chris Brown

10. Avicii

Click here for the playlist featuring the Top 20 Most-Streamed Male Artists of 2012.

Most-streamed bands

1. Coldplay

2. Maroon 5

3. Fun.

4. Mumford and Sons

5. Florence and the Machine

6. Linkin Park


8. One Direction

9. Train

10. Glee Cast

Click here for the playlist featuring the Top 20 Most Streamed Bands of 2012.

Most popular apps by usage

1. TuneWiki

2. Soundrop

3. We Are Hunted


5. Pitchfork

6. Digstr

7. musiXmatch

8. Billboard

9. Filtr

10. Moodagent

Via: Tech Digest

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Yoko Ono’s John Lennon inspired menswear debut looks like a Nathan Barley joke

By Gerald Lynch on November 28th, 2012


We’re not sure what we should have expected from Yoko Ono’s debut menswear collection for Opening Ceremony, revealed today. But had we thought about it logically, it’d probably have been something as barmy as what she’s indeed delivered.

Featuring neon pink shades, arse-exposing mesh trousers and the sort of abstract cock-and-balls motif that’d make Alan Partridge blush, it’s like a fashion line torn straight from the script of a Nathan Barley episode.

Though “inspired” by her late great husband and former Beatle John Lennon, we can’t *Imagine* him walking about Liverpool wearing any of this. Having said that, some of these aren’t that far off of Rolling Stone Mick Jagger’s many crimes against fashion.

Scroll down to check out the collection, available from early December at Opening Ceremony’s Covent Garden store, 35 King Street, London WC2E 8JG

Yoko Ono - Opening Ceremony debut menswear collection

Picture 1 of 9
Picture 1 of 9

Pink mesh Cutout Shirt (approx £90), white wool with contrast colored black hand Hand Trouser (approx £209)

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Androgyny is in as Men’s Saint Laurent Paris Spring/Summer 2013 range fronted by female model

By Gerald Lynch on November 26th, 2012

Ever found yourself wandering around your favourite boutique, uncertain which rail was menswear and which was aimed at the fairer sex? That shouldn’t be a problem come next Spring as, if Saint Laurent Paris’s New Year menswear range is anything to go by, androgyny is in.

The newly rebranded ready-to-wear arm of the legendary Yves Saint Laurent fashion house has seen its creative director Hedi Silmane pick Dutch female model Saskia de Brauw as the face of its Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

The wiry 31 year-old model looks sharp in the line’s tailoring, with her cropped cut hair and defined bone structure giving her a Jagger style swagger that many male models would struggle to pull off. It’s not de Brauw’s first gender-bending modeling stint, having done previous work during the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2013 menswear show.

Silmane is well known for his gender-neutral styles too, championing slim-fit trousers and suits for Dior Homme that have been as popular with the ladies as the men they were first aimed at. As a result, the new campaign for his debut line for Saint Laurent Paris will stress that all items are available to both genders.

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