Sir Paul Smith interviews Paul Weller


In case, like me, you missed it over the weekend, the Independent’s Saturday supplement ran an excellent interview with two icons of modern British fashion, Paul Smith and Paul Weller. Even better, Sir Paul, a long-time Modfather fan, was the one asking the questions.

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adminSir Paul Smith interviews Paul Weller

Are short suits a genuine threat to the workplace?


As part of their monthly crusade to change the way we think about menswear, GQ’s latest issue is trying to convince the great British public to embrace a look exclusively reserved for schoolboys under 11 and runway models – short suits.

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adminAre short suits a genuine threat to the workplace?

Matthew McConaughey at Fool’s Gold Premiere


Just last night, the city of London was buzzing with the excitement of celebrity; that of the glorious Kate Hudson and heavily scent-sponsored Matthew McConaughey. Now I’m not going to lie and pretend that Mr. McConaughey isn’t one of my favourite actors because well, even I don’t get that offended by sticking to the sartorial sidelines.

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Will ReidMatthew McConaughey at Fool’s Gold Premiere

Style Icons: Mad Men


If you work in an office dominated by a smart casual dress code, you may find yourself actually wanting to wear a suit from time to time. For these people, Mad Men has become compulsive viewing. Not just because it’s a great show, but it harks back to a time when men actually wore all three pieces of their suit to work. Today’s average rucksack carrying, shirt and no tie wearing office worker could do with taking a few style tips from Don Draper (pictured left).

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adminStyle Icons: Mad Men

Endovanera cropped jacket


If you’ve been inspired by Cheap Monday’s
Kotsym range but can’t wait until they decide to bring the collection into
stores, then you’ll love this Endovanera
cropped jacket
. It has a fit similar to the Cheap Monday suit and is made
of 100% Pima cotton, which will make it a joy to wear. Well, as much of a joy
as wearing a suit can be. I’m not promising an orgasmic experience here.

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adminEndovanera cropped jacket

You Would If You Could… The Awkward Lengths

The next look to make our list is the awkward length. This was a hard one to put into this feature as some do manage to pull it off but not everyone is Terence Koh and it only took a look at the local fashionisto’s crash and burn outfit of Kriss van Assche-style combat with tight tee to know that this was one to be hastily put down.

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Will ReidYou Would If You Could… The Awkward Lengths

Sale: Dries Van Noten suit


We’re all going to need a suit at some
point in our lives, so why not get one on sale? Dries Van Noten are
a brand we’ve featured before and for good reason. Suits in general are pretty
timeless, unless you get one with skulls on it or something, so you’re safe in
the knowledge that they’ll never be out of season.  DVN suits are tailored impeccably, leading to
a very flattering fit.

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adminSale: Dries Van Noten suit