Martin Margiela Jacket

Ordinarily, clothes that come lumped together are the height of laziness. Cardigans with shirts attached are simply unnecessary and unpractical. What if you want to undo the cardigan? Go bare chested?   Then you’ll end up looking like a poor man’s Magnum P.I.  But Martin Margiela looks to change this terrible trend with his jacket with attached tie combo. Although that …

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adminMartin Margiela Jacket

Dries Van Noten Suit

Although you might try putting it off, at some point you’re gonna have to shell out on a great suit. This Dries Van Noten suit is made from 95% wool and 5% flashy cashmere; which means you can look down on the cretins who only have wool suits and really look down on those who have polyester suits. At Brandish …

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adminDries Van Noten Suit

Topman olive cropped trench

Topman’s olive trench is a great colour to add a military feel to an outfit and the shade works well with other on-trend A/W colours like mustard, russet and grey. The cropped length makes it less fashiony than a full length trend and the nylon fabric gives a nod to the sporty trend. It’s £65 which makes it fairly reasonable …

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IsabelleTopman olive cropped trench

Interpol looking good while bassist Carl Dengler stars in new movie

Carlos Dengler, bassist with New York indie oufit Interpol is set to be a movie star after landing a role as a drug dealer in My Friends Told Me About You, a Chicago based thriller that Dengler will also be producing . Other than making great music, Interpol also have to be the snappiest dressers in the music biz at …

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adminInterpol looking good while bassist Carl Dengler stars in new movie