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How to dress like Jay ‘The Great’ Gatsby

By Stefano on June 10th, 2013

In case you hadn’t noticed The Great Gatsby is back in the cinemas again with Leonardo Di Caprio playing the doomed title role alongside his Daily Buchanan, in this instance Carey Mulligan.

Given that the director is Baz Luhrmann of Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet fame the film is not surprisingly rather stylised with much of the fashions that featured in the original 1974 Robert Redford movie cranked up to the max.

Fortunately the 1920s wasn’t a bad look for men, so with that in mind you if you do fancy pretending that you are the king of Long Island here is a jacket and few accessories to help you achieve that look.

Incidentally The Great Gatsby sold very poorly when it was first released. It wasn’t until after Fitzgerald’s death – at the insanely young age of 44 – that soldiers returning from World War two began to read the novel, and not until the 50s when it was first acclaimed an American classic.

Jigsaw Cotton Linen Gabardine Blazer £265

Picture 1 of 8
Picture 1 of 8

Single-breasted jacket in Italian cotton and linen gabardine blend. Features flap and welt pockets, functioning button cuffs and a double back vent. Complete the look with the co-ordinating Gabardine trousers also available. Jigsaw

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Andy Warhol Pepe Jeans Campbell Soup Jacket

By Stefano on April 15th, 2013

Campbells Soup Jacket £129.99

Picture 1 of 4
Picture 1 of 4

Ok, so the Pop Art spotlight is very much on Roy Lichtenstein at the moment what with his retrospective at the Tate Modern in London.

But when it comes to a style/art crossover then there’s only one pop art name that counts, and that’s Andy Warhol.

There are literally hundreds of Warhol’s prints available on t-shirts – check this lot out - but if you want something different how about this Pepe Jeans jacket which I spotted at Atom Retro and is part of the The Andy Warhol Collection from PJ.

It is a very striking looking blue jacket with a zip, 60s style collar and side pockets, But best of all is the lining which is a very cool reworking of the famous Campbell Soup Warhol print.

It sells here for £129.99.

Click on for some more Warhol inspired clothing

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Paul Smith launches range of David Bowie T-shirts

By Stefano on March 6th, 2013

bowie-paul smithDavid Bowie is obviously thinking about his pension. He not only has a new album out next week – and it is rather good apparently - he has also teamed up with iconic Brit designer Paul Smith to launch a range of T-shirts.

With all due respect to Mr Smith this hardly looks like his most challenging projects, The shirts, which are white and available with (men) or without (women) sleeves feature the image from Bowie’s new album The Next Day – itself a cut up of the sleeve of Heroes. They are made from high quality organic cotton and complimented by a simple ‘Paul Smith for David Bowie’ insignia.

It is not a new partnership either as Paul Smith and Bowie have apparently been pals for years.

“David Bowie has worn a lot of Paul Smith throughout his career and I was excited and delighted when asked if I would do the official T-Shirt for his album The Next Day. They’ll also be some other great things coming up later in the year.” Paul explains.

The men’s t-shirt will be available from 7th March via and from the 8th March via our standalone shops and key wholesale partners. The same T-shirt in women’s fits will be available exclusively from the 7th March via

There’s no details of the price – but I guess they will be fairly pricey.

More partnerships between Paul Smith and David Bowie are planned for the coming months.

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What to wear on New Year’s Eve – tips for looking great

By shinychris on December 20th, 2012

Tailored polos from Hackett help accentuate the pecs and biceps, making you look fitter

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As far as nights out are concerned, there are few that match the excitement and hype of New Year’s Eve. While many people will plan where they’re going weeks if not months in advance, many men will leave thinking about what to wear until the night itself. This inevitably leads to many people ringing in the New Year in a way that leaves them cringing when they finally see their photos pop up on Facebook. Looking good doesn’t need to be difficult however, if you follow these tips.

Don’t go overboard – some people have the temptation to dress themselves up like a Christmas tree, but an understated, elegant look demonstrates an inner confidence. Saying that, dress too casual and you’ll still be standing out for all the wrong reasons. Wearing a classic polo shirt is a great way to balance the need to be smart without trying, but if you’re going to keep it this simple you’ll need quality. Tailored polos from Hackett are ideal, as the way they’re cut helps accentuate the pecs and biceps, making you naturally look fitter.

Wear a watch – It goes without saying that knowing the time on New Year’s Eve is handy – just make sure that it’s correct to the exact second. If you’re the type of person that usually just checks their phone for the time make this night the exception. As well as being practical the right watch can complement and enhance any outfit.

Dress well from the feet up – While people might look at your face and top first, it won’t be long before they’ve looked at your feet, and an unflattering pair of shoes can be the undoing of even the most stylish of outfits. If wearing smart trousers it’s particularly important to ensure that your shoes match – black trousers and brown shoes have never looked good together and they still don’t. A final note: don’t choose New Year’s Eve to be the first night you wear a pair of shoes or you might not make it till midnight if you find out they’re particularly painful.

Focus on the smaller details – Often an outfit can be transformed by the right belt, a skinny tie or even a pair of glasses. Once you’ve decided on your main items of clothing feel free to experiment with accessories to achieve that killer look.

Smell as good as you look – It really doesn’t matter how good you look if someone is put off by your smell as soon as they approach you. Ensuring your clothes are cleans and your body is deodorised is the bare minimum, while cologne or aftershave, used in moderation, can transform any outfit.

As always, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident with what you’re wearing. Since you’re more likely to feel confident if you look good, however, it wouldn’t hurt to start thinking about what to wear now, so you can make sure you start the year as you mean to go on.

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Acanorum offers striking contemporary art on a T shirt

By Stefano on December 20th, 2012

Here’s an interesting new label. Acanorum are from Sheffield and are on a mission to deliver contemporary British Art and Design on what they says is high quality clothing. The company has just gone live on Facebook and Twitter and released their first items.

The range looks promising and will soon be available at The Inherited Shop and and on ASOS too. These Ts will cost £24.99. You can keep up to date with the brand on Twitter and Facebook.

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The 12 most iconic rock and roll band t shirts of all time

By Stefano on November 22nd, 2012

There was a time when the only people who would wear band T shirts were metal heads still loyal to their ageing rocker heroes, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin fans, who a decade on hadn’t bought any other new items of clothes, and Teenage Fanclub fans who’d give them a quick iron and pop them on each time their favourite Glaswegians hit their local venue

Then a few years back rock T shirts suddenly became cool in an ironic way. The Kate Moss set started wearing Ramones shirts and pretty soon you couldn’t move in Top Shop for vintage rock band shirts and disco diva fifteen year olds desperate to snap them up.

Things then got way out of hand and in parts of north London your pre school child wasn’t properly dressed without a Pistols or Clash T shirt.

One only feels sorry for those earnest aging rockers whose enquiries about Sonic Youth records to youngsters sporting the Goo t shirt were met by blank stares.

Nevertheless the band T shirt is back and is likely to remain a staple for both kids looking for cool designs and adults wanting to broadcast their musical taste.

So the other day we began arguing in the office about which is the most iconic band T short of all time. A couple of Flat Whites and bit of Facebook research later and we had a list of contenders.

Surveying the list it becomes obvious that band T shirts fall into one of four categories.

1 The classic band logo - This is the band’s whose ident is captured in one little graphic device. The band’s brand if you will and the illustration that appears on their drumkit, behind them at gigs and obviously on their merch. Band logos have included some of the finest and most iconic pop art emblems of the recent decades and not too surprisingly our list is dominated by them.

2 The classic album cover - Oddly there aren’t as many of these in the list as you might think. In fact if you peruse any list of the great albums of all time you’ll find that many near the top like The Beatles albums for example, have not been widely replicated on T shirts. The ones that work well tend to have designs that are either black and white or two basic colours. So Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures looks great on your chest, whereas Ziggy Stardust less so. I think The Smiths may have got lucky here. Morrissey famously designed most of their single and album covers or rather appropriated them from 60s films. For reasons of taste (or maybe even budget) they were almost always two colour affairs that look great as T shirts.

3 A logo taken from an album cover – This works occasionally. Think The Stone Roses whose debut album sleeve was covered in lemons – the exact same fruit that became the motif for their most iconic T shirt.

4 Something utterly off the wall that the band ends up championing – see number two.

Anyhow, here then is our list of the ten most iconic rock and roll T shirts of all time. It was close but sadly Ned’s Atomic Dustbin didn’t quite make the cut.

12 Sonic Youth

Picture 1 of 12
Picture 1 of 12

As worn by hipsters across the planet. One wonders how many of them are on nodding terms with the album from which the print is taken - Goo. The image is a Raymond Pettibon illustration based on a paparazzi photo of Maureen Hindley and her first husband David Smith, witnesses in the case of the "Moors Murders" serial killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, driving to the trial in 1966.


Sonic Youth Goo  AC/DC Motorhead Stone Roses The Who Nirvana Joy Division Inspiral Carpets Ramones Smiths Beatles Stones 

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This is what a £60,000 t-shirt looks like

By Gerald Lynch on August 1st, 2012

I once bought a vintage second-hand Prince Purple Rain tour t-shirt on eBay for £80. It felt like the most extravagant garment I’d ever bought at the time at a score short of £100 (and even more so when it actually arrived, stained and moth-eaten as it was).

But £60,000 for a t-shirt? That’s just madness.

But that’s almost what an incredibly limited edition t-shirt has just sold for on eBay.

The one-off all-over print Nike Air Yeezy 2 t-shirt, created by artist WilFry sold on eBay earlier this month for a staggering $90,300 (£57,789.68).

The t-shirt was part of promotional items surrounding the launch of the Nike Air Yeexy 2 trainers, a collaboration between the sneaker brand and rapper Kanye West. 3,000 pairs of the platinum/grey trainers were made, but few other than Kanye himself would have been able to afford the t-shirt.

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Dark Knight anticipation Rises with new Lazy Oaf Batman collection

By Gerald Lynch on July 16th, 2012


Picture 1 of 5
Picture 1 of 5

Over here at Brandish, we’re going a bit batsh*t crazy waiting for The Dark Knight Rises to come out. Hitting UK cinemas this Friday, it’s set to be the movie of the summer, as director Christopher Nolan draws his epic superhero trilogy to its conclusion.

So we couldn’t have been happier then to see one of our favourite London-based boutiques, Lazy Oaf, getting in on the silver-screen fun with their own caped-crusader Batman-themed collection. Taking its inspiration directly from the pages of the Golden Age-era comic books, the collection uses repeat print patterns across shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts, with the men’s range starting at £38 and going up to £80. There’s a Bat-logo rucksack available too, for when a utility belt just isn’t enough to carry all your gadgets with.

Also, if you’ve got a lady-friend who’s also partial to a bit comic book fun, jeepers! Lazy Oaf have got a cracking collection of Batman-themed gear for the fairer sex too. It almost makes comic-book geekery look sexy, seriously!

Click here to check out the range.

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Freddie Flintoff teams up with Jacamo to offer smart menswear for the British Summer

By shinychris on July 9th, 2012

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Yet again, summer is proving to be as unpredictable as ever with endless downpours, freak winds and everything in-between. And when a rare sunny spell does come, it catches you quite by surprise on a day when you’ve taken a smart mac and umbrella with you. Typical.

When you don’t know what the weather is going to do from one day to the next, how on earth are you supposed to know what to wear in the morning? Summer used to be the time when we enjoyed ditching our suits for a more relaxed look and this is especially true for larger and taller men, who welcomed the chance to pull on a more comfortable T-shirt.

So what is a man to do? Well, with a bit of smart dressing, you can select outfits that will look good in any weather conditions. Take inspiration from cricketer Freddie Flintoff – after years of rain stopping play when he played for Lancashire and England, he won’t let a few rainclouds ruin his day, or his fashion sense.

With his smart yet casual look, Freddie always looks dapper and at 6ft 4in, he proves that taller men can find good smart clothes that fit them without having to resort to an ill-fitting T-shirt or baggy jeans. Freddie recently teamed up with men’s fashion store Jacamo, which specialises in clothes for larger and taller men, and his range includes a check shirt and smart navy polo shirt that would be suited to all types of British weather. You could team either of these tops with smart jeans or trousers for a stylish look that would be perfect for a night out or your work’s dress-down day.

You could also take Freddie’s lead and team a smart black suit with a grey T-shirt. Choose tees with a high-quality finish in a jersey fabric for a more designer look and when selecting your suit, pick lightweight materials so you won’t be too hot if the temperature rises.

Chinos are very fashionable this summer and they will also suit wet or sunny weather, while on-trend loafers or boat shoes will add a stylish summer touch to your outfits even on the cloudiest of days.

Whatever your size and whatever the weather, you can still look your best by making smart fashion choices – and you’ll turn far more heads than you would have done in that baggy T-shirt.

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Introducing the Baldr Collective

By Laura on May 9th, 2011

One of our favourite new menswear labels to come out this year is the Baldr Collective. The entirely European made label originated in Norway, and have focused their first collection on classic t-shirts and button downs.
The label started with the aim of reinventing and redefining scandinavian values within design, craftsmanship and materials while making use of the nordic cultural heritage and its craftsman traditions. The result are some nice styles and a beautiful look-book – make sure to check them out here

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CAT S/S 2011

By Laura on April 1st, 2011

The CAT spring summer collection is out pulling inspiration from urban/street wear looks.

This seasons collections included 1904, Urban Utility and Steel Blue. The1904 collection focuses on vintage inspired distressed graphics and fabric appliquéing, which is worked through trucker caps, soft jersey t-shirts and a checked cotton poplin shirt. The colour palette is primarally made up of navy, khaki and creams. On the other hand the Urban Utility collection features bold graphics in block texts in bright reds, gold and violet. Finally there is the Steel Blue collection which focuses solely on denim. Made with 100% cotton, the classic 5 pocket western style is available in slim, original, straight and bootcut.

What do you think of the collection?

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Giveaway: Win two shirts of your choice from t-Lab

By Laura on March 23rd, 2011

We recently came across this great new men’s t-shirt label, t-lab. We loved their distinctive style mixing art, design and popular culture.

The shirts overall have a punchy ‘less is more’ graphic style and rely on the use of strong colours and shapes. We loved how the semi-abstract graphics invite the viewer
to ‘de-code’ the shirt’s message, while clearly drawing influence from music, surfing and skiing.

To top it off all t-lab shirts are made from heavyweight 100% cotton, from suppliers committed to sustainable social and environmental policies.

We liked what the guys over at t-lab were doing so much that Brandish has teamed up with them to give you the chance to win some awesome new swag. To win two t-shirts of your choice simply go check out their site here then leave us a comment or tweet to tell us which shirt is your favourite and why.

The winner will be selected at random on March 31st.

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Unusual Trends For 2O11: The Crop Top

By Laura on January 21st, 2011

Topman Crop Top

Calvin Klein Crop Top

The year is still relatively fresh, and most of us are starting to check out 2011’s spring/summer collections in anticipation of spotting any future trends. However, sometimes you come across something that simply leaves you bemused. The Crop top is one of them.

This unusual yet bold idea has shown up in look books by both Calvin Klein and TopMan.
Calvin Klein’s interpretation of this new trend features minimal detailing, whilst staying true to the usual neutrals featured in recent collections. As such a boundary pushing piece, it is unlikely that we will see this trend take off in S/S 2011, but don’t be surprised if you start to see men layering a cropped top over other pieces this season.

So what do you think? is this a trend that you think has potential to take off? If so how would/could you carry off this look?

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Paul Costelloe Launches Shirtscription Service

By Laura on November 10th, 2010


Don’t have the time to spend hours wandering around the high street searching for the perfect shirt? Inspired by the Mad Men school of class, Paul Costelloe’s new Shirtscription might be the perfect solution.

British Designer, Paul Costelloe, recently launched the new Shirtscription service. Available in either 3 month or 6 month subscriptions, the service offers customers a premium quality, two fold, European cotton shirt of choice, on the first of each month. The service also provides a more economical way of buying shirts with your 3rd shirt is free with the 3 month subscription and 6 shirts for the price of 4 with the 6 month subscription.

Check out the service on

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Out of Print – Great Shirts From Classic Book Covers

By Laura on November 9th, 2010

Out of Print started as a graduate thesis project, for Philadelphia-based designer Mikey Burton. He wanted to makes shirts that simply got young adults interested in reading. The collection celebrates the world’s great stories through fashion. The shirts feature iconic and often out of print book covers for classics including “The Great Gatsby,” “The Outsiders,” “Animal Farm” and “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

The collection ranges from $28-38 and for each shirt sold, one book is donated to a community in need through their partner Books For Africa.

Check out the gallery of our 5 favourites from the collection below.

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