Brandish interviews Tom Doyle, author of ‘Man on the Run’, for #BeatlesWeek

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‘If you’ve been an astronaut and travelled to the moon, what are you going to do with the rest of your life?’  In 2013, Tom Doyle authored the fantastic Man on the Run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s. It traces the very interesting period of 1969-1981 – typically known for drugs busts, Wings, and financial problems – and sheds a new light …

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#BeatlesWeek: the Fab Four in film & TV pop culture

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Image via Fotolog As we know, there are a whole host of references to the Fab Four in popular culture – with the rosy eyes of nostalgia and fresh new generations discovering new ways to celebrate the band, their iconic status seems to gain more and more traction, confirming their universal appeal. Not only did the Beatles send tidal waves through …

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#BeatlesWeek insight: the radio stations dedicated only to the Beatles

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It’s quite incredible when a band can produce enough material, let alone be popular enough, to spawn dedicated radio stations that are still attracting listeners – an incredible fifty years after said band formed. But the Beatles have somehow managed it, and there are at least two radio stations (Beatles-A-Rama and Beatles Radio) fuelling a diet of pure Fab Four music 24 hours a …

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Why A Hard Day’s Night is the ultimate pop movie #BeatlesWeek

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Simon Poulter of What Would David Bowie Do on the Beatles’ celluloid masterpiece So many pop stars have turned up in movies that it hardly warrants attention any more. Perhaps you can blame Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender, the first of his many cheese-ahoy visits to celluloid for creating the inextricable precedent that with chart fame comes screen time. This …

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Would a 1971 Beatles album been their best? #BeatlesWeek

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Just Imagine… Imagine, if you will, that John had never met Yoko, that George had been allowed to contribute more than just Something and Here Comes The Sun, that Ringo had more to his canon than novelties like Octopus’s Garden and Yellow Submarine, and that Paul hadn’t felt it necessary to issue the writ that effectively wound-up The Beatles in …

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The Smiths albums re-invented as theatre posters

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A London-based Etsy shop has redesigned the Smiths’ iconic album covers as eye-catching theatre posters. Simon James, the man behind Standard Designs, has cleverly incorporated the original studio album designs into bold posters, featuring the fictional ‘Royal Northern Theatre’ and with the ‘opening night’ date reflecting the real-life release date of each album. Handmade with ink and 200gsm Premium Archival Paper, these are …

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Ron Howard’s Beatles documentary: The Fab Four’s best songs from their touring years

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With Ron Howard’s recent announcement that he plans to make a documentary about the Fab Four’s glory days, it seems that Beatlemania is showing no signs of fading away. The Academy Award-winning director of A Beautiful Mind will infuse the documentary with his own Beatles obsession, and will use the most sophisticated technology to remaster old footage, hopefully creating an authentic visual and aural experience …

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Everything you ever wanted to know about David Bowie’s Space Oddity

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45 years old today, Space Oddity is celebrated here by Simon Poulter of the excellent What Would David Bowie Do? blog. Exactly nine days before Neil Armstrong made history by becoming the first human to make physical contact with another planetary object, the man who gives title to this very blog released a single that, 44 years later, came full …

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Space Oddity at 45: five strange cover versions

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On 11 July 1969, David Bowie’s Space Oddity was released as a single – making it 45 years old today. Reaching number five on the UK singles chart, the song propelled the young Bowie into the public eye and gained momentum over the years, achieving international success. Upon its 1973 re-release, it hit number 15 on the Billboard Chart, making it Bowie’s first hit …

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Everything you wanted to know about Swimming

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This is a big week for Brandish. We are not only properly re-launching the site,but we are also going live with the first of our special weeks. And for the first week, given the glorious weather and a passion for pools, we are going to focus on swimming. Over the coming days you’ll get to read top tips from the experts in open water swimming, the confessions …

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Ten reasons why Italia 90 was the best World Cup of all time

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1966 was brilliant because football came home (and we won it). My dad raves about 1970 and England’s games against Brazil and West Germany and 2006 set the bar so high for a brilliantly organised and memorable World Cup with the weirdest twist in the final. However when it comes to the best World Cup of all time it has …

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The other side of the 80s – Ben Vendetta’s Wivenhoe Park review

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Personally I am with Jarvis Cocker, who takes the view that 80s were quite possibly the worst decade to be young in post war Britain. AIDS, Thatcherism, looming nuclear apocalypse, Stock, Aitken and Waterman – boy did we suffer. Still there was some great music made in the 80s and almost none of it made by fellas in frilly shirts, …

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Opening bands of the greatest music festivals of all time – Glastonbury, Woodstock

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Ever wondered who were the very first band to play your favourite music festival? Who kicked off the shenanigans at Glastonbury back in 1970, or who preceded all the greats at Monterey and Woodstock? And what ever happened to them? Did they achieve greatness or become a musical footnote just dragged out in features like this? Here are your answers. …

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RIP James Gandolfini – the world has lost a giant

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Simon Poulter of WWDB pays tribute to James Gandolfini, a great actor best known for his role as Tony Soprano in The Sopranos. Talk to any actor famous for a particular part and they will, more than anything else, do their level best to divorce fiction from reality. Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy even named his first autobiography I Am Not …

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Kosmischer Läufer – the amazing story of East German Kraut Rock for athletes

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As you all know West Germany during the 1970s was an explosion of musical creativitiy as bands like Can, Neu and Amon Duul married wonderful meandering psychedelic melodies to that very special Motorik Kraut Rock Groove. As for East Germany. Well the music soundtrack was just a little more conservative. With a totalitarian Communist government running the show and the …

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The Quiet Loner’s guide to the top ten Quiet Loners

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Quiet Loner is in fact the hugely talented Matt Hill who has released a series of excellent albums the latest of which, The Greedy Magicians is a passionate, politically charged suite of songs that has already got many incredible reviews. Here is his list of other Quiet Loners “He was a quiet loner who kept himself to himself”. So goes …

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Why Blur’s Modern Life Is Rubbish is one of the most special albums ever

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Today we are celebrating Blur’s Modern life Is Rubbish – you’ll find out why in mo – one of the most brilliant and influential albums of the 90s. Here’s ten reasons why you should give it a spin tonight (and every night). 1 It has the most amazing image on the cover That’s The Mallard, the art deco-esque train, coughs, …

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RIP Ray Harryhausen – we pay tribute to the man who inspired Spielberg and Lucas

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Ray Harryhausen, the special effects wizard who brought life to dozens of the silver screen’s most memorable stop-motion monsters has died aged 92. An industry legend, his work went on to inspire modern monster movie kings such as Peter Jackson, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg and Wallace and Gromit director Nick Park, all of whom paid Harryhausen and his pioneering work. …

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