Game Review – promotional post

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PLAY ONLINE CASINO TABLE GAMES Welcome to New Jersey’s most exciting place to play online table games for real money prizes! With every deal of a card and roll of the dice, our online casinooffers a winning combination of thrilling, elegant games. specializes in table game entertainment, offering every person the chance to play, win and live like Caesar. …

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Alan Partridge was right – why Wings are the band Beatles could have been #BeatlesWeek

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OK, so I am not entirely serious, but up until a few years ago most of those snobby pop culture critics had a bit of a problem with Paul McCartney’s 70s output. It may have been that while Lennon was undergoing primal scream therapy and singing about Working Class Heroes Macca was playing happy families on his remote Scottish farm. Or more likely that at the height …

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The day I met Paul McCartney #BeatlesWeek

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In the dark days between Christmas and New Year 2007 I went to Northern Jamaica to be the second camera operator on a crew making a pilot food programme. It was an incredible trip. Sun, sea, sand, beautiful scenery, friendly and interesting local people and lovely food, of course. We worked long days and there were some tough moments – …

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Would a 1971 Beatles album been their best? #BeatlesWeek

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Just Imagine… Imagine, if you will, that John had never met Yoko, that George had been allowed to contribute more than just Something and Here Comes The Sun, that Ringo had more to his canon than novelties like Octopus’s Garden and Yellow Submarine, and that Paul hadn’t felt it necessary to issue the writ that effectively wound-up The Beatles in …

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The smell of chlorine always makes me feel anxious – confessions of a non-swimmer #SwimmingWeek

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Lido Wallflower Sean Hannam used to live on an island, but he still can’t swim.. I’ve always hated swimming. My dislike of being in water began when I was at primary school on the Isle of Wight in the late ’70s. Yes – that’s right – I grew up on an island and I can’t swim. A lot of people …

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Swimming London writer Jenny Landreth on the capital’s best pools #SwimmingWeek

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  Writer and journalist Jenny Landreth talks about her favourite pools and why she prefers lidos to swimming in lakes and rivers We first came across you from your excellent swimming blog, Swimming Round London ( How did that come about? The blog was the first thing I’d written about swimming. I’d been a script editor for a long time …

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Top 10 British Lidos – five you can swim in now and five we have lost #SwimmingWeek

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There was a time when pretty much every decent sized town in England boasted a Lido or two. Late thirties London, before the Luftwaffe arrived, boasted over fifty open air swimming pools. Many of them were originally built in a glorious kitschy Art Deco style in the early part of that decade funded largely by the government and local authorities who …

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Waterlog Reswum: Joe Minihane talks about Roger Deakin and open water swimming #SwimmingWeek

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Image: Devil’s Bridge, The River Lune, In 1999 nature writer and documentary maker Roger Deakin made swimming history. Although the quintessentially eccentric English gent with his rambling Suffolk home (complete with its own moat) didn’t know so at the time, his epic book Waterlog would go on to revolutionise open water swimming.  For a generation stuck behind a desk whose …

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Top 10 tips for swimming in open water #SwimmingWeek

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Swimming in open water such as lakes, rivers and the sea is on the rise thanks to books like Roger Deakin’s influential Waterlog and the increasing popularity of ‘wild swimming’ events, like The Great Swim series. But open water swimming isn’t like swimming in a pool. There aren’t any black lines on the bottom of the lake to guide you …

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Ron Howard’s Beatles documentary: The Fab Four’s best songs from their touring years

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With Ron Howard’s recent announcement that he plans to make a documentary about the Fab Four’s glory days, it seems that Beatlemania is showing no signs of fading away. The Academy Award-winning director of A Beautiful Mind will infuse the documentary with his own Beatles obsession, and will use the most sophisticated technology to remaster old footage, hopefully creating an authentic visual and aural experience …

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The future of swimming – urban lakes and re-generated Lidos? #SwimmingWeek

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Whether it’s global warming, cleaner rivers or just the need to get away from the trappings of modern day life stuck behind a desk, it seems there is a huge rise in urban swimming. In the summer it’s traditionally been the many lidos that have been our city’s beaches, particularly in London where dozens of these large outdoor pools still …

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Five iPhone apps to help you swim faster #SwimmingWeek

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Swimming is one of those sports that’s great for both serious and casual exercise, but like all others you have to keep upping your game to be able to keep upping your game to get anywhere. Of course, that always leads to one goal: improving your speed. To help, here are five apps that will help you to improve your swimming …

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Rather Revealing: Confessions of a Naturist Group Lifeguard #SwimmingWeek

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Contrary to common belief, it’s not actually illegal to be naked in public, but baring is still daring for most of us. A lack of events encompassing nudity – or perhaps lack of exposure to such events – keep us away from public de-clothing; for many, naked bodies belong only on secluded Brazilian beaches, and the idea of spontaneously stripping …

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Top 10 Swimming Gadgets: Zoggs Predator Flex Reactor goggles, Pool Jet water scooter and Fuji Finepix camera #SwimmingWeek

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Whether you are a serious sportsman or just want to get fit and toned in time for your holidays, swimming is a great form of exercise. It is particularly low impact on the body which means that you can enjoy it whether you are 9 or 90. Already it’s the UK’s most popular mass participation sport, enjoyed by nearly 3 …

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Extreme Swims – including Land’s End to John O’Groats and The Amazon #SwimmingWeek

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  Most of us are happy to plod up and down our local swimming pool for a few laps. Or maybe if we are feeling really adventurous heading off for a quick dip in the sea. But what if you really want a swimming challenge to impress your mates? Here we look at six of the most extreme swims ever …

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The top 10 craziest swimming pools in the world #SwimmingWeek

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Summer is here, and we all like to have a refreshing dip to escape from the scorching heat, but where is the best place to go for a swim? Here is a list of the top 10 weird and wonderful swimming pools across the globe. Marina Bay Sands 1 Infinity pool in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands resort: Kicking off …

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Space Oddity at 45: five strange cover versions

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On 11 July 1969, David Bowie’s Space Oddity was released as a single – making it 45 years old today. Reaching number five on the UK singles chart, the song propelled the young Bowie into the public eye and gained momentum over the years, achieving international success. Upon its 1973 re-release, it hit number 15 on the Billboard Chart, making it Bowie’s first hit …

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Amazing pics of 154 year old Keir Hardie in the Evening Standard

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Ok, so I should be the last to gloat having made a career out of spectacular typos, but this example, from yesterday’s Evening Standard, is an absolute corker. According to the London paper, Labour leader Keir Hardie is pictured here addressing the crowds at Trafalgar Square in 2010. A couple of observations 1 Wow haven’t fashions moved on a huge …

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