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Cheap Monday Scoop Neck T-Shirt.

By ThomasHewetson on March 31st, 2010

The shape of this t-shirt is perfect. I love the over-sized boxy shape of it with the scoop neck. It reminds me of the American Apparel version but with a wider and higher neckline. Synonymous with their fantastic jeans, which are the best value, best fitting and best pretty much everything jeans out there, Cheap Monday’s clothing range is growing stronger and stronger. You can view the Spring look-book here, and the online retailer with the biggest selection at the moment is Revolve.


Republic launches new men’s brand, Fabric

By shinychris on November 13th, 2009

alex turner.jpgFashion retailer Republic has announced a new menswear brand aimed at the mainstream. Boasting catwalk inspired styles but without the hefty price tags, Fabric’s range includes sleek silver Beatles jackets with a turqouise lining, muted toned polo shirts, fine knitted cardigans with shawl necklines and Quadrophenia-inspired slim-line trench coats (modelled here by Arctic Monkey Alex Turner).

Fabric hits Republic stores from this month. Prices range from £9.99 to £44.99. For more details visit


Don’t sweat like the rest. Rock a vest!

By jsmith on July 3rd, 2009


Being on public transport in the glorious-but-annoyingly-timed-to-coincide-with-the-working-week heat wave is pretty grim. Buses, trains and especially the Tube are hotter than Bin Laden’s pager number; if you were naked you would still be wearing too much. Clearly you can’t rock out with your cock out on public transport, however you can compromise with Granddad’s favourite, a vest.

There are a few considerations to take into account before you don a sleeveless wonder, jump through to see what you need to know.

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Black and Purple Rubber Player

By jsmith on June 30th, 2009


Nixon is a company in it’s relative infancy, in the world of time pieces there is more heritage and history than you can shake a stick at: Rolex, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Bvlgari, Omega all have elaborate back stories usually involving some other notable trade such as aviation or nautical navigation. Nixon makes up for it’s lack of heritage by coming up with contemporary, provocative and colourful designs, the voguish feel of these watches is achieved by using high quality modern materials until now rarely seen around the wrist. The popularity of the products Nixon has been putting out has made the jewellery elite sit up, take notice and put out their own products in less traditional materials, most noticeably Chanel’s J12 coming in both black and white ceramic, though while the others are treading water to keep up Nixon remains ahead of the pack pushing the boundaries and combining new designs with new materials.

The most famous of Nixon’s watches, The Player, is available in a multitude of materials including stainless steel, ceramic and now rubber, with a single jewel in the 6 O’clock position and many a colour to choose from including the brand new black and purple rubber The Player and Nixon keep going from strength to strength.

Nixon watches are ridiculous, over hyped and totally brash, they are the petulant teen playboy amongst the old money and that’s no bad thing to be. For your nearest Nixon dealer click here and jump through for more pics of the black and purple rubber Player.

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Aramis body shampoo on a rope is too good for Father’s Day

By admin on May 26th, 2009

Aramis soap on a rope fathers day.jpg

It’s a little early for Father’s Day but Aramis‘ body shampoo on a rope is the kind of thing you want to keep for yourself.

We love the retro cool of a soap on a rope, and it actually looks quite classy. Like Old Spice, Brylcreem and shaving brushes, it screams old-school manliness and is a very masculine way to lather up in the morning. It’ll set you back £13.70 from House of Fraser, so forget fruity showergels and foams and make like your dad. Cut-throat razor optional.


E Tautz Press Day A/W 09

By admin on April 24th, 2009

e tautz press day aw 09.jpg

Yours truly missed the E.Tautz show when they made their catwalk debut at last September’s London Fashion Week so it was a real treat to see the collection up close and personal.

This is no fine cashmeres and silks Italian-style luxury brand, but rather a collection of heirloom pieces with a rugged, vintage feel. The handknit patched sweaters with foxes and castle emblems are pure André Benjamin and we’re big fans of the bow ties, which from afar look like Japanese Shibori prints. The jackets are cut for a full chest and taper in at the waist, which is quite an unusual cut given the recent fashion for ultra-slim fits but the retro look feels like a breath of fresh air.

Patrick Grant, who headed the revival of parent company Norton & Sons, was there looking stylish as ever. Not a time you want your camera to be out of battery! Jump through for more images of the collection.

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Has Joaquin Phoenix stolen your facial hair?

By admin on April 2nd, 2009

joaquin phoenix stole my style bruce willis bonnie prince billy.jpg

Celebs sporting an excessive amount of facial hair are not a new thing, but when you spot ‘Joaquin Phoenix Stole My Style’ groups on Facebook you know these celebs are getting hairier.
Witness Bonnie Prince Billy on the Culture Show recently, being interviewed by a sweetly nervous Lauren Laverne. His bushy beard was kept in two bunches, a look which is a first for me but I sincerely hope this catches on! Bruce Willis is another to let the facial fur flow, his bearded look for ‘What Just Happened?’ is actually pretty good.

Are you growing yourself some celeb-style facial furniture, or even starting Facebook groups about it? Let us know on our Facebook Wall!


Expect public school mountaineering from the Topman Design team at London Fashion Week

By admin on February 16th, 2009

News just in from the Topman design team about the direction they will be taking the Topman Design show:

‘A transition from introverted Gordonstoun student to independent Arctic Explorer. Topman Design A/W 09.10 combines the refinement of classic public school clothing and vintage mountaineering wear. ‘

Can’t wait to see it!


Happy Valentines from Brandish, S.W.A.L.K, obvs

By admin on February 13th, 2009

brandish valentines card.jpg
Brandish is brought to by (from left): Colin Chapman, Isabelle O’Carroll, Jon Smith and Will Reid.

In case you can’t tell what this work of art/waste of Photoshop time/monstrosity is, it’s a heartfelt missive, from us, the writers at Brandish to you the readers. Swoon!

Unlike your fickle paramours we’ll always be here to answer your fashion queries and engage in style chitchat, so leave us a billet doux on our Facebook Wall.


Flavor Flav still rocking the clock as he promotes Nite Tales

By admin on January 29th, 2009

flavor flav nite tales clock public enemy.jpg
Click image to enlarge

Flavor Flav strikes a kooky pose to promote his latest show ‘Nite Tales‘, which is billed as a horror extravaganza it’s a far cry from his days as Public Enemy’s flamboyant rapper.

I like his grills (nothing better for surprising noisy kids on the bus!) and he is still rocking the clock. I’m a little dismayed that this look never caught on, it’s a fine clock, with a grey rope and an ’80s dial. A little research (Wikipedia obvs!) throws up the stunningly poetic fact that Monsieur Flav wears the timepiece around his neck to remind people how precious time is. Heartwarming!

Everett Collection/Rex Features


Love the Look: Blue and Grey

By admin on December 5th, 2008

blue grey love the look brandish style scout.jpg

Click image to enlarge

Grey on top, blue below. It’s like a colour version of a mullet, business at the front, party at the back and works really well.
Keeping the top half neutral and grey makes the blue denim really pop, and having a blue bag in a similar colour is a clever touch. Layering a blazer over a jumper and shirt is an easy way to keep warm in warm and gives off relaxed, smart vibes.



Happy Socks make the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

By admin on November 25th, 2008

happy socks.jpg
Click image to enlarge

Happy Socks are making waves all over the blogosphere, the Swedish sock company launched in Europe recently and even has its own Facebook Group.

I still wear my dad’s cast off socks (the shame!) but it’s high time I got myself some socks which add a little chic to my outfits instead of poking out disgracefully from my shoes. I like Happy Socks’ bicolour pairs which mean you can choose a sober colour with a flash of something a little brighter. At 7 Euros each the socks ain’t exactly cheap but spending out on fancy accessories sets the men from the boys, it shows attention to detail and impeccable grooming. There’s also the added bonus that if you buy 3 pairs the shipping is free.


Christmas comes early as Uniqlo launch Heat Tech

By admin on November 18th, 2008

uniqlo heat tech event london thermal cold winter.jpg
Click image to enlarge

On Thursday Uniqlo plan to give away 4,000 gift packs as part of their Heat Tech launch. Apparently in Japan Heat Tech is as popular as a cup of tea when it comes to keeping you warm, the fabric absorbs moisture and converts it into heat combined with an exciting mix of milk proteins which ensures a snug fit.

Their London store is being turned into a giant vending machine with thermograph imaging monitors to capture customers cold/hot spots. To be in with a chance of snagging a goodie bag on Thursday head down to their Oxford Street store and make sure you look chilly so the silver jumpsuited Heat Tech team take pity on you!


Full Circle release cruise collection

By admin on November 14th, 2008

full circle cruise collection.jpg

Click image to enlarge

Call me fickle but by this time the shine has worn off the main trends we’ve been drooling over all summer and I’m left feeling a little bored.
All hail the cruise collection which stamps all over winter blues and punctures the Christmas pomp with one brightly-coloured wave of its fist. Full Circle’s cruise collection delivers with shots of citrus, pink and cobalt which jolt you awake and then hit you with sharp tailoring. Madras and floral print shirts team up with bleach and grey denim washes to keeps things looking fresh while you freeze!

Prices after the jump.

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If David Beckham moves to Milan will he visit Pitti Uomo?

By admin on October 22nd, 2008

david beckham pitti uomo milan kanye west ac football.jpg

Click image to enlarge

David Beckham’s possible January loan to AC Milan is big news in football but all I can think about is whether he’ll start dressing more like an Italian… hey, even James Bond, the quintessential English gent wears Brioni.

I’m hoping we’ll see pictures of him at Pitti Uomo hanging out with Kanye West and Gianni Versace. Much better than Tom Cruise as a fashion buddy anyday; L.A’s loss is Milan’s gain so fingers crossed!

Apologies to The Sartorialist for the Image

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