Indoor skydiving

Yep, you heard that right. And no, it’s not something you can only do inside the tall chimney bit of the Tate Modern museum (and besides, that’s full of slides at the moment). Instead, indoor skydiving is apparently a bit like this: "Imagine a wind tunnel that could be used for testing the aerodynamics of an F1 racing car, turn …

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adminIndoor skydiving

The Xmas List, No.15: Sennheiser MX75 sport earphones

These new Sennheiser Sport MX75s are zesty. I mean, look at ‘em – they’re darn zesty, aren’t they? Like a chilled can of Sprite. They boast Sennheiser’s nifty ‘Twist-To-Fit’ system (does exactly what is says on the tin) and are sweat- and water-resistant. Most importantly, they sound really good, with lots of bass. And they cost less than £30. Perfect …

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ShinyMediaThe Xmas List, No.15: Sennheiser MX75 sport earphones

The spray-on condom: safe sex in a can

What’s more likely to make you blush? Nipping into the toilets or your local chemist or for a "packet of three" or buying a can of condom spray? Well, I’d say the latter, but scientists working at the Institute for Condom Consultancy (yes, it’s really called that) are developing such a thing. It’s not a traditional aerosol, this one sprays …

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ShinyMediaThe spray-on condom: safe sex in a can

Suck UK magnetic bottle opener

Sick of scrambling around looking in stupid places to find your bottle opener? Your girlfriend has left the wine opener in the bathroom after her scented candles/trashy novel/glass of wine in the bath evening, and you just can’t wait to crack open your fine ale that you got in for the footy. Well, instead of chipping your teeth trying to …

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mofgimmersSuck UK magnetic bottle opener

Radio-controlled Porsche Cayenne

This nice little runner differs from most radio-controlled cars in that it’s equipped with a little digital camera, which transmits images to your remote handset. The car has a 250K pixel camera on the windscreen (you can just about make it out in this picture), which transmits all it sees to a 2.2-inch colour LCD monitor with adjustable brightness on …

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ShinyMediaRadio-controlled Porsche Cayenne

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 roadster

Lamborghini has given its gorgeous Murcielago roadster an upgrade – now it’ll do more than 200mph, which is scary-fast. Launched at the LA motor show this week, the LP640 roadster gets the same mechanical and cosmetic tweaks as the LP640 hard-top: new rear lights, a chunkier body kit and a tweaked version of the V12 engine with 633bhp and 486lb …

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ShinyMediaLamborghini Murcielago LP640 roadster

Vespa scooter for kids

When you were a kiddie, you probably wanted a motorised thing to drive around on. I recall hearing the unmistakable wrrrr of an electronic motorbike struggling up a shallow hill. Well, I imagine that they’ve got much better since then, and what better way to spoil a young wannabe mod child than with an a motorised Vespa for your kids! …

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mofgimmersVespa scooter for kids

Ipod Nano gelaskins

These lovely GelaSkins, which come decorated in a range of quirky artwork (this is a Super Mario/Luigi tribute) are designed to fit the new iPod Nanos. They’re thin, protective covers made with high grade vinyl and patented adhesive technology. An ultra-clear, scratch resistant, glossy coating is then applied to the GelaSkin for added durability and a photo quality finish. And …

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ShinyMediaIpod Nano gelaskins

Undoboy Super Bastard box toys

We like the fact that there is a toy out there with the name ‘Super-Bastard’. That’s somehow reassuring and it sounds good to say aloud: ‘Super-Bastard’. What a superhero he would be. Anyway, we digress. Super-Bastard is a ‘box-art toy’, designed by Undoboy. Each S-B is made of cardboard, with four different character designs on each side. They have removable …

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ShinyMediaUndoboy Super Bastard box toys

Parrot bluetooth picture frame

You may be looking at this and yawning to yourself thinking ‘why on Earth would I want to buy a picture frame?’. Well gents, it’s because this little wiz’ is not just your average picture frame. Why? Well, this rascal is rigged up with bluetooth (or "bloody blue teeth or summat" as my Dad calls it) and you can send …

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mofgimmersParrot bluetooth picture frame

Hannsdribbling LCD football TV

This, the cryptically named ‘HANNSdribbling’, is a hand-stitched leather football with a 10-inch LCD telly built into it – so now you can watch the footy on the footy. We don’t recommend that you actually play football with it though. LCD screens don’t like being kicked around – and the football, although it’s leather and has panels, isn’t round at …

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ShinyMediaHannsdribbling LCD football TV

Talking Transformer action figure

Don’t lie. Everybody loves Transformers. They were so very very very cool indeed. They pissed all over that Citroen advert with the ice skating robot car in it. In fact, you’d never see Optimus Prime ice skating! Shooting guns and being authorititive maybe… anyway… time to roll back the years with this ace Transformers 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, which is …

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mofgimmersTalking Transformer action figure

Jack Daniel’s chess set

My chess skills are hazy at the best of times, so heaven knows how I’d cope with the game if I was drinking a shot for every piece I took. Happily, this Jack Daniel’s chess set isn’t what you’d think – a whisky version of those vodka-shot chess sets that were popular a couple of years ago. Instead, it’s a …

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adminJack Daniel’s chess set

Boffins working on male birth-control pill

Got a hot date tonight? Forget popping Viagra before heading out (well, except you Grandad…). British boffins have come up with a male contraceptive pill which contains chemicals that prevent ejaculation for a few hours. It sounds frankly worrying to me – do you end up going for six hours? – but offers an alternative to the idea of taking …

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adminBoffins working on male birth-control pill

Make sweet music with an iBuzz Two MP3 vibrator

You can’t trust your iPod’s shuffle mode to supply a suitable bedroom soundtrack. One minute you’re gettin’ it on to Marvin Gaye or R Kelly, the next you’re being blasted with the Dead Kennedys’ ‘Too Drunk to F***’. It’s a bit of a passion-killer (unless you’re a big Dead Kennedys fan and/or find irony a big turn-on, of course). The …

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adminMake sweet music with an iBuzz Two MP3 vibrator

Meizu portable media player

Last month, our pals at TechDigest mentioned the possibility of the Meizu portable media player heading to the UK. Well, it’s now been confirmed and retailing from £79.99. The Meizu is a dinky little number that weighs in at 55g. Despite its size, the flash-based player still manages to pack in a 2.4-inch high-definition display and is available in 1GB, …

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mofgimmersMeizu portable media player

Why your PlayStation3 could help to cure cancer

And Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s… No, this isn’t some new real-time medical strategy game. It’s something called Cure@PlayStation3, and it’s an application which you can download to your PS3, and then while the console’s on standby (for example, overnight), it crunches numbers for Stanford University boffins who are conducting research into a range of serious diseases. Any jokes about cancer being cured …

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adminWhy your PlayStation3 could help to cure cancer

Vertu Signature Duo is not cheap

The ultra-expensive Vertu handsets have been around for a while now, although unless you’re a.) a footballer, b.) a Russian ‘businessman’, or c.) Gwyneth Paltrow, you won’t have ever considered buying one. Still, they’re fun to dream about, and that’s particularly true of the latest Signature Duo model. It’s made of stainless steel and titan, but more impressively, the screen …

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adminVertu Signature Duo is not cheap

Perfect bodies duvet cover

Sex life gone a bit… stale? Finding excuses to stay up surfing the internetweb rather than face your other half in the sack again? Having regular encounters with Mr Floppy? WHAT KIND OF A MAN ARE YOU, EH? YOU’RE A DISGRACE! Oh, hang on, sorry, I was intending to be sensitive. What I meant to say was, perhaps what’s missing …

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adminPerfect bodies duvet cover

Silent Bob Clerks action figure

With Kevin Smith finding fame with a million students again (and his old fans of course) with Clerks 2, it’s quite handy that these comic book style figures have come out. You can get your hands on all the characters, but it only seems fair to show off the man who makes it all happen, namely Kevin Smith’s character, Silent …

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mofgimmersSilent Bob Clerks action figure