12ft-wide playboy bed

Fed up with that revolving circular bed with extra-bouncy springs and a trapeze that flips out of the canopy? Fear not. Bedheads will be scrambling to upgrade to the Extreme UltraKing, which measures a whopping 12 feet wide by 10 feet long. As a comparison, traditional king-sized beds are usually six feet wide and seven feet long. Why would you …

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ShinyMedia12ft-wide playboy bed

Five indispensable old-school board games

1 CLUEDO If Columbo played a board game, he’d play Cluedo: ‘Um, Professor Plum, just one more thing…’ A classic that we’ll never tire of. At just over a tenner, you can’t go wrong. BUY IT

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ShinyMediaFive indispensable old-school board games

La Tete Au Cube buddy throw

If you’re a bit lonely, and thinking of asking that ugly girl out from the chippy just make your Christmas a bit more fun, don’t bother. Why? Well, we’ve come across this excellent throw rug for your sofa which will make you feel loved… and it looks cool too! Designed by La Tete Au Cube and the guys surrounding Jérome …

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mofgimmersLa Tete Au Cube buddy throw

Hero of the day: Kendo Nagasaki

Name Kendo Nagasaki (but his mum called him Peter Thornley) Job Mysterious masked wrestler. Special Powers Other than being a man of mystery, Kendo had the power of hypnosis. Few unmasked the great man, many tried. He said "There are two sides to me – two sides to everybody. But this is my way of releasing one of them. I …

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mofgimmersHero of the day: Kendo Nagasaki

Sennheiser MX-51 Street earphones

Fed up of those white earphones that came with your iPod? Sennheiser wants YOUR cash to upgrade to something that won’t have muggers trailing you around town. The audio firm has just launched its new Street Line range of personal earphones, which all cost between £10 and £25, but offer plenty of bass-bang for your buck. Or pound, obviously. The …

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adminSennheiser MX-51 Street earphones

Hero of the day: Brian Cant

Name Brian Cant Job Silky voiced kids TV presenter. Special Powers The ability to be everyone’s favourite uncle. He said "Here is a box, a musical box, wound up and ready to play. But this box can hide a secret inside. Can you guess what is in it today ?" They said "Brian Cant made ‘Playaway’, ‘Trumpton’ and ‘Camberwick Green’ …

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mofgimmersHero of the day: Brian Cant

Panasonic retro RP-HTX7 headphones

Panasonic have made my dreams come true. I’ve been after some handsome (and retro) headphones for a while, and though it’s easy to find genuinely old ones on eBay, I wanted some that were modern, and therefore, producing a rather lovely sound. So, from clever designer people at Panasonic come the retro style RP-HTX7 with leather style headbands and high …

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mofgimmersPanasonic retro RP-HTX7 headphones

Bullseye mobile game

Harbouring fond memories of Bully, speedboats and some of the worst haircut/shirt combos ever seen on a British TV screen? Join the club. But thankfully, you can now relive those happy days with a new mobile game based on Bullseye. Released by Player X, it faithfully recreates the rules, format and cheesy humour of the classic game-show, complete with mascot …

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adminBullseye mobile game

Global VR virtual pinball machine

This is the ultimate boy’s toy – a virtual pinball machine for the 21st century. It’s built into a proper cabinet, but instead of featuring real balls, bumpers etc, it has a 32-in plasma monitor as the table display. Sweet. It can play six popular pinball games, including Attack from Mars, Medieval Madness and Xenon. The manufacturers, Global VR, say …

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ShinyMediaGlobal VR virtual pinball machine

Firebox Laserpod Satellite

When it comes to home lighting, you can’t beat a gadget that combines lasers, crystals, lights and LEDs. Yet for some reason, they haven’t yet been made standard issue in new houses. Funny, that. Anyway, to plug the gap, check this Laserpod Satellite from Firebox. It’s an orb-shaped device using laser, light and LED optics to project wonderful patterns onto …

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adminFirebox Laserpod Satellite

Solarventi SolarVent SV30H Plus water heater

Okay, so this isn’t a gadget, you can’t play with it, and you won’t have mates coming round to gaze at it with barely-disguised awe and envy. But it is rather nifty nonetheless. It’s called the SolarVent SV30H Plus, and it’s the world’s first solar-powered combi water heater and warm air dehumidifier. In other words, it heats your water and …

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adminSolarventi SolarVent SV30H Plus water heater

Peanut portable speaker

Check out this strange little creature. It’s a tiny speaker that looks like a peanut. For me, that’s reason enough to buy it, but I fear that you’ll need more convincing. Imagine this. You want to fall asleep listening to music, but can’t get comfortable whilst wearing your headphones, and maybe your loudspeakers are a bit too noisy. Well, the …

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mofgimmersPeanut portable speaker

Hero of the day: Jeff Stelling

Name Jeff Stelling Job Live and on the spot football score announcer and news breaker. Special Powers Managing to store incredible amounts of football infomation in his mind and someone keeping some reserves for getting rather excitable. He said "They’ll be dancing in the streets of Total Network Solutions tonight" They said The Guardian praised his "exceptional professionalism and elan" …

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mofgimmersHero of the day: Jeff Stelling

James Bond gets his own Sony Ericsson K800i

007 fever is building this week, with the release of new film Casino Royale (check out our Five Greatest Bond Cars post). To coincide with the movie’s launch, O2 has announced plans to sell an exclusive, limited-edition silver Sony Ericsson K800i handset, with loads of Bond content preloaded on it, including wallpapers, ringtones and video clips. We’ve heard that the …

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ShinyMediaJames Bond gets his own Sony Ericsson K800i

The world’s smallest satellite phone

Forget about wandering around the caves of the Afghanistan border with a huge satellite phone strapped to your back. Globalstar has just announced the GSP-1700, which it says is the smallest, lightest satellite handset yet. It weighs just over 200 grams, and provides four hours of talk time, and 36 hours of standby. The phone will be going on sale …

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adminThe world’s smallest satellite phone

NEC robot taster

Well, it’s better than chicken, I suppose. NEC has got together with Mie University to design a robot taster, who can chomp on wine, cheese, meats and canapes and then tell you what they are. Why? Oh, just for the pure robotic fun of it, I daresay. However, there’s a flaw. Apparently when one journalist put his hand in the …

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adminNEC robot taster

Apple television

Unfortunately, that’s as in ‘a TV that looks like an apple’ rather than ‘a TV made by Apple’. D’oh! Instead, this telly sits inside a bright red apple casing, with doors opening to reveal the screen, and sound coming from the speakers set into those doors. The makers have really pulled the stops out too, using silicone rubber and metal …

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adminApple television

Hero of the day: Albert Camus

Name Albert Camus Job Ace novelist and exponent of ‘existentialism’ (the philosophy for lazy men). Special Powers Creating anti heroes and giving people the world over the excuse ‘because I felt like it’. He said "Don’t believe your friends when they ask you to be honest with them. All they really want is to be maintained in the good opinion …

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mofgimmersHero of the day: Albert Camus

Penguin Classic mugs

The old boldly coloured Penguin books are design classics. All that reading is a bit of a ball-ache though isn’t it? Thankfully, you can look bookish and be a complete lazy trout by buying one of these ace Penguin Classic Mugs. You can get a Brighton Rock  one, and all you have to do when questioned about it is to …

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mofgimmersPenguin Classic mugs

Segway takes to the golf course

Remember Segway, the gyroscope-powered high-tech scooter that took the world by storm a few years ago? In hype, if not actual sales, admittedly. Well, the company behind it has unveiled the Segway x2, a beefed-up personal transporter that’s been tuned to handle varied terrain (they suggest nature trails, hilly terrain and even beaches). Its maximum speed is 12.5 miles per …

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adminSegway takes to the golf course