LCD Soundsystem’s 45-minute track for Nike

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Nike has commissioned James Murphy (aka top dance group LCD Soundsystem) to write a piece of music to specifically accompany a workout – a workout it hopes you will supplement by using its nifty Nike+ iPod Sport Kit. The result, 45:33, is available for download from the iTunes Music Store as of today. As the title suggests, it’s a single 45-minute, …

Edward Lee, toy photographer

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That’s Edward Lee, a photographer of toys – rather than a toy who takes photographs, in case you were confused by the headline. Lee takes very cool, posed pix of action figures, like this one of King Kong scaring a little T-Rex. I use the word ‘scaring’ loosely, cause that’s the friendliest, cutest-looking Kong I’ve ever seen. To see more …

Boeing’s laser gunship technology

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And that phrase should be enough to have any right-thinking man on the edge of his seat. Boeing has been talking about its ‘Advanced Tactical Laser’, which is designed to be mounted on aircraft and used to blow the living daylights out of North Korean dictators any chosen enemy at long-range. Listen: "The weapon operator will be able to select …

Greenpeace solar-powered fridge

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The UK’s fridge mountain is already too big to climb, even if you’re Sir Ranulph Fiennes with a tent-load of crampons. Humankind needs to figure out a new way to keep our cheese cool, and Greenpeace may have the answer. Its SolarChill fridge – which was developed together with six other organisations – recently scooped the Environmental Pioneer in Refridgeration …

Hero of the day: Derek Smalls

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Name Derek Smalls. Job Bass player, pipe smoker and peacemaker in Spinal Tap. Special powers Deadpan delivery, monster basslines and getting stuck in giant pod like devices. He said "We’re very lucky in the band in that we have two visionaries, David and Nigel, they’re like poets, like Shelley and Byron. They’re two distinct types of visionaries, it’s like fire …

Dress your iPod for Halloween

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Back in the day, owning an iPod set you apart as a tech-savvy man of taste and distinction. You knew your MP3s from your AACs, you had your entire CD collection at hand 24-7, and muggers still hadn’t worked out that white earphones meant a cash bonanza. Not any more. Every man, woman, child and beast now has seven iPods …

Self-destruct USB hub

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You’re after a USB hub right? You also want to self destruct at the push of a big red villainous button? Good grief, you’re in luck! Go to GeekStuff4U, and you can buy this ridiculously ace contraption and press all the different death buttons that come complete with sound effects. Face it, you need one of these on your desk.

Hero of the day: Ulysses 31

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Name Ulysses. Job Futuristic Greek god, who annoyed Zeus by destorying the Cyclops. Consequently, Ulysses was sentenced to wander through space to try and find a way back to Earth. Special powers Looking like Eric Gerets (former Belgian Football captain). He said ‘Without the light of the Cyclops they are quite harmless!’ They said ‘Ulysses, Ulysses, soaring through all the …

Links of the day

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LG’s mammoth 100inch LCD TV (pictured) enters the record books. [Engadget HD]Time Warner vs Google/YouTube.The pre-fight smack talk begins. [Guardian]This giant biography site of Marvel Comics characters will waste several precious hours of your life. [Marvel Directory]US judge takes issue with Rockstar’s as-yet-unreleased videogame ‘Bully’. [Cnet UK]Sony fires 70,000 litres of paint at building for its new Bravia TV ad. …

Teenager plays Space Invaders with his brain

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A crack team of braniacs, researchers and students at Washington University in St. Louis, America, have designed a brain-computer interface that allowed a 14-year old epileptic gamer to play Space Invaders using only the power of his brain waves. Way to go, the future is finally here! The Wash. Uni boffins programmed an Atari 2600 to interface with headgear that …

Top five retro cars

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1. The Shelby Cobra. Sex on wheels. Capable of 165 mph (that was quick back in the sixties) the Cobra was designed to compete with the heavy-weights of the time… and it did. It was also the most handsome thing on the road. If anyone would like to buy me one… I’ll stop now shall I?

Hero of the day: Brian Glover

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Name Brian Glover. Job Deceased actor, wrestler and teacher. Special powers To provide the world with gritty realism and tea. He said ‘You play to your strengths in this game. My strength is as a bald-headed, rough-looking Yorkshireman.’ They said ‘He wants milkin’ him… the big fat git’ Finest hour His role as Mr Sugden in Kes. Never before or …

Top five useless inventions

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Inventors. Who’d be one? After watching the Dragon’s Den, you can see what  torrid time they get. It must be hit and miss too. I bet Trevor Bayliss cam e up with some howlers before making a wind-up radio. Well, let’s look at some bizarre devices that some people think we need. 1. In 1909, some daft idiot came up …

Algol portable TV

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Go to buy a TV, and you’re pretty much faced with a mass of androgynous blinking plasma screens. All function and nil design. Thankfully, there is another option. The stunning Algol portable TV, designed by Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper in the early ’60s. It’s managed to retain the original’s striking design but comes equipped with the latest technology. Features …

Hero of the day: Withnail

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Name Withnail. Job Failing vinegar-tongued thespian. Special powers The ability to get very drunk, shoot his mouth off, act like a coward then deliver a superlative one liner (‘Don’t threaten me with a dead fish!’). He said ‘Balls! We want the finest wines availible to humanity. We want them here, and we want them now.’ Richard E. Grant said ‘People …

Top five stylish 60s stars

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The sixties had loads of cool blokes, and being honest, half of us still dress like them. Whether you think you’re Mod-esque in your suit, or pulling on a box fresh tracksuit, the boys in the sixties had beaten you to the punch. 1. Steve McQueen. A man with effortless cool. Sharp trousers coupled with super cool knitwear. Capped off …

Lego brick ice-cube tray

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Ok. So you’re having some people ’round your house. Maybe the footy is on? Maybe that girl has come and you want to impress her. Well, instead of being a fool and trying to eat bits of Lego, why not produce some ice cubes that are shaped like Lego bricks? It’ll show your humour and good taste for sure! Officially …

Hero of the day: Boba Fett

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Name Boba Fett Job Bad-ass bounty hunter in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Special powers Other than being completely nails, Boba is the only person to give Darth Vader some lip and get away with it. He’s also a clone of his rock hard dad, Jango, who is the basis for the entire clone army. He said ‘You are foolish …

Samsung launch 10-megapixel camphone

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Samsung has upped the camphone ante with its SCH-B600 model, which it has just launched in Korea. The B600 packs a 10-megapixel camera, the first mobile to boast such a high-spec shooter. The SCH-B600 features 3x optical zoom, 5x digital zoom and an LED autofocus feature for clearer, sharper images, even in crappy light. There’s also white balance, manual focus, …

Hero of the day: Keith Moon

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Name Keith John Moon (August 23, 1946 – September 7, 1978) Job Madcap drummer and hell raiser with The Who. Special powers Being the greatest ever drummer to have walked the planet whilst being under the influence of enough booze that would kill a bull seal. He said "I still think I’m the best ‘Keith Moon styled’ drummer around." Or …